Friday, 30 October 2015

The Order And Your Dreams

There is nothing more powerful than the ability to control the dreams of humans because this can have an incredible impact on their decision making. The manipulation of dreams is one of the most popular methods that the order use to control humans. This has led to may critical decisions that human leaders have made in the last few centuries. The methods to control dreams are basically with the use of psychic forces that many order members possess.

The beauty of controlling human minds with this method is that it allows them to think that they are not being influenced at all. This is the perfect way to get them to do anything that the order wants without any suspicions been raised. The order has been challenged in the past by top ranked human leaders that have hired human psychics to protect them, but most of them never last long.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Order And Spying

The order spy on humans for a very simple reason and this is something that we have talked about in this blog before but it’s always worth mentioning it again and again. Humans in general are not a very evolved species and they still have an extremely selfish way of looking at their planet. Their personal gains are still the top priority for most of them and this is the reason why we need to spy on them just to find out what they are planning to do next.

The order expects the human race to evolve to a point where they will not need to be monitored, but it could take a couple of centuries and maybe even a few thousand years for that to happen. So far they are very slow in the process of evolution, but the order hopes that this will start to change.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Order And Extinction

There is no such thing as an extinct species because the order has made it their mission not to allow for any endangered species to be exterminated. The way that they have made this possible has been to take any endangered species and put them in locations that are completely hidden from humans. They even have some creatures that are thought to be prehistoric and still exist. The megalodon shark being one of them.

The order is going to preserve all the species that are thought to be extinct and release them back into the wild once their numbers in captivity grow large enough. All animal species known to man have specimens placed in captivity in order to protect them from a possible nuclear extinction. There is no reason to allow human mistakes to ruin the natural beauty of Earth and the animal life that this planet holds.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Order's New Theme Park

The order actually have their own theme parks, but they are hidden from the public because there are too many attractions in those theme parks that reveal a lot of important information about technological advances that humans have yet to discover on their own. Once they “discover” them, the order will start letting the public theme parks of the world have rides that implement that kind of technology.

One of the most popular rides in the theme parks of the order are the ones that allow for telatransportation to take place. This is the reason why the order have to hide their theme parks form the public view. These theme parks are mostly underground with a few exceptions that are located in uncharted islands. Access to humans will be granted at some point, but not until they learn how to implement that kind of technology in their own lives.

Monday, 26 October 2015

The Order And The Flood

The order has been in situations where it needed to do several things that seemed a bit too drastic, but the need for such events has been critical in the growth of humanity without any issues. Human kind have created several projects that have done more harm than good and back in 1870 there was a discovery that humans wanted to take to the public. A scientist of those days had discovered a new way to stop the aging process, but the discovery caused the patients to go insane in a matter of years.

They had been able to keep the body from aging, but the mind was unable to process this properly and it caused a very serious problem for most subjects. The biggest problem was that a lot of people would be willing to go insane just to keep from growing older. The order new that this was a flawed experiment and they caused a flood that wiped out the northern countries in Europe and got rid of all evidence of such a project.

Friday, 23 October 2015

The Order And The Ark

Noah’s ark is real and there have been many arks in the past, not just the one that was used to gather all the animals during the massive floods that are mentioned in the bible. The truth is that the order was in charge of building the ark and “Noah” was just the name of the project that was going to provide safety for all animals species until the floods ended. The order has been working on plenty of other arks that will be needed. Some of them will be launched in space while others are meant to allow humans to survive in the ocean for several years in case of a major flood.

There is nothing more important to the order than to preserve human life on planet earth. Not because humans have been found to be that great of a species, but because too much time has been invested in their existence just to lose all of them to a major natural disaster event.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Order Vs The Ninjas

We have all seen the ninjas in the movies and a lot of people love the whole idea of what a ninja was. This men had special training that allowed them to be very silent and deadly killers. There are actually some ninjas that had learned the powers of cloaking and being almost invisible. They had what some people would consider to be super natural powers that allowed them to climb walls and run faster than most humans could.

There was a clan of ancient ninjas that actually had super powers. They had an alliance with powerful sorcerers that granted them the chance to become the most powerful killing machines and they wanted to take over the earth. They hated humanity and felt they had evolved to a whole new state. The order had to hire alien life forms that rivaled ninja skills and surpassed them easily. The ninja clan was annihilated in less than two days.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Order And Social Media

The order is extremely happy to have humans participating in social media because this is the perfect monitoring system that makes them feel like they are free. No one is ever forced to join social media sites, but peer pressure has been the ultimate way to make sure that everyone who wants to feel like they belong in modern society will activate a social media account.

The order will continue to pay top money to developers and people who can come up with new inventive ways of keeping people on social media. Encouraging their opinions online is ever better because it allows the order to take notice of trends and what needs to be done to control the masses. There is no need for the order to be involved in any kind of complex monitoring system thanks to social media. The top executives of these platforms are all directly influenced by the order.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Order And Sherlock

The order needed to use Sherlock Holmes in order to solve many cases because he was without a doubt the best and most skilled detective in the world. Part of his ability came from the fact that he was actually only half human. He was the product of a mix between a very human like life form and a woman from Earth. The alien species is a hunter species that is able to track down anything by analyzing the paths and the areas that can lead them to find their prey.

Sherlock Holmes solved thousands of cases for the order and he was alive for much longer than people actually thought. He had to have a staged death at a certain point but he lived to be 150 years old. There has never been a detective quite like him and even other people who have mixed blood with that alien species have not been so gifted.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Why The Order Invented The Lottery

The order created the lottery because it is a great way to give the masses some kind of reward and something to look for if they have not been able to find financial success. The irony about the lottery is that all that it does is make people lazy instead of making them work hard to accomplish their goals. A lot of humans out there are expecting to simply win the lottery one day and this is all they think about when it comes to finding success.

The lottery is a necessary evil because there is nothing but the hope of winning it for some people and this keeps their restlessness from reaching a boiling point. The number of people who rely on being able to win the lottery someday is truly alarming. The very few lucky people that do win the lottery have their lives changed forever. To the order this means nothing but entertainment for the masses.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Why the Order are Thankful for Winter

There is a very simple reason why the order love snow and that is because it allows them to feel comfortable. The order are not meant to be in the warm weather that some areas of the world provide. They can tolerate high temperatures, but they have a hard time being able to endure this without feeling uncomfortable. The optimal weather for a member of the order is at least cool, but even at below zero temperatures they can feel quite good and don’t really need to wear any special clothing.

The order members that are assigned to regions with tropical weather are usually in air conditioned areas and they only endure the heat of the area when they have to travel from their offices to their vehicles. The top order council is never in any situation that forces them to be exposed to heat.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Why The Order Invented Baseball

The order have created all major sports in order to keep the masses entertained and there is no special reason for any of them to exist except that they maintain the working classes attention. The reason why baseball, basketball, football and all other major sports exist is that they are the circus of the modern world and they make it much easier for people to endure their worker bee lifestyles.

The order did create baseball before most of the other sports and it continues to be one of the most popular ways for people all over the world to pass their free time. Hopefully it will continue to be a favorite of the masses and the order has the same hopes for all other major sporting events. The latest one that seems to be getting more and more popular is MMA. It resembles ancient roman entertainment much more.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Order Vs The Demon Invasion

The order has been keeping the world from being completely overrun by demons for a very long time now. There is a very specific demon clan that comes from another planet and has been looking for ways to get people enslaved. They are out to conquer planet Earth completely. They are from a planet that is light years away from our solar system, but they actually have the power that are required in order to travel great distances in a matter of seconds.

The order had to stop these demons with the powers of another alien species that has been at war with those demons for centuries. The order made a deal with this alien species and they agreed to help human kind as long as another planet that the order owned was delivered to them. The order agreed because that planet wasn’t as useful to them as Earth.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Order's Love For Tall Buildings

The order understand the value of being able to use tall buildings for their offices because they like to be able to go out to the top building and stare at the sky during their breaks from work. They are constantly feeling homesick and the only way that they can handle having to be on planet Earth for such a long time is to go out and look at the sky. This reminds them that their home is out there and this is just a temporary workplace that they are visiting.

The tallest buildings in the world are usually the ones that have the largest amount of powerful people who either work for the order or are part of the order themselves. You need to remember that the order look just like regular human beings, but they are not the same species as the regular humans that populate the Earth.

Monday, 12 October 2015

The Order On 3D

The reason why the order hate the current 3D devices is that they get a headache from using them. This happens because those who are part of the order actually see the world in a fourth dimensional way that we cannot even understand. This makes it impossible for them to enjoy 3D because it looks like nothing but a blur to them even when they try to watch it with optimal 3D glasses. You are never going to see a 3DTV set in the home of a member of the order because of this.

The reason why the order is not pulling the plug on the production of 3D entertainment is because they know that this is entertainment that humans do enjoy and the order doesn’t mind at all. The human brain and the human eye is incapable of understanding or enjoying 4D and they will probably never be able to appreciate it.

Friday, 9 October 2015

The Purpose of Remakes For The Order

There is no question that we have been seeing a huge increase in the number of movie remakes that are being made lately. There is actually a very good reason for this. The problem is that human creativity is hitting a peak in many ways and there is a huge lack of original material being made lately. The biggest problem with this is that it slows down the production of entertainment for the masses and this can always be a problem.

The main focus of the order is to make sure that the production of entertainment for the masses is always huge. This current trend is going to make it possible for people all over the world to continue to work and live their monotonous lives day by day without thinking about any kind of rebellion or revolution. Movie remakes will continue to exist as long as human creativity continues to be at a stand still.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

A Typical Order Birthday

The order members celebrate their birthdays in a completely different way than humans do. For a member of the order a year in their native world is the equivalent to 10 years in the human world and this means that when a human year passes they pretend to have a birthday like all humans and celebrate in a human style, but every decade they travel outside of planet Earth and visit their own planet in order to celebrate with their kind.

The birthday of a member of the order is a huge event on their home planet, but they do not celebrate with drinks, music and food. Their celebrations are a series of rituals that are far beyond the comprehension of a human being. The order are never going to celebrate their birthdays on Earth because the planet doesn't have the conditions for this to take place.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Order's Trustworthy Martians

There are many life forms on Mars that humans are not able to see because they are able to hide themselves with superior technology. Some of the species that live on Mars are actually interested in taking over planet Earth, but the order have been able to keep them at bay for a long time now. The order does indeed trust the most superior alien race on Mars, but there are other inferiors species that are dangerous to humans and superior to human technology that might pose a threat to human kind and they are not trustworthy.

The order will always monitor the intentions of this species and trust the superior race of alien that inhabit Mars to make sure that the species that are dangerous to humans are kept away from Earth. Hopefully they will look for another planet to conquer, but Earth is very convenient to them even though they would need to make a few changes to make it their home.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Why The Order Own Disney

Disney studios has always been known as the best producer of material for kids and families to enjoy. There is no question that Walt Disney came up with one of the greatest inventions ever imagined and his dream has become a huge industry that employs people from all over the world. That was the moment when the order realized the incredible potential that the Disney world corporation had for controlling the masses.

The order bought Disney studios a long time ago and they decided that every movie that was made by the studio needed to have a very powerful subliminal message. This would help train human children to turn them into perfect recruits of the order. All of the movies made by Disney since 1980 have been made with that purpose in mind. There have been a few exceptions since then, but the order have no plans to reveal which ones are manipulating the brain and which ones are not.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Why the order created the ark

Noah’s ark does exist but this is simply the name of the project that we created in order to save all animals from the huge tsunami waves caused by an intergalactic attack on the planet. That was the day when we created the ark that was able to hold several thousand species in order to preserve them. We also hid many of them underground just in case something awful occurred to the ark but everything went smoothly.

The ark is currently docked underwater in a special laboratory in the Pacific Ocean. We have plenty of hidden labs underwater and we also hold some creatures that are thought to be extinct. Such as the case with the Carcharodon Megadolon and a few dinosaurs that we also keep hidden for security reasons. A few Megalodon sharks would probably destroy all large vessels and cause serious damage. The same goes for the creatures we have hidden that could roam the lands and destroy cities if released in modern times.

Friday, 2 October 2015

How the order monitor all life

The order knows that all alien life needs to be monitored in order to keep things in order on this planet. This is the main reason why we are always making sure that everyone working with us is always monitored. We also monitor human life but we know that humans are harmless individually and can only pose threats when they combine efforts. This is not the case with alien life forms that can obliterate the entire planet if they wanted to do this.

The order keeps a close eye on all alien life in this planet with special radars that locate all incoming objects from space. We have detected that there are so far 125 alien species on our planet and some of them need to live in complete seclusion in order to avoid any suspicion by humans about aliens living on this planet. Several dozen species that want to be granted permit to inhabit the Earth do.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Why the order created worm holes

There is something very fascinating about being able to travel from one part of the universe to another by entering a worm hole and skipping through a very large process. This is the only way for space travel to be possible for any species out there. Even the most advanced species are unable to handle traveling fast enough to perform this kind of journey. Even light speed is not fast enough, but the only barrier we have been able to break is the barrier of sound. Light speed is still unmatched by aircrafts.

The worm holes got created by a superior being that is a founding member of the order. They found the way to create these portals that allow people to jump over to other dimensions and areas of the universe without having to travel all the way to their destination. Thanks to this invention we have been able to explore many planets.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Where the order have their prisons

There are prisons all over the world and they are used to keep criminals and murderers away from the rest of society. The problem is that there are criminals that are not human and they are more of a threat than any of the most vicious and evil human criminals in the world. These alien outlaws are all in a very special secret prison that has maximum security meant to hold the most dangerous of species.

The only real problem with deporting these species back to their home planets is that they could use the information they already have to communicate to other aliens about any strategies that they want to use to come back to Earth and take over the planet. This is the reason why we keep them away from any kind of communication and the reason they are kept as prisoners on Earth indefinitely.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

What the order do with waste

The order has been stashing toxic waste from their experiments in space because they know that keeping it on Earth would actually become a problem sooner rather than later. What we are doing is sending out the toxic waste to a planet outside this solar system. There is a species of aliens that uses that toxic waste for fuel in their machinery and this has created a business transaction between us and that species.

The only problem is that they have started to ask us if they can travel to Earth to get the resources themselves, but we don’t really trust these species as they are known for being overly aggressive and they always look for species to conquer. Humans are way smaller and weaker than them and they would be an easy target.

Monday, 28 September 2015

How the order stopped Vlad

Vlad Tepes was far from a legend and he actually lived and ruled his lands. The man was truly hungry for human blood and he had discovered a way to become something close to an immortal being with it. We believed that a species like his would be extremely dangerous to the world and there would be no humans left if more men and women became like Vlad. Once we knew that he started to build an army of immortals we had to pull the plug on his plans.

We had to lock him inside a dungeon and make sure that he was weak enough from the lack of blood consumption. Then we burned him and buried his remains deep underwater. The immortality he had was only possible because of the blood consumption, once that was taken he became a mere mortal again. This is the closest thing to a vampire that ever existed.

Friday, 25 September 2015

What the order did with the Egyptian gods

There is a lot of debate in regards to gods and paranormal entities that have lived on this planet for a long time. Most of these are now disregarded as nothing but fictional products that have been used for purposes of entertainment and culture, but they are very much real and we are hiding them in very safe and strategic places. These gods do not belong in the world of technology that we have now and we knew we needed to find a good place for them to rest until human kind evolves enough to understand them.

The Egyptian gods are all hidden in a mountain core facility that is guarded heavily to avoid any intrusion. There is no access to this facility from any location near the mountain and there are no entrances at all that could blow their cover. We plan to keep them there for as long as needed.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

How the order ended up on Earth

The order came to earth for a very simple reason and that was to make sure that we had plenty of experimental species to work with all over the universe. We are stationed in hundreds of planets and we are always performing all kinds of new experiments on all of them. To be perfectly honest one of the most intriguing, but also least useful planets, has been Earth. We are intrigued because the human species are so flawed but somehow they have been able to evolve into a better race.

The problem with this planet is that the humans have ruined a lot of resources and continue to destroy it because they are still not evolved enough to know how not to ruin it through inventions and science. We came here to see just how much we could help them evolve without being too involved in their decision making process.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

How the order deal with disgraced members

There has always been a problem within the order and that is the inclusion of certain aliens and humans that are not of the same race as the order elite. The highest council of the order is made of some of the most advanced species of the universe and this is one of the reasons why we never allow humans to be part of the inner circle of the order. We have brought in some humans and other alien life forms that have become problematic for us and this has caused us to throw them out of the order forever.

The alien subjects that have been thrown out are deported from the planet and the humans are allowed to resume work in other areas and would be labeled as crazy and delusional if they ever attempted to uncover the secrets that they know. We have plenty of security measures to ensure that no humans could ever expose the order to the world.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Why the order hide away beings of power

The world has never known what it’s like to have a powerful being in front of them, one that is not human and possesses powers strong enough to destroy every human on this planet in seconds. The reason why we have kept them stored in underground facilities is that they are actually good and they willingly decided to allow us to capture them. They know that their powers would be used for the wrong kind of reasons if they ever came out into the world again.

We believe that the power that these beings can unleash is far too great and wonderful to even allow humans to see it at all. We need to see an evolution of the species, that seems to be going to take a few million years for humans, while other species did it in a just a few hundred thousand years.

Monday, 21 September 2015

The many communications of the order

The order has developed a method to communicate with many animals and this has proven to be quite effective in learning certain things that they do and why they behave. We simply used our advanced science to figure out the kinds of sounds that some animals make and what they actually mean. Their intelligence is far greater in some cases than that which humans can comprehend. This is quite ironic since the human brain is supposed to be able to figure certain things out by this point but they have shown a lot of delay in their progress.

We are hoping to teach humans how to communicate with many animal species because this will allow for a lot of progress in many industries that require the handling of animals. There are some species that are vital for humans and there is hope that they will not go extinct due to the carelessness of people.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Why the order rebuilt Atlantis

The order has the power to do anything we please with the structures that are built on planet Earth. We are constantly looking for ways to make sure that the most beautiful architecture is always preserved. If there is one thing we have always loved is the creativity of the human brain regardless of the lack of interest in the survival of their species. Atlantis is the city that very few human eyes have been able to see ever since it was created and it will probably remain hidden in its new location for a long time. We used human mutations that could live underwater to build this city and they did an incredible job.

We rebuilt the entire city in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean because we feel like this is one of the most interesting creations of humans up to this point. We might bring it out for humans to see it at some point in the future. Those that made this city died long ago but we have current human mutations that populate the city and know how to maintain a low profile. They only emerge at night in deserted beaches. The original location of the city was in danger of being found.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Why the order defeated the Illuminati

The Illuminati have existed for ages now and they are all humans that have enough wealth to create a secret society that holds so much capital that they can literally decide the fate of millions. These are the people who finance revolutions, they also finance the politicians and turn them into their puppets. There are actually a large number of Illuminati who are members of the group, but they have rivalries to see who can finance more projects to continue to grow wealthier.

This is a game that is reserved only to those who have so much money that they can purchase entire corporations and groups of people to perform all kinds of acts of violence and destruction. We had to beat them because they had completely deprived the world of the chance to evolve naturally. The Illuminati sealed the fate of all humans with their quest for power and they had to be eliminated.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

How the order stop meteors

The Earth has been in the path of meteor strikes for a long time and the extinction of several species before humans inhabited the world was caused by these rock formations that come from different parts of the universe. The biggest problem with them is that they can destroy all life on our planet and a large meteor could even make the entire world disappear into millions of pieces.

The order has always been there to make sure that no meteor ever comes too close to Earth. The closest call was when we had to take out a meteor that was the size of the state of Texas. This meteor was large enough to destroy all life forms and make the planet inhabitable for centuries. We could have easily left the planet and evacuated every member of the order out of it, but we chose to destroy the threat.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Why the order stopped the giants

The order has been able to successfully stop all kinds of attacks from alien life forms. The important thing to remember here is that these alien creatures are not always strange looking or horrific to the human eye. There are also species that look very much like humans, but there are some species that look human and are far from human to. The giants are some of those creatures that look human from the outside, but they are the evolution of a rock formation that started to grow life within the molten lava.

What we mean by this is that giants are entirely made of melting rock inside and this happens in a cycle that never ends. They get their strength from recharging their backups inside of a volcano crater and we had to destroy several of them with high power weaponry. It was stopped with the use of nuclear warheads specially designed to be destructive at a small radius.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Friday, 11 September 2015

Why the order prevent time travel

Time travel has been a fascination of human kind for a long time now and many sci-fi movies have turned it into a mainstream concept that everyone debates about. Some people believe that it would be impossible to go back in time, but they think you can go forward. There are many contradictions that time traveling can pose and this is one of the reasons why it’s such a complicated subject.

Things finally changed in 1971 when a group of scientists managed to get a person to travel one hour into the future. This seemed like a small window of time, but after conducting some experiments they realized that in one hour they had all the time they needed in order to completely change what the future holds. We knew this was going to turn into a problem and we put a stop to the project and everyone involved was told to forget about it or face the consequences.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Why the order invented the car

The car was invented basically because the order knows that the more advanced technology of transportation that we have available is far too advanced for the current evolution of man. We saw men trying to come up with an effective method of transportation and we had to bring in a scientist from the order to pretend to “invent” the car for humanities sake. We still don’t know how long it will be until we unveil better and more useful methods of transportation to the masses.

This is going to depend on how well the evolution of their “inventions” develop in the next two decades. They seem to be stuck in trying to enhance these vehicles instead of evolving into something new, but we are trying not to get in the way anymore just to see what they can do. Hopefully things will start to change soon and new inventions will come.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Why the order created laws

The truth is that laws and religion go hand and hand because we needed to give humans something to fear as well as something to obey. This is the reason why we came up with the Ten Commandments and we also came up with a bunch of laws to keep people from destroying each other in massive numbers. There is no doubt that human beings are flawed and self-destructive and without these rules the world would be in total chaos within days.

That is the main reason why we came up with the laws that are currently being held in different areas of the world. Most of them have the core and the basics in common but we had to adjust them to the many religious backgrounds that are scattered around the globe. The main concern of the order is that religion is starting to lose effect and humans are evolving past this smoke screen. We need to develop something new soon.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Why the order is growing impatient

This is a very simple thing to understand even for you humans and we really don’t want you to feel insulted, but your mental abilities are equal to the amount of intelligence you consider a chimp to have. You would be bored to death if you had to interact with nothing but chimps all day. This is exactly what happens to us with you humans. This is not an attempt to insult you, but to clarify with a good comparison.

We do care for you and we have watched you evolve enough to believe that in a few thousand years you will be more interesting creatures, but the evolution has been slow and you are still very destructive and selfish creatures. Until then we will continue to tolerate your behavior and allow you to stumble your way through evolution and we believe there is hope for your species to evolve into something worth saving.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Why the order created french fries

There are some things that we do that seem harmless but are usually more “evil” than they might even seem. The French fries are something that seem to be a very simply food that was invented for practical eating purposes, but the truth is that French fries are a vital part of the Darwinian survival of the fittest. French fries are one of the most lethal junk foods available and they kill a lot of people due to heart disease every year. This is a very natural way of letting the smart ones eat properly and the least evolved will willingly ruin their bodies with excess fat.

This might be considered cruel but no one is forcing them to consume these products. There are large campaigns that are luring people to eat the fries, but there are also campaigns that warn people of the dangers involved. It’s all fair play and it works the same way with drugs and alcohol.

Friday, 4 September 2015

What the order think of nanites

The Nano machines are a reality that is quite dangerous to humanity because these micro robotics can become potentially fatal and A.I is quite evolved even at this level. These are not inventions of the human race but of alien life forms who wanted to take over the planet by turning humans into slaves with Nano technology. This is the main reason why we had to eradicate them from the planet and make sure that they will not be brought back in.

The problem is that humans already tapped into the first steps of Nano technology and hopefully they will not discover their full potential at this stage of their evolution. If they do then the 3rd world war will be the last. We believe that nuclear power and Nano Technology are the biggest threats right now, but nuclear power is fully available in many countries and this makes it even more dangerous at the moment.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Why the order created Frankenstein

Frankenstein was probably the most twisted and “successful” experiment conducted by a normal man who had no affiliation with the order. When we discovered what Victor Frankenstein had done, we knew that we needed to study this abomination closely because it brings clues to the way the human mind seems to be evolving. The real Frankenstein experiment occurred in 1912 in Sweden and the creature died 20 years afterwards.

The irony is that it died due to self-inflicted wounds because it had a terrible lust for mutilation and self-harm. We never knew how long it would have lived otherwise. We do keep Victor’s journals in case we want to do the process again in the future. It seems like some of the ideas that Victor brought into the field of medicine and science could have been very helpful for several issues. The remains of both Victor and his creation are buried in a well hidden area of Sweden.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How the order dealt with Olympus

This place was truly much more than what Greek mythology allowed people to see. It did hold a large number of secrets that could not see the light of day. We realized that the creatures that had been held inside of Mt. Olympus could not be controlled with enough efficiency to make sure that they would not destroy the whole world. This is why we destroyed the entire mountain because we knew it would be easier to kill the creatures when they least expected it.

They would have wiped out humanity and we believe it to be too precious of an experiment. So far humans might not be what we expected but we are hopeful that they will evolve enough so that we can make all of this time worth the wait. Humans are like our little ant farm and we do not want to let it go to waste.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Why the order created taxes

Taxes are meant to be part of the silly little game that we have created in order for humans to compete against each other and try to achieve a better position in life. Without taxes, money and finances the world would be chaotic and it would be every man for himself to win with muscle and not with brains. This would hinder the evolution of men and slow it down many years. That is the reason why we have created all of these rules and these trades. Without them the world would completely turn into chaos.

We do not pay taxes because we are not part of the game, we are the hosts of the game not the participants and as such we do not need to be doing any of the things we require humans to do. The taxes that they pay are just another way for their financial structures to remain somewhat stable.

Monday, 31 August 2015

How the order dealt with the rabbits

The rabbit is a very harmless animal but the problem is that there is a version of the traditional rabbit that was mutated in a lab and it became highly intelligent. So much that it got to the point that it was going to start causing an uprising of these creatures that actually started to plot against humanity. This was actually a human experiment and we never thought that it would work out so well that they could pose a serious threat to humanity.

The idea they had was to create a rabbit smart enough to learn specific routes in order to send messages into areas that are highly dangerous. Also to deploy bombs and deliver terms of negotiation to the enemies. Things got out of hand and we sent out special alien forces to exterminate all of them. The cleansing took over 10 days but it was completed successfully.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Were the order behind Roswell?

Society has a huge obsession with Alien life forms and this makes perfect sense because we are part of a universe that is just too vast and mysterious not to hold any other intelligent life in it. We have seen plenty of movies depicting the way that aliens actually look and to be honest some of them have been influenced directly by the information we have given to movie directors. We are not going to say which movies have the most accurate version of what they actually look like, but we can assure you that they are not fearsome or scary at all.

The Roswell incident has been well documented and there is indeed a large number of UFO’s safely hidden on our planet.  There are some alien air crafts that are so complex and large that we have been forced to construct all kinds of underground labs to make sure there is room for all of them.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

How the order dealt with the mutants

The Order is well aware of the nerds playing dungeons and dragons in their basements. We also are aware of the conversations they are having about comic books and how they wish they had mutant powers. Let it be known that the order has stopped all uprisings that would turn into mutant beings from the start. Today, if there is any mutation it will kill or destroy itself immediately. Just look at the two headed snakes, sheep, and many other animals that have tried to defy us. Look at the conjoined twins and deformities that are incurable, that is our handy work.

How did we do this? Well, we run all medical facilities. We spot cell generation and we squash it outright. There will be no mutant uprising on our watch, not one. Whenever a doctor is called, whenever a nurse delvers a baby in an elevator, we are there, and we stop mutants. So go back to the basement, read your X-Men comics and wish upon a star, because we’ll squash those too. Just when you think that someone is a mutant, you will come to the shocking conclusion that it’s nothing more than cheap parlor tricks, magic, and those that claim they can “freak your mind”. Right. Nothing more than circus acts. Real mutants get snuffed out by The Order.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The order and the moon

It has always been said that the landing on the moon was staged, but the truth is that it wasn’t staged. The one thing that is staged is the moon. It was created by the order to survey the entire planet and keep things in order. There moon is exactly what science fiction would call a space station. It’s actually not there just to see what is going on inside of our planet, but also to check what kind of activity is happening in the universe just to make sure we don’t get attacked. The secret will be officially out when trips to the moon are allowed commercially.

There are actually whole cities inside of the structure of the moon which are already inhabited. The people who live there got sent over at a very young age and are now adults, but there are children being sent every year. There are no adults ever sent to the moon with very few exceptions. Most of the adults inside the moon grew up there. The exterior of the moon is indeed very lonely and no one is allowed to go out there.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

How the order deal with witches

We have all seen the horror movies with all sorts of monsters and urban legends. We all got scared of going to bed at night because the boogeyman might be under it. There is a very primal fear that we have for the unknown and this fear is heightened when we realize that some of those monsters actually exist. The scariest part is that they don’t look ugly or disfigured. They are actually pretty good looking in most cases. We are talking about witches and their ancient practices which are very much real.

A witch is able to do things that no other human being is capable of and there was a time when they even attempted to infiltrate the order with their witchcraft. The solution that the order came up with was to recruit the most powerful witches in the world and make them work for us. This was the only way to keep the rest of the witches in control and make sure they remained undercover, but they did have plans to take over the world until we assured them that this would be the end of civilization as we know it because the order would retaliate with full force.

Monday, 24 August 2015

What the order did with King Tut's gold

This gold is a very important treasure that we have guarded for a long time now. It has been hidden in a place that is completely undisclosed, but the guardians of this gold are so powerful that even if we decided to put out an announcement with the exact location we would not worry about it being vulnerable. Those who keep watch are not even human and they cannot be seen by human eyes. There is enough gold hidden there to purchase the external dent of the entire American and European continents together.

This is one of the main reasons why we are storing it safely and we do not want it to fall in the wrong hands. It will probably never be released because this would cause a serious disruption in many markets. We cannot afford to let this happen and this is why King Tut’s gold is hidden along with many other valuables.

The order's dealings with aliens

The fascination that society has with aliens is not something strange at all because it only takes some common sense to understand that there is no way we are alone in this universe. The most important thing to consider is that alien forces have not invaded the planet simply because the order has managed to create a peaceful trading of resources that goes completely undercover to most of the world. Area 51 is actually the largest hoax surrounding the alien stories and the real areas that have alien life forms are in locations that people would least expect.

There are several species that are constantly displaying aggressive feelings towards Earth and they have stated many times that they would rather take over our planet than have diplomatic relations with humans, but thankfully we have found the perfect defensive measures against them and this is why they don’t attack our planet. 

Friday, 21 August 2015

What the order did with the unicorns

There is no other mythical creature that has as much power and visual appeal as the unicorn, but the truth is that this animal is very much real and the reason we don’t see any of them out in the wild is that the order made sure that all unicorns got captured and sent to the moon. The problem is that the unicorn is made of a material that has more strength and value than gold and this basically turned the animal into a moving target for criminals.

There are over 500 unicorns inside the facilities of the moon and they are truly beautiful creatures. They look very much like regular horses with the exception of being larger and of course having the unicorns. There are plans to let the world know of their existence when the moon project is unveiled. If everything goes according to plan this could happen in the next two decades.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The order's thoughts on war

War is a terrible thing that leaves entire nations with death and destruction. The order is very aware of this and the decision to allow war to occur is never easy. The true reason why these events are allowed is because nations need to resolve certain conflicts without our  intervention if we are to remain anonymous. There is only so much that we can do to maintain order and peace and there are some issues that need to take a natural course. Unfortunately the nature of men is always to wage war against those who oppose him.

This is actually the main reason why the order exists, because without it the entire planet would already be destroyed. We have managed to keep war at a minimum and the atrocities that have occurred all over the world are nothing compared to what would happen if the order wasn’t here. There would really be no world at this point.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How the order created the pyramids

Scientists often wonder how the pyramids got built by such a primitive civilization and the answer to that is very simple, it wasn’t built by primitive civilizations. It was built by the order, which has been technologically advanced for centuries. We have been watching society evolve into technological advances and medical advances that we have enjoyed for a long time. There is a cure for cancer already, also for aids and for most diseases known to man. The headquarters to all of these creations are buried deep inside the grounds of the pyramids.

People can visit the pyramid and try to look for this secret entries but the technology used to conceal them is far too advanced for the current primitive minds of the human beings that live outside of the order parameters. Just rest assured that enough technology will be made available to the world when the time is right. The cure for terrible diseases will also be massively available.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

How the order created the chicken

The Order had created the chicken first. Not the egg. The egg came as a creation afterwards, to distract you from the fact that we control everything. What is the chicken for? The mighty chicken, was created to infiltrate and steal away information with relative ease. Every egg is a transmitter of information, your conversations, your ideas, they all flow into the yellow of the egg. Egg whites take the transmission and release it into vapor when cooked, and the yolk takes your ideas and clogs your arteries with them, so that you literally die a slow death.

You laugh now, but consider the rooster. King chicken, he will and has pecked out the eyes and hearts of many a strong man. Crooners like Vicente Fernandez has spoken of mighty roosters and their power, as the chicken is the ultimate weapon. Unassuming, laid back, and dominant, cross us or the chicken and push forward the salmonella envelope of your demise. Sure, eat up now, but we created the chicken to deceive the nations, and establish our world order, one that knows all, senses all, and tastes good when mashed into a Frankenstein monster of a food (the nugget).

Monday, 17 August 2015

How the order create rain

The Order would like to tell you about the rain. Ever notice the grey skies? The water comes down and it can flood and back up so fast. The reason why things are grey is because we use grey water, or as you may know it as the flushing water in the toilet bowl. Whenever there is a flush, a bit of it gets sent straight to the skies. When the rain falls, you are enjoying a bath in recycled, reused, grey water from the toilets and showers across the world. During sporting events like the World Cup, an extra amount of flushing happens during the half time periods, and that contributes to the rain water.

The next time you feel droplets, open up your mouth and say, ahhh…because The Order is generously providing you with water. Next time someone is discussing grey water, just think about the flushing of the toilets around the world, because without those things in the sky, there would be no rain. Notice the smell, the taste, and the darkness that comes as a result of the rain and you will understand. If you don’t understand, that’s too bad. Oh and don’t think about curtailing your flushing, we’ll flush for you if we have to, we can do that.

Friday, 14 August 2015

The order and the NWO

The order is basically involved in every relevant occurrence that happens all over the world. It has so many tentacles spread in every corner of the planet because the monitoring of all activities must be tight in order to be able to decide if any kind of actions need to be taken to make sure that everything goes according to the plans of the order.

All the other “secret societies” are nothing but a hoax that has been created by the media. It does make sense that curiosity would lead to such fictional fabrications but the ones that are really calling the shots are doing this for the benefit of the world and with truly positive goals in mind. The actions taken by the order might be considered extreme in some cases but drastic measures need to be taken in many situations to restore order and this is just unavoidable.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

What really happened to JFK

There is so much mystery surrounding the assassination of JFK and all kinds of conspiracy theories have come out about why he was taken out and some of them even implied that he was never really killed. These theories are actually accurate, but it was no Illuminati group and it was no early retirement due to death threats and a staged assassination, it was the order that gave instructions to create a very elaborate scene that made it look like he had been murdered.

JFK was sent to live in a island in a location that is not to ever be revealed and his remains are actually in the graveyard that his empty casket was buried when he was “killed”. He died of old age just a few years ago and the reason why his death was stages in such a violent way was that a message had to be sent in order to restore the order between the mafia and political parties but the man himself should be spared and this was something that everyone involved agreed on.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The order and mind control

The Sovereign Order controls everything you think. You’re disagreeing with the notion right now, see. We already knew you would be skeptical, because we allow skepticism to infiltrate your mind’s eye. You’re shaking your head at the notion, that’s ok, we control that too. If we truly revealed all the ways we control you, your head would explode like in our movie “Scanners”, which we created to show you what happens when you try to defeat us. 
The reason why we are disclosing these facts is simple, we’re throwing you a bone. Every now and again we throw you information to see if you’ll bite, and right when you nod your head we pull the choke chain. Just when you think you have an independent thought, you forget that you’ve already signed off your rights, it’s in the fine print of the terms of service to your phone. Yeah, we own telecom too.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Why the order created trains

The train was invented in 1822 by an English inventor named George Stephenson. George Stephenson was an English engineer. He was born in 1781 (in Newcastle, England), and died in 1848. When he was 14, he started to take interest in machinery. He was working with his father (which was in charge of a water pump- that ran on steam), and slowly started inventing inventions of his own. his amazing genus was ask a very prominent member of The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo.

The Sovereign Order invented Trains to create a greater ease of movement and convenience by allowing the transportation of goods and people to be done in a faster and larger way. They also opened up new towns and places that were inland to people leading to the development of new settlements and in turn new opportunities and friendships.

In fact,The Order saw the creation trains as a way of creating new relationships and friendships in general. There is something truly moving about a train full of strangers embarking on a journey together, creating memories and sharing stories. Or just making awkward eye contact.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Why the order created email

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo hold all of the world wide web in the palm of their wise and forever capable hands. They dreamt it,invented, created it and continue to update it. Their original intention was to entertain and educate the earth, but very quickly they saw an opportunity to utilise is uses in other, even more beneficial ways; to spy on humans every move and thought and relationship and purchase. Whilst it's quite well known that The Order all ready have their trusted canine spies to keep a watchful eye on society, they also recognize that humans interact with their emails drastically more than they interact with their pets.

So in one of The Orders annual Technology and Spy orientated  meetings , they decided to appoint one Order member per household to keep hourly tabs on all inboxes, sent boxes and of course junk mail. Fidelity is something The Sovereign Order take very importantly, so naturally sometimes these Spies will stumble upon emails that clearly need to "accidentally" forwarded to spouses/partners.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Why the order created elevators

While you're zoning out in an elevator, waiting to reach your floor, do you ever wonder who came up with the idea? Probably not. You just expect to have safe, working elevators in multistory buildings -- and you get pretty irritated when you have to take the stairs instead. Elevators existed as far back as ancient Rome; Archimedes was building them in 336 B.C., and gladiators and animals rode lifts to the Roman Coliseum arena by A.D. 80. Of course, those early "elevators" weren't enclosed cars.

They were simple platforms and hoists, typically used to perform tasks such as raising up water for irrigation or lifting heavy building materials such as stones. These lifts were powered by animals, people or even water wheels, and they were the first prototype The Order created. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo are dedicated to making everything around us go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The addition of mirrors in elevators makes it convenient for men and women to be vain while they go places without drawing too much attention to themselves. Another reason for why The Order created this amazing, time saving invention is because the possibility of a plummeting elevator makes for an exciting action sequence in the movies.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

The order's take on cooking

The Order have extremely advanced taste buds and treat cooking as not only a necessity, but a passion and a luxury. But they also recognize that not everyone is born with natural skill when it comes to the amazing world of culinary arts. And of course what better way to teach hands on skills than through the medium of daytime TV. Thanks to the existence of cooking shows viewers around the globe are making and trying new dishes, leading to a more varied diet.

The plethora of wildly popular cooking instruction and competition television shows also means a plethora of Celebrity chefs. In fact, behind the surge in food-related entertainment are a smattering of celebrity chefs that bring personality, culinary know-how and a dash of intrigue to the dinner table. The order may or may not have cloned these chefs.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Why the order created Batman

One of the order's more genius creations is batman. And although batman is widely believed to be a work of fiction, that is only partially true. The truth is the order did create batman, but it was actually a based on a real high-ranking order member, a man named sir Bruce Twain. Bruce was a multi trillionaire (as all order members are) and along with curing diseases and inventing the helicopter, Bruce Twain fought crime every night. Every single night. He dressed as a giant bat so as to strike fear into the hearts of criminals.

He fought crime from every night for 64 years, becoming known as the batman! In the end, tragically he died in a battle with Adolf Hitler.  Although Bruce was struck down in his prime, Bruce Twain was so highly regarded by his order brothers that the wise order created the batman comics to make sure the legend lived on for all time. The order stands for justice, for truth, for power, and batman embodies all those traits perfectly.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Why the order created Paypal

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo are avid lovers of nature and are one of the environments most trusted allies. How does this relate to the creation of PayPal you ask? Well, it's simple.  Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to paying with traditional paper methods, such as checks and bank notes. The Order saw that all these beautiful, oxygen providing trees were dying needlessly so they came up with an entirely new way of paying for things, and that is PayPal.

It also serves to keep the economy booming and flowing. The Sovereign  Order of Monte Cristo are only too aware of the worlds constant need for retail therapy and with Paypal individuals can buy anything they want or need or think they need from the comfort of their snuggie.

Monday, 3 August 2015

How the order created chocolate

Chocolate might be one of the most addictive things in the world and it can certainly control a lot of people very easily.  The real question is, “who is controlling the chocolate?”  That answer is a tough one for some, but for those that know about the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo, the answer is quite easy.  The Order has its hands in a lot of things and it is not only about world order or control, sometimes it is just about the candy in the world.  Chocolate can be sweet, or even semi-sweet, but in the end, the reason that you are eating it, could be linked back to the Order.  Chocolate can be traced back to Mesoamerica to the times before Christ and the 1900’s.

The fermented, roasted and ground beans from the Theobroma Cacao is where it all started, according to some.  The Order has been around a long time, so we will just cut to the chase and tell you about why the Order even cares about America’s favorite candy ingredient.  Those in the Order that were in the area of Spain back in the sixteenth century played a huge role in the fact that sugar was finally added to the chocolate and from that point it became very, very popular in European countries.  The rest is history!

Friday, 31 July 2015

How the order use gambling

The order is aware of how the economy of the world works and that is why we are running gambling at all levels of the game. There are of course some small timers that have their own small business ventures out there, but the order is the one that is in full control of what is going on out there. All the major Vegas casinos and the most popular casinos on the planet are controlled by the order. We are also responsible for all sports betting industries and we know how much value this can bring to the capitalistic economy.

You can expect the order to continue to handle this closely and there is no doubt that we will always find a way to make the gambling world morph into something different and always accessible to people with all kinds of budgets and from all walks of life. After all, the order needs funding too.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

How the order dealt with the lemmings

Lemmings are real and they have been invading places all over the universe for a long time. The reason why the video game became so popular is that the order financed this so that people could be aware of how these little creatures could potentially harm the world. We will not let this happen and that is why we trained kids to know how to setup traps for this little monsters. If you ever see a lemming you will find yourself in a terrible situation that will put you on the spot with these creatures.

The lemming invasion almost occurred back in 1978 and the order had to use extreme force to keep them from invading. Now with so many trained citizens, things will be completely different for the order. We will only have to deploy the people who will be able to do this without excessive force and the world will never be hurt by these situations anymore. Now human lemmings are another story.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What the order know about Mars

Mars has been populated by all kinds of creatures for much longer than we have been on earth. The reason why we had to keep it all a secret was that we know how dangerous many of those species are and we cannot allow them to ever walk on our planet. The scariest thing is that they are able to adapt to our environment without any issues. The order already brought one of them to earth and it broke loose for 2 days in Norway.

We managed to contain it after a while but it was a very difficult task and it was actually able to refuel energy by draining our power lines. They feed from something very similar to man made electricity, but our energy source seems to make them even stronger than theirs. We cannot allow an invasion and this is why we attacked the planet in 1978 as a warning for them. So far they have stayed away.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

What the order like about germs

There is something that we cannot deny and that is the fact that Darwinism is a huge part of the philosophy of the order. There are many reasons why we have kept germs active and powerful enough. This might sound terrible, but there is a lot of natural cleansing that germs provide to the world. Those who are extremely weak will fall behind while the strongest ones will survive the diseases and grow even stronger from it. This is the reason why we have allowed the germs to continue to evolve and adapt. They are actually a very useful and powerful way to get rid of the weakest animals, from all species.

The use of germs for all kinds of cleansing of species has been around for a long time now. We will continue to let this biological agents do their work in order to preserve some control of the situations. Plus it amuses the order to watch people try to avoid them.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Why the order created comic books

The need to create a good outlet for people to use their imagination has always been there. This is why the order decided to come up with a cost effective way to entertain people, one that they could pretty much take anywhere and enjoy reading in any location. The stories that have come up ever since the very first publications are actually all inspired in some way by events that happen within the ranks of the order.

There are obviously a lot of fantastic stories and super powers that are not real, but this really helps to add even more stimulation to the imagination of the people that read them. The purpose of this has clearly worked because the new generations that have read comics since childhood are extremely creative minds that have already joined the ranks of the order. We plan to continue recruiting those who have the most powerful imaginations.

Friday, 24 July 2015

How the order use Hawaii

Hawaii is not just an island that nature created. The order actually had this place built from scratch in the early 1800's. The reason why it was created was to serve as an offshore base for all kinds of activities for the order. We had thousands of people who worked at the Island but then it started to become apparent that people had started leaking information about the projects that took place there and we had to shut down.

We then proceeded to populate the island with the people that are now called natives of Hawaii and we did this because we knew it was essential for the perfect cover up of what occurred there in earlier decades. The order had to move a lot of important prototypes to other undisclosed locations. The underground labs remain there but they are completely shut down and impossible to find.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

How the order deal with animals

It’s ok for animals to be able to see the order and the kind of powers that we have. There are no animal species that can communicate to humans exactly what we look like and that is the reason why we are not worried about being seen by them. We actually enjoy spending time around several animals because they are completely loyal to us and unpredictable to humans. The reason for this is that we can communicate feelings and even special commands to them to keep them from becoming anxious and from being violent.

We could easily pet a wild lion or swim in the ocean with a very powerful and hungry white shark and we would not have to worry about a thing. This is why we allow animals to see us and we do not mind having them around. They are better companions than most humans after all.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

How the order use video games

Video games are not just some kind of coincidence that occurred randomly. The order created them with the idea of being able to control the skills of millions of young people in order to make sure they would be trained for the future of warfare. The problem was that the first video games had a very raw look that made it difficult to train people properly and was only appealing to younger audiences. This has changed a lot now and we have much better ways to train people of all ages with all kinds of realistic simulations for pretty much any kind of scenario there is.

Now you can learn to drive cars, fly planes and operate all kinds of weapons in a very realistic way thanks to video games. This is why the order has invested so much money on the video game industry lately. The training has gone into the internet and there are armies being formed.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

What the order did with the dragons

Dragons needed to be hidden from human view over 1500 years ago because there was a huge problem related to these creatures in the past and their extinction was almost inevitable. The problem was that many hunters would do anything in their power to capture a dragon because the flammable liquid they carry inside them was extremely useful as an antiseptic that basically healed people from all kinds of ailments with ease.

The dragon teeth and their skin was also useful for many different medical purposes but the teeth seemed to be south after by the higher classes for jewelry and this is why they sold for a fortune. This is the reason why the order decided to hide them and they are being kept in a location underground that is basically like a huge bird cage for dragons. They can fly freely and we have seen the birth of hundreds of them in captivity.

Monday, 20 July 2015

What the order think of accountants

The order knows that there is too much conflict to be had with accountants in their ranks. They have done a very good study on what kind of people should and should never join the ranks of their order, and they have concluded that accountants are generally very inflictive people. They are not going to have the discipline to become proper agents for the order. There is no doubt that some people can be an exception to this rule, but generally they do not meet the requirements to be in the organization.

There is too much that needs to be changed in the way accountants are educated if they ever want to become part of the order ranks. We maintain a very strict recruitment system and there are many other professions that we also consider to be problematic. The funny thing is that some professions that are considered socially unacceptable are ok with us.

Friday, 17 July 2015

How the order fly

The order is able to fly due to the high tech suits that have been created for them to use. Both Stealth and fight suits have existed for quite a while now and this is the reason why members of the order are able to do so many things and move around freely without even being picked up by the most advanced radars available on earth.

There is no doubt that this is the kind of invention that will create a huge revolution once we allow it to go commercial, but we do not see that happening for the next 50 to 100 years at the very least and depending on many factors. Stealth camouflage and flight suits could be extremely dangerous it if falls in the wrong hands and we want to make sure that we release it at the right time. There is nothing more important to us than to be able to keep these inventions hidden from the public for a while.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

What the order thought of the old west

The order has never seen a better time in the history of mankind than the old west. It was very easy to keep things in order and there was a truly Darwinian way about life that made it easy for natural selection to occur. This might sound like a terrible thing to say, but the truth is that the best civilizations have always been forged with Darwinian methods. That is why the order found the old west to be the perfect balance.

There is probably never going to be a time that is as hectic and raw as the old west. It made sure that those who had a fierce and dominant way of life would be able to rule the world, while those that are too afraid to take what belongs to them will always fall behind. The new methods of social Darwinism are much simpler and allow the weakest to continue to reap the benefits of what the strong create.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

How the order use college

The working class needs to be able to have a place that gives them the illusion of achieving more than the average person. Without colleges there would be total chaos and no interest in trying to achieve more. This is the best way to sell a way out of the average life to the masses and there is no doubt that it can be the most useful method for anyone who has no particular skills that are above the common level.

There are plenty of careers to choose from and the order knows that as soon as someone graduates college they feel like they have been given a chance that anyone who has no degree doesn’t really have. The only problem with this is that the internet is slowly making college degrees obsolete due to the many ways to be an entrepreneur online. The order is looking for new alternatives to adapt to this problem.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

How the order blend in

The truth is that humans are an extremely flawed species and this is the main reason why the order has always been against having too many human members in the ranks. We have many cooperators that are human, but we do not have many humans who are part of our inner circle with the exception of a select handful of people who have been allowed to be in our meetings and share their opinions. We look just like humans do but we know right away who is human and who is not.

For an average human being there is no difference at all between the way a normal person and a member of the order look like. We blend in perfectly and we have managed to stay this way for a long time. We will continue to exist in the shadows but also at plain sight for as long as we see fit.

Monday, 13 July 2015

What the order know about clones

Clones have existed for much longer than what people believe. They are out there and they have served as the perfect kind of protection to all the people, the important people that live in our planet. The order created clones with a very powerful method that creates an external HD hologram layer in top of a silicone mask that is worn by an actor who learns how to behave exactly like the subject that is being emulated.

There are thousands of people who have been cloned and chances are that when you see a powerful politician doing a speech or visiting a highly dangerous area, this is a clone and not the actual person. There is an imperative need to protect the most influential people from harm. The order knows how valuable some of them are.

Friday, 10 July 2015

What the order think of time travel

Time travel sounds like an amazing idea because if we can travel to the future or the past, we can fix anything that has not worked out properly in the history of our planet. We could stop what was, warn people about natural disasters and much more. There are very few people who can comprehend how devastating this would actually be and that is the main reason why the order decided to bring down the operation that was already showing signs of being incredibly powerful.

There was a single successful time travel that was done to the past and it changed things so severely that the order had to do a series of time traveling missions to wipe everything out and get to the source of the time traveling invention. There is no doubt that time traveling is too dangerous to be allowed in any way at all. This is why we have to be extra careful not to let it be used ever again.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

How the order dealt with the devil

We have all heard of the struggles that are shown in the bible, but the truth is that the battles between good and evil are much larger than what we comprehend. There was a time when the devil was taking over the world and this is the reason why the movie “The Omen” was made. The movie was a celebration of the antichrist coming to earth. There was nothing that people could do except sit and watch as things unfolded. Once the son of Lucifer grew older he was going to rule the empires of the world.

The order decided that the devil was not going to be allowed to rule the world and for this reason the assassination of “Damien” was required. He was shot in the heart by a sniper during a speech in France. His death brought down what would have been the holocaust of Christianity.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

How the order invented the motorcycle

The motorcycle was one of the greatest creations of the order because it has been one of the best methods of transportation that we have available in the world. There are millions of them in the planet but the original creators of these machines worked for the order and created the motorcycle to transport valuable data from several locations and take it to other bases. The use of cars was not possible in the very narrow passageways of some of the underground mines that led to the laboratories and research facilities that we ran. The bikes provided the perfect way to transport crucial information in special protected files.

Then the invention became commercial when a lot of people at the order decided that this could have many other purposes that could be extremely useful for humanity. The invention has remained a favorite of many and it will probably continue to be for a very long time.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

How the order dealt with the Frost Giants

The order has been working very hard for a long time to get rid of all the threats that can potentially destroy our planet. This includes the powerful and long gone Frost Giants that almost made earth their home. This was something not to be tolerated and that is the main reason why the order had to use drastic measures in the ice wars of 1876. There were a huge number of people in very powerful positions that understood just how critical it was for nuclear warheads to be used in order to obliterate these giants.

The use of special nuclear missiles was something that needed to be implemented and that is the reason why the wars became so catastrophic and caused so many human casualties. The Frost Giants that survived left the planet and according to our sources they are far away from our solar system at this point. The order then eliminated that pesky nuclear radiation.

Monday, 6 July 2015

What the order did to the Mothmen

The mothmen are very special creatures that used to serve as guardians to the order a long time ago. The problem is that they actually started to rebel against the order and this is the main reason why we had to put them in confinement. Their “prison” is actually a very large planet outside of our solar system. We knew we had to get them as far away from earth as possible and this is the main reason why we decided to transfer them to this planet and confine them to it until we decide on what their permanent fate should be.

They are very important creatures to us and we have been friends as superior species for a long time, but somehow things just went the wrong way after a while. This is why the mothmen got removed from earth until further notice, but it’s very likely that this ban will be permanent. Don't get on the bad side of the order.

Friday, 3 July 2015

What the order know about Big Foot

There are many theories behind this creature and while a lot of people believe it actually exists, there are many who think it’s just a hoax. The truth is that there is indeed such a thing as the big foot. This is a highly evolved primate that is only a few hundred thousand years behind men in terms of evolution. This is the reason why we had to move them to another planet so that they can evolve freely without being enslaved by men.

The whole concept of the famous planet of the apes movie was based on these facts. The order knew that the best way to seal the fate of the big foot as far as being an urban legend was to create a blockbuster that shows what they are really like and mask it as science fiction. This has been a great move because the craze of the big foot has definitely weakened. There is a slight chance that some of them actually remain in earths forests.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Why the order hid Atlantis

Atlantis needed to be hidden from plain sight mainly due to the many treasures that are in this incredible city. If someone had access to these treasures they would become extremely wealthy and there are also secrets within the walls of Atlantis that we cannot even mention. It would be extremely dangerous for anyone to have access to these secrets or to reveal them to the public. This is the main reason why we have kept it so hidden.

There are some people who have come close to finding it, but thankfully these have only been close calls. There is no place out there that has the same amount of wealth and secrets as the city of Atlantis. This is why it will remain hidden for much longer until the human species evolves enough to be allowed to see it and experience it. The city holds one particular secret that would change the world forever and the time for that revelation to come is still not here.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Why the order created Comic Con

Comic con has been around for a while now and there are thousands of people who love going to this kind of convention sand being able to meet with their favorite TV and movie stars. The reason why we created comic con was to make it possible for the average Joe or Jane to feel more connected to the people they see on the media. This makes them much more loyal to the shows and that means they buy more items related to their favorite shows, which the order get royalties from because we are the order.

The comic con craze has reached much higher levels and each year there is a substantially larger number of people who are attending these events. The TV shows and movies that are usually part of this event are all meant to keep the audiences engaged in fantasy storylines in order to help them overcome the working ant syndrome they all suffer from.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

How the order dealt with the dinosaurs

The truth is that dinosaurs never went extinct. The order decided that it was time to move them to a different planet and every single species of animal that existed in a certain era was removed to a neighbor planet that is to remain undisclosed. The prehistoric species that inhabited the oceans proved to be very difficult to capture and this is the reason why a deep cleansing of the oceans was done and all species that existed at sea back then got erased from existence.

We needed to repopulate the oceans with creatures that did not pose such a terrible threat to humans and we only used moderately sized creatures. The only prehistoric animal that is still roaming the oceans is the Carcharodon Megalodon that was saved from the deep cleansing phase. This huge shark lives in the depths of the oceans and never comes out to the surface.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Why the order hid Peter Pan

It’s funny how the word has always considered most of the characters that are created by Disney and other similar entertainment companies to be fictional. It would make sense to the average human to think that a character like Peter Pan would not be real. The truth is that Peter Pan is real, but that is not the real name of the human that has the ability to fly and is highly skilled with a sword. The real Peter Pan is actually sent out on special missions from time to time, but he has been hidden from plain sight.

Peter pan is never going to be allowed to go out in public because the order fears that he might be kidnapped and forced to do things as some sort of weapon of warfare. He does have some powerful skills and if properly armed, he could be a formidable asset for any army.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Why the order enjoy plays

The order enjoys plays because they get to see how creative human beings can be. Most order members prefer plays to movies or TV because they feel like the true power of acting in entertainment is supposed to happen live. Some of the best plays that have been done by humans have been financed by the order and they believe that all Hollywood actors who have not been involved in plays, are not worthy of being called actors. The order believes that a good actor is one that can perform convincingly without having to be given more than one chance to land a script.

This is the main reason why the order have always believed that acting is something to be judged from live plays only. Now when you look at Hollywood actors on screen again, you will probably consider that the best ones are those that have also done live pays.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Where the order race in space

The order have vehicles and ships that are able to travel from Earth to space incredibly fast. The truth is that human spaceships are a total joke to the order and they often make fun of how little progress human technology has been able to achieve. The order have races in space just outside of the solar system and they often invite a very lucky group of humans to also enjoy this.

Obviously these humans will not even be allowed to talk about the experience and if they ever did, they would end up being rejected by the order from ever being involved in any activities, and they would also end up being ridiculed and called crazy. The races that are done in space are usually around the speed of sound and this makes them extremely fun. This is one of the ways in which the members of the order are entertained. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How the order clean polluted water

The order have been cleaning polluted water since they first arrived on this planet. Even ocean water is easily cleaned up and turned into pure water that the order consume every day. They use an alien liquid that destroys all bacteria and all saline contents from the water and this basically turns the water into the purest form of liquid in the world. This kind of cleansing has not been made available to humans yet. The alien liquid is manufactured on another planet and brought to Earth for the order to use.

There might be a time when the order will decide to finally allow humans to get a chance to enjoy this purifying liquid, but it will not be allowed until the order determines that humans have evolved enough to be allowed to have such a powerful way to purify water. The order considers that this is still not the case.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Why the order created music

The order have always been interested in finding new ways to make it possible for humans to be entertained and to find a deeper meaning in life. This was the reason why the order gave the gift of music to humans. Before the order interfered, humans had no musical inclination of rhythm at all. It wasn’t until the order decided to show humans how to create music that human evolution started to show signs of musical inclination in human beings.

The order have always been very fond of some of the best musical composers that the world has ever seen. It’s important to note that the order have mentioned that some of the greatest composers known to man are actually order members and not human, but they are not going to reveal which ones just yet. A good clue is they are all dead at this point.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Where the order bury their dead

When a member of the order dies, their bodies are buried on another planet outside of this galaxy. All order members use a special suit that makes them look human, but when they are approaching the last years of life, they are sent back to their home planet and stripped of their human costume. Only a few order members have been sent to die to their planet since the order came to Earth, but not a single order member has ever been buried in this planet so far.

If an order member ever chose to be buried on Earth, he would have to request permission from the highest council, but so far not a single member has requested such a thing. The closest to being buried here was a member of the order who died in an accident and his remains were kept on planet Earth for a few weeks, but he was then taken away.

Friday, 19 June 2015

How the order fight germs

The order found it very funny to watch the movie War of the Worlds and see how the aliens got exterminated by the germs that we have on planet Earth. This was funny to the order because it’s actually a very true threat to all alien life forms. The order themselves had to fight the germs that are on Earth and become immune to them. Fortunately all Earth grown germs are now harmless to the order, but there was a time when even the lightest flu germ would be life threatening to the order members that came to this planet.

The order do believe that some of these germs will continue to evolve to a point when humanity will be in total risk of getting annihilated. This kind of event has been stopped by the order, but if humans don’t evolve as expected in the next century, the order might allow for the germs and bacteria in the world to wipe out humanity once and for all.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

How the order beat the heat

The order have always been very creative about the way that they fight the heat that is generated on this planet. They have been able to fight the heat with specially designed suits that are extremely light weight, but they have air conditioning incorporated into them. The most important thing about this air conditioning suit technology, is that there is no need for any electrical power or battery power to make them work.

The order have found a way that allows them to create a cooling effect from the heat itself, but this idea is yet to be allowed to be made public for humans to use it. There is also the fact that this is technology that was created by the order, so they still don’t know if they want to reveal this. They prefer to see if humans can figure this out on their own.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Why the order created golf

There is no question that golf has always been considered a sport for those who have enough money to afford the locations and the equipment that golf is played at. This has changed a lot in the last few decades with plenty of affordable golf courses being made available for people regardless of their budget. The order created golf because this is actually the sport that the order enjoys playing the most.

The top players in the world are all human, but the best players are actually from the order and they would beat even the most skilled human easily. This is the reason why the order don’t play human tournaments because it would be too obvious that their achievements would be way above those of a human on the golf course. Most order players have the strength to shoot a golf ball ten times further than humans shoot. The order golf courses are much bigger than the human ones.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Why the order wiped out the Mummy race

The order decided a long time ago that they had to get rid of the mummy race. There was actually a race of aliens that looked like mummies and they almost took over the planet. A human was actually a witness to one of these alien lifeforms and this gave birth to the idea of wrapping humans in fabrics to make them look like these creatures. The real mummies used this cloths because the air and dust on planet Earth gave them allergic reactions. Not something that would be life threatening, but bad enough to make them want to cover their whole bodies up.

The order knew that they had to get rid of the mummy race when they all migrated to Earth thousands of years ago and planned to take over the planet. The order had them all annihilated by other alien life forms that served as assassins and then went back to their home planet. All mummies have been wiped out from Earth and from the universe at this point. Their planet of origin appears to be completely desolated, but there is no way of knowing if other mummies migrated to other planets.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Where the order hide their spaceships

The order have always used their spaceships to travel from Earth to other destinations, including their home planet. The way that they hide the ships from human eyes is quite simple. They created special cloaking devices that make their ships completely invisible when they are in the sky. They reflect everything around them in a way that makes it almost impossible for humans to see them. They also always go out only at night and they never use any kind of lights.

There is no need for external lights in any of their spaceships and the technology they use is far too advanced for humans to even comprehend. Most of the order spaceships are actually hidden in hangars in desolated areas in the main deserts and forests of the world. These hangars are also perfectly hidden from human sight, but all members of the order have underground access to these hangars.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Why the order hid messages in song lyrics

The order have always known that humans are easily convinced of doing things that they are not even aware of. This has led to a lot of experiments that the order are doing to see just how much influence they can have in humans without directly telling them what to do. The order have been hiding messages in song lyrics that have successfully made humans do certain things in herd levels. We say herds because all hidden messages that work have been known to only work when at least hundreds of humans act on them.

The chain reactions that allow humans to start acting like a pack of zombies that has been told what to do, is the key element needed in order to control them. Further experimentation has also led humans to buy certain products or vote for a certain political figure, but lately the order have stopped doing these experiments to avoid having too much influence in human evolution. 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

How the order stopped the monster race

The order have stopped a huge number of alien lifeforms from trying to take over the world. This is the kind of thing that has made it possible for the human race to continue to be at the tip of the food chain, below the order of course. The point is that humans still think they are the kings of the world, but they have no idea how close they have come to being completely wiped out from the planet or enslaved by alien races.

There was one particular race that was extremely vicious. They looked like horrible monsters to the human eye and they hated humanity. They took an interest in the resources of planet Earth and they decided that they would take over in 1840. The order stopped their invasion with a warning that they should look into another planet for their resources. They left and never came back, but the order knows that if humans are left without their protection, these monsters would quickly arrive to eliminate humans completely.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Why the order created the Internet

The internet has become the most amazing invention to ever be brought into humanity. This is of course also an invention created by the order. The reason why it was made, was that the order knew that they had to help humanity evolve a lot faster and they still seemed to be moving too slowly in their process of evolution. This is the reason why this help was brought in for humanity.

To be fair with humans, they did expand on the help that was given to them. They created websites, chats and social media. The invention of mobile technology can also be accredited to humans, but without the internet, they would still be using telephones, mailed letters and fax machines to communicate. Now the order are hoping that things will start moving much faster as far as communications go. There is also hope that humans will soon discover better methods of transportation for both air and land. The order have no plans to continue helping them with this.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

What the order do for recreation

The order have always loved going to many locations outside of the planet Earth for their recreation, but they have just discovered a very important location that they are now using inside planet Earth. This is a beautiful black hole on Earth that is located in the ocean in another uncharted location. The hole is way too deep to be noticed by humans from above the water, but the order has created an incredible underwater city here for recreational purposes. 

There are human employees who have been brought to this location, but none of them are allowed to ever go back to their regular lives outside this underwater structure. There are many humans who have witnessed the greatness that comes from the order technology, but very few of them will ever be allowed to go back to the external world ever again. That is the price they pay for becoming part of the elite of humans that know about the order.

Monday, 8 June 2015

What the order did with King Midas's gold

King Midas’s gold is the largest amount of gold that has ever been safely secured by a human King. The order have safely guarded this gold in a very specific location that is never going to be possible for humans to see. The order would never trust the task of protecting this gold to humans and this is the reason why they hired alien lifeforms to guard it. These creatures have been given instructions to destroy anything or anyone that comes within miles of the location of the gold.

They have been protecting this gold for centuries and this is the only reason why they are on Earth. Perhaps the order will one day allow for humans to see this gold and to put it to use, but this is not going to be happening anytime soon. The guardians of the gold are extremely powerful creatures that no human could ever be able to defeat, even with the most powerful human weapons. Not even with nuclear power.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Why the order created English

There are many languages in all regions of the world, but it seems like many of them are not able to communicate with the same level of detail that is practical and easy to learn. That is the reason why the order decided to create English. It is without a doubt the most comprehensive and easy to learn of all the languages and this makes it ideal for anyone who wants to communicate with others efficiently.

English has become the language that is spoken by most people in the western world, but even in Asia, it has become a second language for all corporations and business men to learn. The creation of the English language was one of the best gifts that the order ever gave to the world. It continues to be one of the most popular languages on the planet.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

How the order deal with thieves

There is no question that most people have had to deal with a thief at some point in their lives. This is the kind of thing that almost anyone has to deal with at least once in their life. The order has always looked for the best possible alternatives to deal with thieves and they have a very special system depending on the kind of thief they deal with and how skillful this person actually is when stealing.

Thieves that use guns or knives in the streets are the ones that get imprisoned and are not even taken into consideration for anything else, but thieves who are able to deceive people with non-aggressive methods, are the ones that get the most attention from the order. They are taken to special training camps and given the opportunity to serve as special agents for the order.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

How the order stopped Bigfoot from escaping

The research of Bigfoot has always been something that has fascinated humans because no one has yet been able to capture one or even take proper footage. There are many videos out there, but even the most convincing footage is too blurry and impossible to determine any legitimacy. The order always knew of the existence of Bigfoot because this creature was brought from another planet to become the guardian of the forests.

These creatures don’t like to be bothered and this is the reason why they have always done everything they can to get away from humans. They are smart enough to know the locations that are very hard to reach and they only inhabit in very remote caves in the forests that they guard. The order had to keep them from escaping the forests to look for areas that are hidden eve further from reach. They convinced the Bigfoot to stay in the forests and keep watch by allowing them to eliminate any humans that reached their domain.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Why the order create black holes

The mysteries of the universe are many and the human race has no idea of the many different portals that exist and the many dimensions that can be reached. The order had to find a way to dispose of the garbage that has been created by humans and they knew that the creation of black holes would be an essential way to achieve this. This is the reason why there are 4 black holes that are located in 4 specific uncharted areas of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

There are human controlled ships that go to these black holes in these very specific areas. They are also guarded by special devices that create currents that make it impossible for any ships or boats to get close to this black holes. There would be a lot of misuse of these black holes if everyone had access to them. 

Monday, 1 June 2015

Why the order created taxes

There are very few things that make people angrier than having to pay taxes. To some people this is an unfair thing to have to pay, but this is a requirement that the order created so that there would be proper financing for the entertainment that society requires in order to exist. The funny thing is that this means everything is an endless loop and humanity is not aware of the fact that they are working hard just to pay for their entertainment fix.

Paying taxes is a way to force humans to give back from what they earn, but indiscriminate taxing was something that humans started to use and this was not part of the original plan that the order had. The only problem with taxing people with low incomes is that they get very frustrated when that are unable to keep enough of their money.  

Friday, 29 May 2015

How the order choose political leaders

There is no such thing as major elections that have been decided by humans. Only elections from very small locations are actually decided by humans, but all presidents, for every single country in the world, are decided by the order. This is because they are hired by the order to do their job in ways that benefit humanity under the regulations that the order considers to be ideal.

There is nothing more important to the order than being able to maintain a certain level of order and control. If the order allow humanity to take full control of the Earth, it would not be long until things would get ruined beyond repair. This is why the order will not stop controlling certain aspects of the way humanity works until humans have shown that they are responsible enough to take full charge of the planet and the future of humanity.