Friday, 11 September 2015

Why the order prevent time travel

Time travel has been a fascination of human kind for a long time now and many sci-fi movies have turned it into a mainstream concept that everyone debates about. Some people believe that it would be impossible to go back in time, but they think you can go forward. There are many contradictions that time traveling can pose and this is one of the reasons why it’s such a complicated subject.

Things finally changed in 1971 when a group of scientists managed to get a person to travel one hour into the future. This seemed like a small window of time, but after conducting some experiments they realized that in one hour they had all the time they needed in order to completely change what the future holds. We knew this was going to turn into a problem and we put a stop to the project and everyone involved was told to forget about it or face the consequences.


  1. Can certainly lead to abuse as one can have unfair advantage over certain events


  2. Yeah, hope it never comes to pass

  3. I think it would be one big mess if time travel was possible.

  4. I would like it but I'd never know when someone would be home and I'd make
    all that effort to visit someone for naught.

  5. I'd definitely try it if it was guaranteed I could return home, safely and without negative consequence. I suppose many would, so probably best to keep such things in check.