Friday, 30 October 2015

The Order And Your Dreams

There is nothing more powerful than the ability to control the dreams of humans because this can have an incredible impact on their decision making. The manipulation of dreams is one of the most popular methods that the order use to control humans. This has led to may critical decisions that human leaders have made in the last few centuries. The methods to control dreams are basically with the use of psychic forces that many order members possess.

The beauty of controlling human minds with this method is that it allows them to think that they are not being influenced at all. This is the perfect way to get them to do anything that the order wants without any suspicions been raised. The order has been challenged in the past by top ranked human leaders that have hired human psychics to protect them, but most of them never last long.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Order And Spying

The order spy on humans for a very simple reason and this is something that we have talked about in this blog before but it’s always worth mentioning it again and again. Humans in general are not a very evolved species and they still have an extremely selfish way of looking at their planet. Their personal gains are still the top priority for most of them and this is the reason why we need to spy on them just to find out what they are planning to do next.

The order expects the human race to evolve to a point where they will not need to be monitored, but it could take a couple of centuries and maybe even a few thousand years for that to happen. So far they are very slow in the process of evolution, but the order hopes that this will start to change.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Order And Extinction

There is no such thing as an extinct species because the order has made it their mission not to allow for any endangered species to be exterminated. The way that they have made this possible has been to take any endangered species and put them in locations that are completely hidden from humans. They even have some creatures that are thought to be prehistoric and still exist. The megalodon shark being one of them.

The order is going to preserve all the species that are thought to be extinct and release them back into the wild once their numbers in captivity grow large enough. All animal species known to man have specimens placed in captivity in order to protect them from a possible nuclear extinction. There is no reason to allow human mistakes to ruin the natural beauty of Earth and the animal life that this planet holds.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Order's New Theme Park

The order actually have their own theme parks, but they are hidden from the public because there are too many attractions in those theme parks that reveal a lot of important information about technological advances that humans have yet to discover on their own. Once they “discover” them, the order will start letting the public theme parks of the world have rides that implement that kind of technology.

One of the most popular rides in the theme parks of the order are the ones that allow for telatransportation to take place. This is the reason why the order have to hide their theme parks form the public view. These theme parks are mostly underground with a few exceptions that are located in uncharted islands. Access to humans will be granted at some point, but not until they learn how to implement that kind of technology in their own lives.

Monday, 26 October 2015

The Order And The Flood

The order has been in situations where it needed to do several things that seemed a bit too drastic, but the need for such events has been critical in the growth of humanity without any issues. Human kind have created several projects that have done more harm than good and back in 1870 there was a discovery that humans wanted to take to the public. A scientist of those days had discovered a new way to stop the aging process, but the discovery caused the patients to go insane in a matter of years.

They had been able to keep the body from aging, but the mind was unable to process this properly and it caused a very serious problem for most subjects. The biggest problem was that a lot of people would be willing to go insane just to keep from growing older. The order new that this was a flawed experiment and they caused a flood that wiped out the northern countries in Europe and got rid of all evidence of such a project.

Friday, 23 October 2015

The Order And The Ark

Noah’s ark is real and there have been many arks in the past, not just the one that was used to gather all the animals during the massive floods that are mentioned in the bible. The truth is that the order was in charge of building the ark and “Noah” was just the name of the project that was going to provide safety for all animals species until the floods ended. The order has been working on plenty of other arks that will be needed. Some of them will be launched in space while others are meant to allow humans to survive in the ocean for several years in case of a major flood.

There is nothing more important to the order than to preserve human life on planet earth. Not because humans have been found to be that great of a species, but because too much time has been invested in their existence just to lose all of them to a major natural disaster event.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Order Vs The Ninjas

We have all seen the ninjas in the movies and a lot of people love the whole idea of what a ninja was. This men had special training that allowed them to be very silent and deadly killers. There are actually some ninjas that had learned the powers of cloaking and being almost invisible. They had what some people would consider to be super natural powers that allowed them to climb walls and run faster than most humans could.

There was a clan of ancient ninjas that actually had super powers. They had an alliance with powerful sorcerers that granted them the chance to become the most powerful killing machines and they wanted to take over the earth. They hated humanity and felt they had evolved to a whole new state. The order had to hire alien life forms that rivaled ninja skills and surpassed them easily. The ninja clan was annihilated in less than two days.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Order And Social Media

The order is extremely happy to have humans participating in social media because this is the perfect monitoring system that makes them feel like they are free. No one is ever forced to join social media sites, but peer pressure has been the ultimate way to make sure that everyone who wants to feel like they belong in modern society will activate a social media account.

The order will continue to pay top money to developers and people who can come up with new inventive ways of keeping people on social media. Encouraging their opinions online is ever better because it allows the order to take notice of trends and what needs to be done to control the masses. There is no need for the order to be involved in any kind of complex monitoring system thanks to social media. The top executives of these platforms are all directly influenced by the order.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Order And Sherlock

The order needed to use Sherlock Holmes in order to solve many cases because he was without a doubt the best and most skilled detective in the world. Part of his ability came from the fact that he was actually only half human. He was the product of a mix between a very human like life form and a woman from Earth. The alien species is a hunter species that is able to track down anything by analyzing the paths and the areas that can lead them to find their prey.

Sherlock Holmes solved thousands of cases for the order and he was alive for much longer than people actually thought. He had to have a staged death at a certain point but he lived to be 150 years old. There has never been a detective quite like him and even other people who have mixed blood with that alien species have not been so gifted.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Why The Order Invented The Lottery

The order created the lottery because it is a great way to give the masses some kind of reward and something to look for if they have not been able to find financial success. The irony about the lottery is that all that it does is make people lazy instead of making them work hard to accomplish their goals. A lot of humans out there are expecting to simply win the lottery one day and this is all they think about when it comes to finding success.

The lottery is a necessary evil because there is nothing but the hope of winning it for some people and this keeps their restlessness from reaching a boiling point. The number of people who rely on being able to win the lottery someday is truly alarming. The very few lucky people that do win the lottery have their lives changed forever. To the order this means nothing but entertainment for the masses.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Why the Order are Thankful for Winter

There is a very simple reason why the order love snow and that is because it allows them to feel comfortable. The order are not meant to be in the warm weather that some areas of the world provide. They can tolerate high temperatures, but they have a hard time being able to endure this without feeling uncomfortable. The optimal weather for a member of the order is at least cool, but even at below zero temperatures they can feel quite good and don’t really need to wear any special clothing.

The order members that are assigned to regions with tropical weather are usually in air conditioned areas and they only endure the heat of the area when they have to travel from their offices to their vehicles. The top order council is never in any situation that forces them to be exposed to heat.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Why The Order Invented Baseball

The order have created all major sports in order to keep the masses entertained and there is no special reason for any of them to exist except that they maintain the working classes attention. The reason why baseball, basketball, football and all other major sports exist is that they are the circus of the modern world and they make it much easier for people to endure their worker bee lifestyles.

The order did create baseball before most of the other sports and it continues to be one of the most popular ways for people all over the world to pass their free time. Hopefully it will continue to be a favorite of the masses and the order has the same hopes for all other major sporting events. The latest one that seems to be getting more and more popular is MMA. It resembles ancient roman entertainment much more.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Order Vs The Demon Invasion

The order has been keeping the world from being completely overrun by demons for a very long time now. There is a very specific demon clan that comes from another planet and has been looking for ways to get people enslaved. They are out to conquer planet Earth completely. They are from a planet that is light years away from our solar system, but they actually have the power that are required in order to travel great distances in a matter of seconds.

The order had to stop these demons with the powers of another alien species that has been at war with those demons for centuries. The order made a deal with this alien species and they agreed to help human kind as long as another planet that the order owned was delivered to them. The order agreed because that planet wasn’t as useful to them as Earth.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Order's Love For Tall Buildings

The order understand the value of being able to use tall buildings for their offices because they like to be able to go out to the top building and stare at the sky during their breaks from work. They are constantly feeling homesick and the only way that they can handle having to be on planet Earth for such a long time is to go out and look at the sky. This reminds them that their home is out there and this is just a temporary workplace that they are visiting.

The tallest buildings in the world are usually the ones that have the largest amount of powerful people who either work for the order or are part of the order themselves. You need to remember that the order look just like regular human beings, but they are not the same species as the regular humans that populate the Earth.

Monday, 12 October 2015

The Order On 3D

The reason why the order hate the current 3D devices is that they get a headache from using them. This happens because those who are part of the order actually see the world in a fourth dimensional way that we cannot even understand. This makes it impossible for them to enjoy 3D because it looks like nothing but a blur to them even when they try to watch it with optimal 3D glasses. You are never going to see a 3DTV set in the home of a member of the order because of this.

The reason why the order is not pulling the plug on the production of 3D entertainment is because they know that this is entertainment that humans do enjoy and the order doesn’t mind at all. The human brain and the human eye is incapable of understanding or enjoying 4D and they will probably never be able to appreciate it.

Friday, 9 October 2015

The Purpose of Remakes For The Order

There is no question that we have been seeing a huge increase in the number of movie remakes that are being made lately. There is actually a very good reason for this. The problem is that human creativity is hitting a peak in many ways and there is a huge lack of original material being made lately. The biggest problem with this is that it slows down the production of entertainment for the masses and this can always be a problem.

The main focus of the order is to make sure that the production of entertainment for the masses is always huge. This current trend is going to make it possible for people all over the world to continue to work and live their monotonous lives day by day without thinking about any kind of rebellion or revolution. Movie remakes will continue to exist as long as human creativity continues to be at a stand still.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

A Typical Order Birthday

The order members celebrate their birthdays in a completely different way than humans do. For a member of the order a year in their native world is the equivalent to 10 years in the human world and this means that when a human year passes they pretend to have a birthday like all humans and celebrate in a human style, but every decade they travel outside of planet Earth and visit their own planet in order to celebrate with their kind.

The birthday of a member of the order is a huge event on their home planet, but they do not celebrate with drinks, music and food. Their celebrations are a series of rituals that are far beyond the comprehension of a human being. The order are never going to celebrate their birthdays on Earth because the planet doesn't have the conditions for this to take place.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Order's Trustworthy Martians

There are many life forms on Mars that humans are not able to see because they are able to hide themselves with superior technology. Some of the species that live on Mars are actually interested in taking over planet Earth, but the order have been able to keep them at bay for a long time now. The order does indeed trust the most superior alien race on Mars, but there are other inferiors species that are dangerous to humans and superior to human technology that might pose a threat to human kind and they are not trustworthy.

The order will always monitor the intentions of this species and trust the superior race of alien that inhabit Mars to make sure that the species that are dangerous to humans are kept away from Earth. Hopefully they will look for another planet to conquer, but Earth is very convenient to them even though they would need to make a few changes to make it their home.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Why The Order Own Disney

Disney studios has always been known as the best producer of material for kids and families to enjoy. There is no question that Walt Disney came up with one of the greatest inventions ever imagined and his dream has become a huge industry that employs people from all over the world. That was the moment when the order realized the incredible potential that the Disney world corporation had for controlling the masses.

The order bought Disney studios a long time ago and they decided that every movie that was made by the studio needed to have a very powerful subliminal message. This would help train human children to turn them into perfect recruits of the order. All of the movies made by Disney since 1980 have been made with that purpose in mind. There have been a few exceptions since then, but the order have no plans to reveal which ones are manipulating the brain and which ones are not.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Why the order created the ark

Noah’s ark does exist but this is simply the name of the project that we created in order to save all animals from the huge tsunami waves caused by an intergalactic attack on the planet. That was the day when we created the ark that was able to hold several thousand species in order to preserve them. We also hid many of them underground just in case something awful occurred to the ark but everything went smoothly.

The ark is currently docked underwater in a special laboratory in the Pacific Ocean. We have plenty of hidden labs underwater and we also hold some creatures that are thought to be extinct. Such as the case with the Carcharodon Megadolon and a few dinosaurs that we also keep hidden for security reasons. A few Megalodon sharks would probably destroy all large vessels and cause serious damage. The same goes for the creatures we have hidden that could roam the lands and destroy cities if released in modern times.

Friday, 2 October 2015

How the order monitor all life

The order knows that all alien life needs to be monitored in order to keep things in order on this planet. This is the main reason why we are always making sure that everyone working with us is always monitored. We also monitor human life but we know that humans are harmless individually and can only pose threats when they combine efforts. This is not the case with alien life forms that can obliterate the entire planet if they wanted to do this.

The order keeps a close eye on all alien life in this planet with special radars that locate all incoming objects from space. We have detected that there are so far 125 alien species on our planet and some of them need to live in complete seclusion in order to avoid any suspicion by humans about aliens living on this planet. Several dozen species that want to be granted permit to inhabit the Earth do.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Why the order created worm holes

There is something very fascinating about being able to travel from one part of the universe to another by entering a worm hole and skipping through a very large process. This is the only way for space travel to be possible for any species out there. Even the most advanced species are unable to handle traveling fast enough to perform this kind of journey. Even light speed is not fast enough, but the only barrier we have been able to break is the barrier of sound. Light speed is still unmatched by aircrafts.

The worm holes got created by a superior being that is a founding member of the order. They found the way to create these portals that allow people to jump over to other dimensions and areas of the universe without having to travel all the way to their destination. Thanks to this invention we have been able to explore many planets.