Monday, 12 October 2015

The Order On 3D

The reason why the order hate the current 3D devices is that they get a headache from using them. This happens because those who are part of the order actually see the world in a fourth dimensional way that we cannot even understand. This makes it impossible for them to enjoy 3D because it looks like nothing but a blur to them even when they try to watch it with optimal 3D glasses. You are never going to see a 3DTV set in the home of a member of the order because of this.

The reason why the order is not pulling the plug on the production of 3D entertainment is because they know that this is entertainment that humans do enjoy and the order doesn’t mind at all. The human brain and the human eye is incapable of understanding or enjoying 4D and they will probably never be able to appreciate it.


  1. I didn't even know they made 3DTVs. I take my glasses off most of the time during the 3D movies (at the theater). Every once in awhile they're cool, but for the most part, meh, I could just as soon skip it. ;)

    1. They call it 3D, Rosey but it's just a couple of layers. Maybe 10 years from now 3D will be really 3D.

  2. Well, I'm with the order on that one. Can't stand it. Gives me headaches.

  3. The novelty wears off after seeing the first one!


  4. Careful, you just revealed a weakness...