Tuesday, 30 June 2015

How the order dealt with the dinosaurs

The truth is that dinosaurs never went extinct. The order decided that it was time to move them to a different planet and every single species of animal that existed in a certain era was removed to a neighbor planet that is to remain undisclosed. The prehistoric species that inhabited the oceans proved to be very difficult to capture and this is the reason why a deep cleansing of the oceans was done and all species that existed at sea back then got erased from existence.

We needed to repopulate the oceans with creatures that did not pose such a terrible threat to humans and we only used moderately sized creatures. The only prehistoric animal that is still roaming the oceans is the Carcharodon Megalodon that was saved from the deep cleansing phase. This huge shark lives in the depths of the oceans and never comes out to the surface.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Why the order hid Peter Pan

It’s funny how the word has always considered most of the characters that are created by Disney and other similar entertainment companies to be fictional. It would make sense to the average human to think that a character like Peter Pan would not be real. The truth is that Peter Pan is real, but that is not the real name of the human that has the ability to fly and is highly skilled with a sword. The real Peter Pan is actually sent out on special missions from time to time, but he has been hidden from plain sight.

Peter pan is never going to be allowed to go out in public because the order fears that he might be kidnapped and forced to do things as some sort of weapon of warfare. He does have some powerful skills and if properly armed, he could be a formidable asset for any army.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Why the order enjoy plays

The order enjoys plays because they get to see how creative human beings can be. Most order members prefer plays to movies or TV because they feel like the true power of acting in entertainment is supposed to happen live. Some of the best plays that have been done by humans have been financed by the order and they believe that all Hollywood actors who have not been involved in plays, are not worthy of being called actors. The order believes that a good actor is one that can perform convincingly without having to be given more than one chance to land a script.

This is the main reason why the order have always believed that acting is something to be judged from live plays only. Now when you look at Hollywood actors on screen again, you will probably consider that the best ones are those that have also done live pays.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Where the order race in space

The order have vehicles and ships that are able to travel from Earth to space incredibly fast. The truth is that human spaceships are a total joke to the order and they often make fun of how little progress human technology has been able to achieve. The order have races in space just outside of the solar system and they often invite a very lucky group of humans to also enjoy this.

Obviously these humans will not even be allowed to talk about the experience and if they ever did, they would end up being rejected by the order from ever being involved in any activities, and they would also end up being ridiculed and called crazy. The races that are done in space are usually around the speed of sound and this makes them extremely fun. This is one of the ways in which the members of the order are entertained. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How the order clean polluted water

The order have been cleaning polluted water since they first arrived on this planet. Even ocean water is easily cleaned up and turned into pure water that the order consume every day. They use an alien liquid that destroys all bacteria and all saline contents from the water and this basically turns the water into the purest form of liquid in the world. This kind of cleansing has not been made available to humans yet. The alien liquid is manufactured on another planet and brought to Earth for the order to use.

There might be a time when the order will decide to finally allow humans to get a chance to enjoy this purifying liquid, but it will not be allowed until the order determines that humans have evolved enough to be allowed to have such a powerful way to purify water. The order considers that this is still not the case.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Why the order created music

The order have always been interested in finding new ways to make it possible for humans to be entertained and to find a deeper meaning in life. This was the reason why the order gave the gift of music to humans. Before the order interfered, humans had no musical inclination of rhythm at all. It wasn’t until the order decided to show humans how to create music that human evolution started to show signs of musical inclination in human beings.

The order have always been very fond of some of the best musical composers that the world has ever seen. It’s important to note that the order have mentioned that some of the greatest composers known to man are actually order members and not human, but they are not going to reveal which ones just yet. A good clue is they are all dead at this point.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Where the order bury their dead

When a member of the order dies, their bodies are buried on another planet outside of this galaxy. All order members use a special suit that makes them look human, but when they are approaching the last years of life, they are sent back to their home planet and stripped of their human costume. Only a few order members have been sent to die to their planet since the order came to Earth, but not a single order member has ever been buried in this planet so far.

If an order member ever chose to be buried on Earth, he would have to request permission from the highest council, but so far not a single member has requested such a thing. The closest to being buried here was a member of the order who died in an accident and his remains were kept on planet Earth for a few weeks, but he was then taken away.

Friday, 19 June 2015

How the order fight germs

The order found it very funny to watch the movie War of the Worlds and see how the aliens got exterminated by the germs that we have on planet Earth. This was funny to the order because it’s actually a very true threat to all alien life forms. The order themselves had to fight the germs that are on Earth and become immune to them. Fortunately all Earth grown germs are now harmless to the order, but there was a time when even the lightest flu germ would be life threatening to the order members that came to this planet.

The order do believe that some of these germs will continue to evolve to a point when humanity will be in total risk of getting annihilated. This kind of event has been stopped by the order, but if humans don’t evolve as expected in the next century, the order might allow for the germs and bacteria in the world to wipe out humanity once and for all.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

How the order beat the heat

The order have always been very creative about the way that they fight the heat that is generated on this planet. They have been able to fight the heat with specially designed suits that are extremely light weight, but they have air conditioning incorporated into them. The most important thing about this air conditioning suit technology, is that there is no need for any electrical power or battery power to make them work.

The order have found a way that allows them to create a cooling effect from the heat itself, but this idea is yet to be allowed to be made public for humans to use it. There is also the fact that this is technology that was created by the order, so they still don’t know if they want to reveal this. They prefer to see if humans can figure this out on their own.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Why the order created golf

There is no question that golf has always been considered a sport for those who have enough money to afford the locations and the equipment that golf is played at. This has changed a lot in the last few decades with plenty of affordable golf courses being made available for people regardless of their budget. The order created golf because this is actually the sport that the order enjoys playing the most.

The top players in the world are all human, but the best players are actually from the order and they would beat even the most skilled human easily. This is the reason why the order don’t play human tournaments because it would be too obvious that their achievements would be way above those of a human on the golf course. Most order players have the strength to shoot a golf ball ten times further than humans shoot. The order golf courses are much bigger than the human ones.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Why the order wiped out the Mummy race

The order decided a long time ago that they had to get rid of the mummy race. There was actually a race of aliens that looked like mummies and they almost took over the planet. A human was actually a witness to one of these alien lifeforms and this gave birth to the idea of wrapping humans in fabrics to make them look like these creatures. The real mummies used this cloths because the air and dust on planet Earth gave them allergic reactions. Not something that would be life threatening, but bad enough to make them want to cover their whole bodies up.

The order knew that they had to get rid of the mummy race when they all migrated to Earth thousands of years ago and planned to take over the planet. The order had them all annihilated by other alien life forms that served as assassins and then went back to their home planet. All mummies have been wiped out from Earth and from the universe at this point. Their planet of origin appears to be completely desolated, but there is no way of knowing if other mummies migrated to other planets.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Where the order hide their spaceships

The order have always used their spaceships to travel from Earth to other destinations, including their home planet. The way that they hide the ships from human eyes is quite simple. They created special cloaking devices that make their ships completely invisible when they are in the sky. They reflect everything around them in a way that makes it almost impossible for humans to see them. They also always go out only at night and they never use any kind of lights.

There is no need for external lights in any of their spaceships and the technology they use is far too advanced for humans to even comprehend. Most of the order spaceships are actually hidden in hangars in desolated areas in the main deserts and forests of the world. These hangars are also perfectly hidden from human sight, but all members of the order have underground access to these hangars.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Why the order hid messages in song lyrics

The order have always known that humans are easily convinced of doing things that they are not even aware of. This has led to a lot of experiments that the order are doing to see just how much influence they can have in humans without directly telling them what to do. The order have been hiding messages in song lyrics that have successfully made humans do certain things in herd levels. We say herds because all hidden messages that work have been known to only work when at least hundreds of humans act on them.

The chain reactions that allow humans to start acting like a pack of zombies that has been told what to do, is the key element needed in order to control them. Further experimentation has also led humans to buy certain products or vote for a certain political figure, but lately the order have stopped doing these experiments to avoid having too much influence in human evolution. 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

How the order stopped the monster race

The order have stopped a huge number of alien lifeforms from trying to take over the world. This is the kind of thing that has made it possible for the human race to continue to be at the tip of the food chain, below the order of course. The point is that humans still think they are the kings of the world, but they have no idea how close they have come to being completely wiped out from the planet or enslaved by alien races.

There was one particular race that was extremely vicious. They looked like horrible monsters to the human eye and they hated humanity. They took an interest in the resources of planet Earth and they decided that they would take over in 1840. The order stopped their invasion with a warning that they should look into another planet for their resources. They left and never came back, but the order knows that if humans are left without their protection, these monsters would quickly arrive to eliminate humans completely.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Why the order created the Internet

The internet has become the most amazing invention to ever be brought into humanity. This is of course also an invention created by the order. The reason why it was made, was that the order knew that they had to help humanity evolve a lot faster and they still seemed to be moving too slowly in their process of evolution. This is the reason why this help was brought in for humanity.

To be fair with humans, they did expand on the help that was given to them. They created websites, chats and social media. The invention of mobile technology can also be accredited to humans, but without the internet, they would still be using telephones, mailed letters and fax machines to communicate. Now the order are hoping that things will start moving much faster as far as communications go. There is also hope that humans will soon discover better methods of transportation for both air and land. The order have no plans to continue helping them with this.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

What the order do for recreation

The order have always loved going to many locations outside of the planet Earth for their recreation, but they have just discovered a very important location that they are now using inside planet Earth. This is a beautiful black hole on Earth that is located in the ocean in another uncharted location. The hole is way too deep to be noticed by humans from above the water, but the order has created an incredible underwater city here for recreational purposes. 

There are human employees who have been brought to this location, but none of them are allowed to ever go back to their regular lives outside this underwater structure. There are many humans who have witnessed the greatness that comes from the order technology, but very few of them will ever be allowed to go back to the external world ever again. That is the price they pay for becoming part of the elite of humans that know about the order.

Monday, 8 June 2015

What the order did with King Midas's gold

King Midas’s gold is the largest amount of gold that has ever been safely secured by a human King. The order have safely guarded this gold in a very specific location that is never going to be possible for humans to see. The order would never trust the task of protecting this gold to humans and this is the reason why they hired alien lifeforms to guard it. These creatures have been given instructions to destroy anything or anyone that comes within miles of the location of the gold.

They have been protecting this gold for centuries and this is the only reason why they are on Earth. Perhaps the order will one day allow for humans to see this gold and to put it to use, but this is not going to be happening anytime soon. The guardians of the gold are extremely powerful creatures that no human could ever be able to defeat, even with the most powerful human weapons. Not even with nuclear power.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Why the order created English

There are many languages in all regions of the world, but it seems like many of them are not able to communicate with the same level of detail that is practical and easy to learn. That is the reason why the order decided to create English. It is without a doubt the most comprehensive and easy to learn of all the languages and this makes it ideal for anyone who wants to communicate with others efficiently.

English has become the language that is spoken by most people in the western world, but even in Asia, it has become a second language for all corporations and business men to learn. The creation of the English language was one of the best gifts that the order ever gave to the world. It continues to be one of the most popular languages on the planet.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

How the order deal with thieves

There is no question that most people have had to deal with a thief at some point in their lives. This is the kind of thing that almost anyone has to deal with at least once in their life. The order has always looked for the best possible alternatives to deal with thieves and they have a very special system depending on the kind of thief they deal with and how skillful this person actually is when stealing.

Thieves that use guns or knives in the streets are the ones that get imprisoned and are not even taken into consideration for anything else, but thieves who are able to deceive people with non-aggressive methods, are the ones that get the most attention from the order. They are taken to special training camps and given the opportunity to serve as special agents for the order.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

How the order stopped Bigfoot from escaping

The research of Bigfoot has always been something that has fascinated humans because no one has yet been able to capture one or even take proper footage. There are many videos out there, but even the most convincing footage is too blurry and impossible to determine any legitimacy. The order always knew of the existence of Bigfoot because this creature was brought from another planet to become the guardian of the forests.

These creatures don’t like to be bothered and this is the reason why they have always done everything they can to get away from humans. They are smart enough to know the locations that are very hard to reach and they only inhabit in very remote caves in the forests that they guard. The order had to keep them from escaping the forests to look for areas that are hidden eve further from reach. They convinced the Bigfoot to stay in the forests and keep watch by allowing them to eliminate any humans that reached their domain.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Why the order create black holes

The mysteries of the universe are many and the human race has no idea of the many different portals that exist and the many dimensions that can be reached. The order had to find a way to dispose of the garbage that has been created by humans and they knew that the creation of black holes would be an essential way to achieve this. This is the reason why there are 4 black holes that are located in 4 specific uncharted areas of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

There are human controlled ships that go to these black holes in these very specific areas. They are also guarded by special devices that create currents that make it impossible for any ships or boats to get close to this black holes. There would be a lot of misuse of these black holes if everyone had access to them. 

Monday, 1 June 2015

Why the order created taxes

There are very few things that make people angrier than having to pay taxes. To some people this is an unfair thing to have to pay, but this is a requirement that the order created so that there would be proper financing for the entertainment that society requires in order to exist. The funny thing is that this means everything is an endless loop and humanity is not aware of the fact that they are working hard just to pay for their entertainment fix.

Paying taxes is a way to force humans to give back from what they earn, but indiscriminate taxing was something that humans started to use and this was not part of the original plan that the order had. The only problem with taxing people with low incomes is that they get very frustrated when that are unable to keep enough of their money.