Friday, 19 June 2015

How the order fight germs

The order found it very funny to watch the movie War of the Worlds and see how the aliens got exterminated by the germs that we have on planet Earth. This was funny to the order because it’s actually a very true threat to all alien life forms. The order themselves had to fight the germs that are on Earth and become immune to them. Fortunately all Earth grown germs are now harmless to the order, but there was a time when even the lightest flu germ would be life threatening to the order members that came to this planet.

The order do believe that some of these germs will continue to evolve to a point when humanity will be in total risk of getting annihilated. This kind of event has been stopped by the order, but if humans don’t evolve as expected in the next century, the order might allow for the germs and bacteria in the world to wipe out humanity once and for all.


  1. Damn, I'll have to stock up on soap

  2. Did you hear about the flesh-eating bacteria that killed two people? The Order had better watch out for those nasty things!

  3. "Some say fire, some say snow..." It is nice to know that we know what to expect.
    I have nominated you for "Creative Writer" award, Please go to my site and collect your award!