Monday, 22 June 2015

Where the order bury their dead

When a member of the order dies, their bodies are buried on another planet outside of this galaxy. All order members use a special suit that makes them look human, but when they are approaching the last years of life, they are sent back to their home planet and stripped of their human costume. Only a few order members have been sent to die to their planet since the order came to Earth, but not a single order member has ever been buried in this planet so far.

If an order member ever chose to be buried on Earth, he would have to request permission from the highest council, but so far not a single member has requested such a thing. The closest to being buried here was a member of the order who died in an accident and his remains were kept on planet Earth for a few weeks, but he was then taken away.


  1. Perhaps not wanting to contaminate Good Old Mother earth!


    1. I just saw an old movie last night of Jeff Bridges coming to earth as an alien and he then wore a human costume.

  2. I bet they make some great zombies, though.

  3. Burn em and use em as kitty litter

  4. Now I'm wondering what members of the Order really look like.

  5. Might get a little crowded in the ground if you were buried here as well.