Thursday, 25 June 2015

Where the order race in space

The order have vehicles and ships that are able to travel from Earth to space incredibly fast. The truth is that human spaceships are a total joke to the order and they often make fun of how little progress human technology has been able to achieve. The order have races in space just outside of the solar system and they often invite a very lucky group of humans to also enjoy this.

Obviously these humans will not even be allowed to talk about the experience and if they ever did, they would end up being rejected by the order from ever being involved in any activities, and they would also end up being ridiculed and called crazy. The races that are done in space are usually around the speed of sound and this makes them extremely fun. This is one of the ways in which the members of the order are entertained. 


  1. That would be fun until you went boom

  2. Humans will be lost without race-tracks!


  3. I think I've been rejected already as I never get invited to anything.

  4. We need some of those fast spaceships so we can explore more of the universe.