Thursday, 18 June 2015

How the order beat the heat

The order have always been very creative about the way that they fight the heat that is generated on this planet. They have been able to fight the heat with specially designed suits that are extremely light weight, but they have air conditioning incorporated into them. The most important thing about this air conditioning suit technology, is that there is no need for any electrical power or battery power to make them work.

The order have found a way that allows them to create a cooling effect from the heat itself, but this idea is yet to be allowed to be made public for humans to use it. There is also the fact that this is technology that was created by the order, so they still don’t know if they want to reveal this. They prefer to see if humans can figure this out on their own.


  1. Humans will persevere when they find it necessary!


  2. We shall see if humans are wise enough

  3. Humans in Hotlanta need to figure it out real fast. It's a hundred degrees here!