Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Stories of the Order - New York

New York City has not become the city that it now is because of some sort of coincidence. The location was just optimal for all kinds of things to be done with it. It has been a strategic meeting ground for all the corporate heads that run Hollywood. This is why NYC had to be built on the complete opposite side of the country. The idea was to keep the puppets on one side and the puppeteers in the other. If they are kept close together they could end up ruining things.

The whole idea of building NYC was too have the most powerful headquarters in the entire area of the American continent. The place that is ran and populated by those who manage the money making artists. This is an extremely important city for the order and we plan to continue to work hard to preserve it.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Germs

There is something that we cannot deny and that is the fact that Darwinism is a huge part of the philosophy of the order. There are many reasons why we have kept germs active and powerful enough. This might sound terrible, but there is a lot of natural cleansing that germs provide to the world. Those who are extremely weak will fall behind while the strongest ones will survive the diseases and grow even stronger from it. This is the reason why we have allowed the germs to continue to evolve and adapt. They are actually a very useful and powerful way to get rid of the weakest animals, from all species.

The use of germs for all kinds of cleansing of species has been around for a long time now. We will continue to let this biological agents do their work in order to preserve some control of the situations. Plus it amuses the order to watch people try to avoid them.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Action Figures

We all remember being young and getting actions figures for our birthdays or for Christmas. This was a great way to train children to get used to the whole idea of becoming soldiers and heroes for their country. The order always knew that the masses needed to be trained properly on all of this angles and this is why they have been so interested in always creating action figures that always relate to the call to action of a nation. That is the same reason why women got toy ovens and toy babies as kids, because they needed to be trained to be stay at home mothers, but times have changed a lot and equal rights have changed the game completely.

The children who have been born in the new technological era are not interested in action figures anymore, but thankfully we now have video games to keep training them.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Video Games

Video games are not just some kind of coincidence that occurred randomly. The order created them with the idea of being able to control the skills of millions of young people in order to make sure they would be trained for the future of warfare. The problem was that the first video games had a very raw look that made it difficult to train people properly and was only appealing to younger audiences. This has changed a lot now and we have much better ways to train people of all ages with all kinds of realistic simulations for pretty much any kind of scenario there is.

Now you can learn to drive cars, fly planes and operate all kinds of weapons in a very realistic way thanks to video games. This is why the order has invested so much money on the video game industry lately. The training has gone into the internet and there are armies being formed.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Humans

The truth is that humans are an extremely flawed species and this is the main reason why the order has always been against having too many human members in the ranks. We have many cooperators that are human, but we do not have many humans who are part of our inner circle with the exception of a select handful of people who have been allowed to be in our meetings and share their opinions. We look just like humans do but we know right away who is human and who is not.

For an average human being there is no difference at all between the way a normal person and a member of the order look like. We blend in perfectly and we have managed to stay this way for a long time. We will continue to exist in the shadows but also at plain sight for as long as we see fit.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Stories of the Order - College

The working class needs to be able to have a place that gives them the illusion of achieving more than the average person. Without colleges there would be total chaos and no interest in trying to achieve more. This is the best way to sell a way out of the average life to the masses and there is no doubt that it can be the most useful method for anyone who has no particular skills that are above the common level.

There are plenty of careers to choose from and the order knows that as soon as someone graduates college they feel like they have been given a chance that anyone who has no degree doesn’t really have. The only problem with this is that the internet is slowly making college degrees obsolete due to the many ways to be an entrepreneur online. The order is looking for new alternatives to adapt to this problem.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Old West

The order has never seen a better time in the history of mankind than the old west. It was very easy to keep things in order and there was a truly Darwinian way about life that made it easy for natural selection to occur. This might sound like a terrible thing to say, but the truth is that the best civilizations have always been forged with Darwinian methods. That is why the order found the old west to be the perfect balance.

There is probably never going to be a time that is as hectic and raw as the old west. It made sure that those who had a fierce and dominant way of life would be able to rule the world, while those that are too afraid to take what belongs to them will always fall behind. The new methods of social Darwinism are much simpler and allow the weakest to continue to reap the benefits of what the strong create.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Dragons

Dragons needed to be hidden from human view over 1500 years ago because there was a huge problem related to these creatures in the past and their extinction was almost inevitable. The problem was that many hunters would do anything in their power to capture a dragon because the flammable liquid they carry inside them was extremely useful as an antiseptic that basically healed people from all kinds of ailments with ease.

The dragon teeth and their skin was also useful for many different medical purposes but the teeth seemed to be south after by the higher classes for jewelry and this is why they sold for a fortune. This is the reason why the order decided to hide them and they are being kept in a location underground that is basically like a huge bird cage for dragons. They can fly freely and we have seen the birth of hundreds of them in captivity.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Stories of the Order - TV

The order has always known that all forms of entertainment are important when it comes to being able to maintain things at a good level of control. The masses need to be kept happy or they will eventually riot against the higher forces. The order knows that this is not good because the only way to stop a massive outcry from the working class is to use full force and this is the last resort we want to ever have to use.

That is the reason why we created TV shows. When you see something as powerful and engaging as the TV show Friends or Married with children, this is because people can actually relate to those characters in many ways. They will feel less frustrated by this and that will keep them in a state of calm that most people could never have if it wasn’t for the TV shows we run.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Dinosaurs

The truth is that dinosaurs never went extinct. The order decided that it was time to move them to a different planet and every single species of animal that existed in a certain era was removed to a neighbor planet that is to remain undisclosed. The prehistoric species that inhabited the oceans proved to be very difficult to capture and this is the reason why a deep cleansing of the oceans was done and all species that existed at sea back then got erased from existence.

We needed to repopulate the oceans with creatures that did not pose such a terrible threat to humans and we only used moderately sized creatures. The only prehistoric animal that is still roaming the oceans is the Carcharodon Megalodon that was saved from the deep cleansing phase. This huge shark lives in the depths of the oceans and never comes out to the surface.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Comic Con

Comic con has been around for a while now and there are thousands of people who love going to this kind of convention sand being able to meet with their favorite TV and movie stars. The reason why we created comic con was to make it possible for the average Joe or Jane to feel more connected to the people they see on the media. This makes them much more loyal to the shows and that means they buy more items related to their favorite shows, which the order get royalties from because we are the order.

The comic con craze has reached much higher levels and each year there is a substantially larger number of people who are attending these events. The TV shows and movies that are usually part of this event are all meant to keep the audiences engaged in fantasy storylines in order to help them overcome the working ant syndrome they all suffer from.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Atlantis

Atlantis needed to be hidden from plain sight mainly due to the many treasures that are in this incredible city. If someone had access to these treasures they would become extremely wealthy and there are also secrets within the walls of Atlantis that we cannot even mention. It would be extremely dangerous for anyone to have access to these secrets or to reveal them to the public. This is the main reason why we have kept it so hidden.

There are some people who have come close to finding it, but thankfully these have only been close calls. There is no place out there that has the same amount of wealth and secrets as the city of Atlantis. This is why it will remain hidden for much longer until the human species evolves enough to be allowed to see it and experience it. The city holds one particular secret that would change the world forever and the time for that revelation to come is still not here.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Big Foot

There are many theories behind this creature and while a lot of people believe it actually exists, there are many who think it’s just a hoax. The truth is that there is indeed such a thing as the big foot. This is a highly evolved primate that is only a few hundred thousand years behind men in terms of evolution. This is the reason why we had to move them to another planet so that they can evolve freely without being enslaved by men.

The whole concept of the famous planet of the apes movie was based on these facts. The order knew that the best way to seal the fate of the big foot as far as being an urban legend was to create a blockbuster that shows what they are really like and mask it as science fiction. This has been a great move because the craze of the big foot has definitely weakened. There is a slight chance that some of them actually remain in earths forests.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Mothmen

The mothmen are very special creatures that used to serve as guardians to the order a long time ago. The problem is that they actually started to rebel against the order and this is the main reason why we had to put them in confinement. Their “prison” is actually a very large planet outside of our solar system. We knew we had to get them as far away from earth as possible and this is the main reason why we decided to transfer them to this planet and confine them to it until we decide on what their permanent fate should be.

They are very important creatures to us and we have been friends as superior species for a long time, but somehow things just went the wrong way after a while. This is why the mothmen got removed from earth until further notice, but it’s very likely that this ban will be permanent. Don't get on the bad side of the order.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Frost Giants

The order has been working very hard for a long time to get rid of all the threats that can potentially destroy our planet. This includes the powerful and long gone Frost Giants that almost made earth their home. This was something not to be tolerated and that is the main reason why the order had to use drastic measures in the ice wars of 1876. There were a huge number of people in very powerful positions that understood just how critical it was for nuclear warheads to be used in order to obliterate these giants.

The use of special nuclear missiles was something that needed to be implemented and that is the reason why the wars became so catastrophic and caused so many human casualties. The Frost Giants that survived left the planet and according to our sources they are far away from our solar system at this point. The order then eliminated that pesky nuclear radiation.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Motorcycles

The motorcycle was one of the greatest creations of the order because it has been one of the best methods of transportation that we have available in the world. There are millions of them in the planet but the original creators of these machines worked for the order and created the motorcycle to transport valuable data from several locations and take it to other bases. The use of cars was not possible in the very narrow passageways of some of the underground mines that led to the laboratories and research facilities that we ran. The bikes provided the perfect way to transport crucial information in special protected files.

Then the invention became commercial when a lot of people at the order decided that this could have many other purposes that could be extremely useful for humanity. The invention has remained a favorite of many and it will probably continue to be for a very long time.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Jack The Ripper Solved

On November 13th the case of Jack The Ripper will be Solved.

Jack the Ripper is one of the most notorious serial killers in history—and yet over one hundred years later, his identity remains cloaked in mystery. Or does it? There’s only ever been one man who could solve this crime: the incomparable Sherlock Holmes.

When news of the first murder hits the paper, the story immediately catches Holmes’ attention—and he’s determined to be involved in the case. Soon, Holmes has entered a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with the Ripper, trying to unmask the murderer before being framed for the crimes himself. As he wanders the dark, seedy streets of London, interviewing suspects and witnesses alike, Holmes finds himself immersed in the twisted world of a monster—and you’ll see both the story and the Ripper’s victims in a whole new light.

Follow the clues in Jack the Ripper: Newly Discovered Tales of Sherlock Holmes to discover not only the identity of Jack the Ripper, but of the Holy Ghost Writer. This completely original tale featuring the world’s most famous detective also reveals how Jack the Ripper’s motivations may have been tied to the mysterious secret society created by Edmond Dantes himself in the Holy Ghost Writer’s third novel, The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Stories of the Order - The Devil

We have all heard of the struggles that are shown in the bible, but the truth is that the battles between good and evil are much larger than what we comprehend. There was a time when the devil was taking over the world and this is the reason why the movie “The Omen” was made. The movie was a celebration of the antichrist coming to earth. There was nothing that people could do except sit and watch as things unfolded. Once the son of Lucifer grew older he was going to rule the empires of the world.

The order decided that the devil was not going to be allowed to rule the world and for this reason the assassination of “Damien” was required. He was shot in the heart by a sniper during a speech in France. His death brought down what would have been the holocaust of Christianity.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Yankees

The order has always believed that the world of sports is an essential method that is used to control the masses and allow them to have fun and forget the fact that they are hamsters on a mouse wheel. The order has always had a special kind of love for Baseball because this is one of the crowd favorites and the order likes to be able to provide the people what they want to see. We need them entertained and we need them to continue their daily grind. This is why we made sure that one of the teams got particularly stacked.

We needed to make sure that one of the teams was given the very best players that the world has seen so that it would become a spectacle like no other. The amount of home runs and amazing plays was enough to get people extremely hyped about watching this team and becoming even bigger fans of baseball. Of course they ruined it in the end, but we tried. Go Yankees!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Clones

Clones have existed for much longer than what people believe. They are out there and they have served as the perfect kind of protection to all the people, the important people that live in our planet. The order created clones with a very powerful method that creates an external HD hologram layer in top of a silicone mask that is worn by an actor who learns how to behave exactly like the subject that is being emulated.

There are thousands of people who have been cloned and chances are that when you see a powerful politician doing a speech or visiting a highly dangerous area, this is a clone and not the actual person. There is an imperative need to protect the most influential people from harm. The order knows how valuable some of them are.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Time Travel

Time travel sounds like an amazing idea because if we can travel to the future or the past, we can fix anything that has not worked out properly in the history of our planet. We could stop what was, warn people about natural disasters and much more. There are very few people who can comprehend how devastating this would actually be and that is the main reason why the order decided to bring down the operation that was already showing signs of being incredibly powerful.

There was a single successful time travel that was done to the past and it changed things so severely that the order had to do a series of time traveling missions to wipe everything out and get to the source of the time traveling invention. There is no doubt that time traveling is too dangerous to be allowed in any way at all. This is why we have to be extra careful not to let it be used ever again.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Stories of The Order - Mars

Mars has been populated by all kinds of creatures for much longer than we have been on earth. The reason why we had to keep it all a secret was that we know how dangerous many of those species are and we cannot allow them to ever walk on our planet. The scariest thing is that they are able to adapt to our environment without any issues. The order already brought one of them to earth and it broke loose for 2 days in Norway.

We managed to contain it after a while but it was a very difficult task and it was actually able to refuel energy by draining our power lines. They feed from something very similar to man made electricity, but our energy source seems to make them even stronger than theirs. We cannot allow an invasion and this is why we attacked the planet in 1978 as a warning for them. So far they have stayed away.