Friday, 12 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Big Foot

There are many theories behind this creature and while a lot of people believe it actually exists, there are many who think it’s just a hoax. The truth is that there is indeed such a thing as the big foot. This is a highly evolved primate that is only a few hundred thousand years behind men in terms of evolution. This is the reason why we had to move them to another planet so that they can evolve freely without being enslaved by men.

The whole concept of the famous planet of the apes movie was based on these facts. The order knew that the best way to seal the fate of the big foot as far as being an urban legend was to create a blockbuster that shows what they are really like and mask it as science fiction. This has been a great move because the craze of the big foot has definitely weakened. There is a slight chance that some of them actually remain in earths forests.


  1. Facts you say? Those damn dirty apes

  2. Our leisurely strolls in the woods will now be more guarded. Just in case. :)

  3. I would not like to come across any Big Foots! Unless he was cool, like the one in Harry and the Hendersons.