Thursday, 4 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Yankees

The order has always believed that the world of sports is an essential method that is used to control the masses and allow them to have fun and forget the fact that they are hamsters on a mouse wheel. The order has always had a special kind of love for Baseball because this is one of the crowd favorites and the order likes to be able to provide the people what they want to see. We need them entertained and we need them to continue their daily grind. This is why we made sure that one of the teams got particularly stacked.

We needed to make sure that one of the teams was given the very best players that the world has seen so that it would become a spectacle like no other. The amount of home runs and amazing plays was enough to get people extremely hyped about watching this team and becoming even bigger fans of baseball. Of course they ruined it in the end, but we tried. Go Yankees!


  1. ha. arent they on a losing streak right now?
    so is that like a great equalizer...

    best team money can buy

  2. You never did much for the twins.

  3. Def. the most well-known/popular team.

  4. They aren't doing to well this year

  5. I think the order is sucking me in. Sorry about your Yankees! I won't mention my Rockies. :( I'm actually watching the opening of the football season voluntarily ~ a first! Have a good one!

  6. Not the best of times for them. Their jerseys striped like prison clothes.Has that anything to do with it! Must be some reasons! Nicely HGW!