Thursday, 31 October 2013


Nanotech computers will soon be at your door. They were shrink the size of products and increase speed ten fold. One company in film developed a chip that can hold 250 dvds and is the size of a quarter. The first in line?

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Stories of the order - The Mothman

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a powerful, elite society operating on the fringes of all that we know. They control every aspect of our being, far and wide. Recently they stopped a 126 foot tsunami from decimating New Jersey and they also performed a very helpful endeavor by stopping the Moth Man invasion.

The Moth Man is a supposedly legendary creature that is found in West Virginia in the United States. What humans do not know is that the Moth Man exists and there is not just one – there are millions. How else are the sightings by many explained?

The Moth Man has been around for many decades and due to uncontrolled breeding, their numbers have only multiplied over the years until they needed to expand into other areas of the country, and later, the world.

For years people have stated that the sightings were hoaxes and the Moth Man does not exist but this is due in part to the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo controlling the media. Once they learned of the planned invasion (since they know everything that goes on) they used their powers to annihilate the Moth Man’s numbers until only two remain, both female.

The reason they kept two of the Moth Men and in this case, Moth Females is that they knew that the females were less likely to try to form a takeover since they would be fighting amongst themselves; not to mention that there is no more breeding. The Moth Man species has a life expectancy of 243 years so the two remaining Moth Females will be around for a while, fueling sightings and rumors. However, there is no more danger to the human race.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo knows that it has saved the human race but does like to chuckle over the news stories and sightings, which is another reason they did not entirely kill off the Moth Man race, although they could have easily.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Mini Meds

Soon you won't have to worry about costly doctor visits. They can just place a tiny implant in you that monitors everything. Pills are even be programmed that can be loaded with medicine and sent directly to a certain spot and the body. Signing up?

Monday, 28 October 2013

Stories of the order - Hulk Hogan?

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an elite order that makes all things we know in life possible. From stopping caldera volcanic eruptions that would end life to creating dogs that can spot cancer, they are omnipotent and all-knowing. There are times when they allow a human of great stature to join their ranks but they are extremely choosy, and for good reason. There are a few reasons why the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo would never accept Hulk Hogan.

While Hulk Hogan is an incredibly talented wrestler, it’s his private life that is not in tune with what the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo stands for. He has been in the World Wrestling Federation, New Japan Pro Wrestling, the American Wrestling Federation, and has been a champion in most of his wrestling endeavors.

However, his personal life is distasteful to the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo. First of all he was in several movies of questionable taste such as Santa With Muscles and Thunder in Paradise. He also took part in a reality show about himself and his family, showcasing his family’s dysfunction. His son seriously injured a friend in a car accident and spent time in jail. However, during that time Hulk Hogan and his wife were deplorable to the injured friend’s family, only caring about their own son. He later divorced his wife after allegations of cheating on both sides and spent a lot of time with his daughter in a relationship that was quite distasteful to anyone who saw the photos. Now the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo isn’t saying that he did anything wrong with his daughter but it was just not up to caliber and quite unappealing.

Since the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo only wants the best and refuses to entertain anything less, there is no way that Hulk Hogan could ever be a part of their elite group.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Stories of the order - Zombie Apocalypse

The Sovereign Order of the Count of Monte Cristo is a well-hidden group of individuals. They came to Earth many years ago. The plan was to take over and end the human race. But upon analysis of the beings they realized humans weren't a threat in any way. They decided to just co-exist. Beside the humans made excellent comic relief.

It just happened now was one of those comedic moments. Apparently the government is experimenting on cadavers trying some new reanimation and stem cell procedures. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo had seen all this go down in the last place they resided. They just couldn't believe the stupidity, so they watched and with a snicker. One day it happened. The cadaver twitched.

Before anything could be done the cadaver was fully reanimated and had already killed the doctor and two nurses. The guards tried to contain it. But while they focused on the undead cadaver the doctor and two nurses had full reanimated and lunged at them.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo decided to step in before it got out of control. The cadaver, the doctor, two nurses were chasing another guard. They had to give it to that guard he ran like the wind. The dead can't talk we all knew that, but they could communicate telepathically. When the Order linked into their mind they could hear their words as if spoken out loud.

Apparently the dead do not like being prodded and poked. And they certainly don't like being awoken from a dead sleep. It pisses them off. The doctor, guard and nurses were pissed because they got killed. So the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo told the undead they would give them all a proper burial and a make sure they were not disturbed.

If this had gone any further that would have been the beginning of the end of the human race. This is how the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo stopped the zombie apocalypse.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Stories of the order - Computers

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a secret society that is all-knowing, self-aware and elite. Every single thing that has happened in our world is part of their plan. There are many names associated with the invention of the computer such as Alan Turing, George Stibitz, Atanasoff-Berry and Konrad Zuse. But what the world doesn’t know is that each inventor was part of the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo saw a need for humans to have an avenue to learn, research, see the world or simply have fun and a computer was the answer. However, they knew that a mere mortal would never understand algorithms, graphs, and programming language on their own so they allowed these worthy humans to join their ranks as members of the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo in order to present the world with the computer as we know it today.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo knew that the world could not have so much knowledge at their fingertips without having an avenue to use it. They saw the rise of the encyclopedia and actually created the infamous World Book Encyclopedia. Even though those are still quite useful and relevant even today, the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo knew that the world needed a more convenient way to not only gain knowledge but to connect with others on a social level. Marriages have been formed, old friends have reunited and through all of that connection, it makes the world a nicer place to live, part of the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo’s goal for humans.

You see, the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo may be omnipotent but they are a benevolent group. They like to ensure that humans have the best opportunities for growth and happiness and the computer is just one of the many gifts they have created.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Monday, 21 October 2013

Stories Of The Order - World Series

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an elite, secret group that controls everything that we know and some things we have no awareness of. With their amazing super powers and ability to do omnipotent work, they are the keepers of all that is real.

Even with these powers, the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo does like to have a little fun now and then and during last year’s World Series they rigged it so that they could watch the humans’ reactions.

During this game it was the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers in the finals with the Giants winning in a four game sweep. What humans and sports fans alike do not know is that the New York Yankees were destined to win the World Series.

While the New York Yankees are sometimes considered America’s Baseball Team, many believe that they are sellouts. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has no opinion on the team but does like to enjoy a little chaos at times. If the Yankees had won there would be rioting in the streets and multiple deaths among those living in Albuquerque New Mexico where it is virtually unknown that there is a large following of all things Red Sox, which was what the original World Series lineup was supposed to look like. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo may enjoy chaos but they are huge proponents of life and abhor needless death among the humans.

So with a few of their super power skills they ensured that the final game would be between the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers instead of the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Not only was the town of Albuquerque saved but one of its people can now grow up and create the vaccine that cures the common cold; that could not have been accomplished without this rigged 2012 World Series.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Clothes = Superman

Imagine clothes that give you super human strength. Nothing as clunky as above, just clothes as they are now or like a wet suit. Put them on and you can leap like Superman. Right now they cost too much to be feasible. But one day, everyone may be super human. Ready to leap buildings?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Researchers in France have made one of the first hovering skateboards. It can levitate a couple inches off the ground and only go in a straight line, but it can float. Going to be first in line to get one?

Friday, 11 October 2013

Wave Power

Gone could be the way of needing big dams to create power as many are now trying to harness the ocean itself. Putting a turbine in there the size of a subway to create electricity. It could lead to many benefits but many pitfalls as well. Think it is a good idea?

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Dream Linking

By 2030 it is believed that scientists will not only be able to tell when a person is dreaming, but what a person is dreaming about. It is also said that they will allow one the ability to hook into another's dream and dream together. Are you going to get hooked up to the dream link?

Monday, 7 October 2013

Google Drive

Many have heard that Google are developing self driving cars. But did you know by the year 2016 Google claims it will have a car out that does 90% of the work for us? Do you think you'll be picking one up any time soon?

Friday, 4 October 2013

Stories of the Order - The Supernatural

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo a mysterious and elite group has ruled over the world since the dawn of time. Are they human? Are they aliens? Who is this group so disguised they walk among us without us even knowing it? This group has been the master manipulator of numerous incidents in the world. It gives them joy to see how the lowly the human race reacts to various situations.

It amuses them how simple the humans are.  Their minds are so closed they cannot see half the things in front of them. You see they think things like monsters, werewolves, swamp creatures, mummies, and so forth are just make believe. But they are real, and the group has battled a great deal of super natural forces.  Of course it was not for the greater good.

The movies and books humans read that they think are fiction; well a lot of it is real.  But the order chooses to allow humans to live in ignorant bliss.  One such book was Bram Stoker’s Dracula; Van Helsing was a member of The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo.  It was he who stopped Dracula, and stopped the world from being turned into a bloodsuckers delight.  However it wasn’t for noble reasons such as saving mankind. To join this elite group you must conqueror one unearthly character, so the order unleashed Dracula. Van Helsing had to kill him before he could become a member. Think of it as trying to join a frat. It’s like hazing.

What most humans don’t know, or choose not to know is there are lots of supernatural elements around them. There is a great deal of books and movies that were made that came from the order. Those books are actually their initiation chronicles.  Wonder who will be next to join The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo?

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Stories of the Order - Roswell

You might have heard about the Roswell incident in New Mexico in the 1970s which took the world by surprise. For humans, it was the first major contact with the extra terrestrial life, but for the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo, it was just another incident with our not so friendly friends from other planets. The United States government tried to cover this incident as an experience called Mogul that was carried out by them but failed, but honestly everyone knew what it was, and if you believed in what the official news report said, you are living a lie. You all knew this part, but did anyone know how the spaceship crashed and what was the reason behind it?
Like most major incidents that have taken place so far, the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo was behind it as well. The order has been ruling this planet for a millennia and has successfully led the human race to believe that they are the ones controlling their own lives, but in reality, humans are mere puppets working on the orders of the order, who is the puppeteer. The order has maintained its anonymity over the years, but during such huge incidents like these, the order has no option but to come to the rescue of the helpless human race and the safety of this planet.
During the 1960s, a fight broke out between the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo and the inhabitants of the planet Juilation as they tried to invade our planet to get the superior technology possessed by the order and for the abundant resources that this planet has to offer. To protect this planet, the order had to fight them off, so the order started making weapons that were more destructive than the mere nuclear weapons that the humans take pride in possessing. 
These PLA-DEX or Planet destruction weapons could completely wipe off an entire planet of the massive size of Jupiter by a powerful implosion. Fearing their fate, the ruler of the planet Juilation finally agreed to the peace terms set by the order, however, he tried to double cross the order by using a sneak attack, but the order was too smart for such a petty thing, and destroyed the spaceship midway. However, the order was not able to prevent the spaceship from crashing on this planet and that is how the order saved this planet once again, just like several other times.