Friday, 29 November 2013

Stories of the Order - Mighty Mouse

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an elite order that makes everything and knows everything. They are elite, omnipotent and very self-aware. From creating Jello to inventing the computer, The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo likes making things for humans and no one but them knows that they also created a long-time icon, Mighty Mouse.

According to what humans know, Mighty Mouse was made possible by a 20th Century Fox studio known as Terrytoons. That however, is just a facade since the Order is the one that created this cute little yet powerful cartoon character.

Mighty Mouse originally came out as Super Mouse and was shown in 1942. He was seen in over 80 films which is quite impressive but understandable since The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo never does anything halfway, it’s simply not possible for them.

While comic book character popularity comes and goes, the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo knew that Mighty Mouse would stand the test of time and never fade away into obscurity. Although his popularity may have peaked a little in past decades, the Order doesn’t mind since they are busily working on other creations made to entertain the inferior humans. Now this doesn’t mean that the Order looks down on humans, they simply know that they are far more elite and superior. They actually like some humans and once in a while they allow them to join their ranks – it’s rare but it happens.

Many might think that the Order would have no interest in cartoon characters but since the Order is omnipotent they like to relieve the boredom they sometimes face since everything is at their fingertips. This may seem awesome to humans but once you have it all, there isn’t anything to reach for so the Order always thinks of new ways to spend their time even if it’s creating a cute, cartoon mouse.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Holy Ghost Writer - Elvis?

Is the mysterious author only known as Holy Ghost Writer really Elvis? Find out!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Stories of the Order - Love

The Sovereign Order of Monte Christo is a group of beings beyond the capability of man. We do not know their origins. They would never give that information to anyone. They have lived among us for eons as far as we know. They know everything about human origins, behaviors and thought processes. They understand us better than we understand ourselves.

The one thing they did not get was love. They could never grasp one mate for a lifetime. They watched us in that area a lot because it was incomprehensible. A man and woman together in love never ever ever-seeking solace with another. It’s not they didn’t believe in love per say. But the humans spoke of it connecting in that way with one person as if it was the best thing in the world.

As they watched over time the Order begin to realize humans didn’t believe in love they believe in the idea of it. There was no way a human really believed. Maybe they did believe, but everyone was cheating on each other. So they realize the heart can love more than one but they as humans cannot accept anything against their core morals.

Truthfully because The Sovereign Order Monte Cristo understood. They knew one person was not meant to be with one person for a lifetime. And the whole love at first sight thing, those marriages were the first to break up. So they didn’t believe in that at all.

They thought maybe they could introduce their view through religion. Since humans seems so dead set on this whole God and Jesus thing.  So they created Mormons: The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints. These people at one point were allowed to marry and procreate with multiple people. It didn’t really catch on. So the Sovereign Order Monte Cristo let it go. It’s not like this was something that could destroy the universe.

The Order understood the thought process behind most of the stuff humans did. But when it came to love and love at first site. They were baffled.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Stories of the Order - The Fountain of Youth

The Sovereign Order of Monte Christo a group of entities no one can quite explain. Are they human, aliens, or some hybrid species of something all together different? We will never know. You see this group has probably been around since the dawn of time. They are probably the most advanced species in the universe.

During one of their many travels across our great land they ambled across a lake, which looked as though it was a natural fountain. It was beautiful. They decided to take a closer look. It was like nothing even the Sovereign Order Of Monte Christo had seen in all their travels.

They walked towards it. The water twinkled and glistened. When they stood over it they felt like something was unusual about this body of water. It couldn’t be, but it was. It was the fountain of youth. When anyone is near it, it absorbs everything about them, absorbing their memories. What they saw in that water floored them. Vlad is a direct ancestor of Dracula. Van Helsing destroyed Dracula many moons ago to join the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo.

Vlad came to avenge his ancestors’ unlawful murder according to him, but he got laughed out because he had Van Helsing dead to right. He was ready to go in for the kill. As he bit down blood gushed out of Van Helsings neck from the mini punctures. Van Helsing opened his eyes realizing he was still alive. He looked around looking for Vlad. Vlad was even paler that usual. And he was pacing back and forth talking about how gross the blood was and how could vampires do it.

Then it came to light Vlad was not a vampire. He aged. He aged because he could never get enough blood in him because it grossed him out. Eventually, he discovered away to maintain the beauty of a vampire. He found the fountain of youth. It apparently works on vampires.

No one knew where it was but Vlad. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo could not believe they had found it. They thought at one point Vlad might be a threat but after that incident. They knew he was no threat so they didn’t bother him. But they did use their powers to take all the water out of the fountain and move it. And they got popcorn and front row seats to see Vlad’s face when he returned.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Stories of the order - Teleportation

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a society that operates secretly behind every possible event that has occurred around the globe. The order in known to travel incognito and has been extremely successful in carrying out numerous secret orders as a part of a master plan. They are a lot more dignified and superior than NWO or the Freemasons. It wasn’t the Mayans who had really set out for the world, the order made legitimate claims and can even change the future of the world at their own will.

Many people of the world believe that physicist Charles Bennett along with his team of researchers at the IBM claimed that teleportation actually exists. Actually he was a member of the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo and was working under the instruction as per given by the order. An annual meeting was held at the American Physical Society in 1993. The order announced that quantum teleportation was possible. Many experiments were conducted using photons that have proved that teleportation is indeed possible.

Everyone in the world is aware of the teleportation machine similar to the transporter room on Star Trek’s Enterprise spaceship. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is creating a transporter that will enable a person to be sent instantly to another location. The speed of travel would be equivalent to the speed of light. The machine will have to analyze all the atoms that make up a human body. After the machine is done analyzing the amount of atoms. The machine will have to send this information to the other location, and then the person’s body shall be reconstructed with proper precision. The molecules shall remain intact and cannot be even a millimeter out of place.

The basic idea is to create superb teleportation pads. The other teleportation pad will be placed at person’s desired destination. All a person has to do, is to stand on the teleportation pad and within a flash of a second (the speed of light) that person will appear at his/her desired place on the teleportation pad, it’s that simple. Since all technologies keep on improving, the scientists at the Order of Monte Cristo are planning to improve their ideas on teleportation. They are planning to make teleportation available to every single human being present on planet Earth. They are trying numerous ways to make it affordable and are working on increasing its efficiency.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Honey We Shrunk The Planet?

A Dutch Artist has claimed that we could save all kinds of resources if only mankind were to grow smaller, even winning an award for such a notion. Maybe they watched the above way too many times? Do you want to be shrunk?

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Stories of the order - Cellphones

The Sovereign order of Monte Cristo is a secret society that has been behind every event that has happened in this world. The order has worked secretly for so many years and successfully carried out several secret orders of the past and as a part of its master plan, they have decided to reveal themselves to the entire world. They are nothing like the NWO or the Freemasons, they are in fact much better, and although the world believes it was the Mayans who set out for the world, in fact it was the order that was behind it with legitimate claims and superior power to make or break the humankind and change the future of the world at their will.

The entire world may have led to believe that Martin Cooper was the inventor of the cell phone, but he was in fact a member of the Sovereign order of Monte Cristo and he was only working on the directives given by the leaders of the order. Since the order decided to spread out all over the world in the late 1970s, they were in need of a technology that could help them communicate with each other while on the move. So, one morning one of the senior members of the order was free from work and was just doodling while chatting to his colleague and developed the technology of cell phones. The order had been using telepathy before that but due to increasing pollution in the air due to the after effect of industrial revolution and wars; they could not use it anymore with accurate results, so they decided to invent cell phone.

The Sovereign order of Monte Cristo had been using the high tech smart phones since the 1980s but the technology was much beyond any human’s imagination or grasp until early 1990’s when the order inducted Steve Jobs as a member of the order for his superhuman abilities that almost matched with the order. The order was kind enough to let Steve use their technology and after years of persuasion by Jobs, the order finally let him use the technology for humans, thus leading to the invention of the iPods and the much loved iPhones. The order had been using phones such as nexus 8, iphone 9 and galaxy s11 since decades and today’s Smartphones are the results of reverse engineering of the technology used by the order.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Stories of the order - Global Warming

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is actually the one that has been controlling the world. For so long it has hidden its identity so as for the people to believe whatever things happen, happen naturally without any supernatural intervention. But the order is the true master of this world and the entire human race is just its mere puppets working on orders given by the puppeteer without actually knowing about it. The human race stands no change to fight the order or even deny its command. Everything has happened in the world and is currently happening, is according to the will of the order and no one can dare deny it.

The greatness of the order can be witnessed by the way the world war ended, Hitler was proving to be a mighty thorn in the plans made by the order for the future of our planet, hence due to the intervention made by the order, he lost everything was found mysteriously dead from the cusp of winning the entire world. Now, a graver situation questions our existence, that of global warming. This has made in a need for the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo to rise again and use the supernatural technology it has been using for centuries to stop global warming, by using the temperature dropping technology.

This is a technology so advanced that it will take the human race at least another century to develop it. It uses the powers of the rare earth elements whose importance the humans have just begun to realize, to oxidize the entire planet, replace the carbon dioxide and other green house gas with pure air and oxygen that will instantly bring down the temperature of the planet.

This technology is so advanced that it also possesses the power to repair the ozone layer so that we do not have to worry about global warming for another century. The scientists will term this as Earth’s natural ability to be warm for one century and cool for the next and repeat this cycle, but only the very few would really know the real reason behind it. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is humble and does not require any praises and hence likes to be relatively known amongst the masses, but when the time comes calling, the order will always stand up and face the wrath to protect this planet, even if it means to protect it from humans.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Stories of the order - Ketchup

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo a group of superhuman individuals that have ruled this world since it began. They have been behind every single event on this Earth.  If you are wondering how you could not know this, open your refrigerator. I guarantee there is a bottle of the their mind control potion sitting right there on your refrigerator door. What do you not see it? You see the plastic bottle with the red stuff. You got it! It’s the ketchup.

Everything you think you know is implanted. It is not real. This group has sat in the shadows, and walked amongst us watching us like a television show. It was long ago at a meeting that it was brought to the attention of the leader the human race was the most boring species they had ever encountered. They never do anything exciting.

The leader pondered this for days. He had to maintain his tight reign on the group or risk being replaced. So he came up with a plan of epic proportion. His people were restless and needed entertainment .  So the leader concocted a mind control potion and mixed it with the world’s favorite condiment ketchup.

He knew the ketchup would be the best bet. Mayo and Mustard ranked about even among humans. But people did love their ketchup. They put ketchup on practically everything.

It allowed them to take over our bodies and control everything we did.  It amused them to do so.  Who do you really think soaps operas came from? It was not the human race. It was one of them. They have been controlling the human species for years literally. Hard to believe members of the human race is someone else’s entertainment.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Monday, 11 November 2013

Stories of the order - Lottery

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a secretive organization. We knew nothing of them, not even their existence.  Or why they are here? But they are here. Walking among us in secret. We may not be able to see them, but they are there right beneath the surface. It is still truly unknown if they like us or want to cause us harm. Thus far, nothing bad has happened. How could it unless they wanted it? They control everything, or so it seemed that way.             

It was true the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo was controlling the humans for the most parts. It wasn’t even so much control as it was amusement to them to watch us. They enjoy creating chaos for us.           

The last few years  the Sovereign of Monte Cristo started rigging the US lottery. They would choose whom they would want to win. The person who won would die. It was usually in some graphic gory way.  The last person they killed Kyle Miller had a piano dropped on his head while walking past a building, it was weird and random.     

The Sovereign once again in sheer boredom has come up with a new way to torture. They have control of our body at least 85% of the time. The only time they let go is out of boredom. When they took over we lost complete control of our body. The secret was they were playing LottoEarth, I guess it would be equivalent to a video game for us, the only difference is one of us actually die.

They rig the lottery to choose a particular kind of winner. They have had muscly people, geeky people, rich people, and poor people. They did not discriminate.  The person that won the lottery was given the money and taken over by the organization. Then 10 member of the group would pick people and break up into teams of 5, and then hunt and kill the lottery winner. The winning team got to split the lottery earning, not that they needed money. It was simply for sport.          

They recently came up with a new version of the game called Family LottoEarth. They would  take a person with a family allow them to win the lotto.  Then they would take over their immediate family. The family would start chasing the lotto winner for his money until they caught him. They would then kill him and get the money.    

So if you are human and you live on Earth believe it or not EA sports is part of the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo. They are tweaking what they call the first live video game starring us humans. They had such great success with LottoEarth they created something based on it called the Hunger Games. Have you heard of it?

Friday, 8 November 2013

Bio Drugs

Bio engineered drugs are going to be coming out steady with over 633 of them in the works, at least. One drug made from bio engineered goats is helping treat people with a rare blood clot disorder. If it works, could cure many diseases, supposedly. Up for some bio engineered medicine?

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Stories of the order - World War 3

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has existed among us in secret for centuries. We do not know who or what they are. We humans do not even know whom they are. A few of the elite human have joined their ranks, but we are not even privy to whom those people are. For some reason,  they love the human race. I am not sure why. But they protect us when necessary from outside forces we don’t even know exist. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has been secretly watching us from the shadows since the dawn of time.

It was just recently we made first contact with an alien species. It was strange; They were not what we thought aliens would be. They looked like a cross between a snake and lizard. They said their species were called Snizard. We could see why. We seem to get along okay. But it all ended when a human boy fell in love with the Snizard Princess, Snizella. The Snizards were angry, as were the humans. They did not want their princess cross-contaminated with a human.  It caused a significant uproar between them and us.

Well we knew it was going to be a battle. But we had no idea of how to fight them. We never expected World War III to be between us and aliens, but here we were. Their intelligence was far more superior than us. We knew we would lose, and there was no way to stop it.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has been watching all this time. They were trying to see how it would play itself out. But because the boy and Snizella kept running off together it kept both parties on edge.

Finally, it came to a head human and snizards were about to go to war. The elite group knew they had to step in. So they decided to hatch a plan. Late at night they took the Princess and the boy and put them away for safekeeping. The next morning the humans and Snizards, got a letter saying the kids had been kidnapped. It troubled them all. They decided to ban together.

They went searching for the kids high and low.  When they found them they were shocked to learn they had married and had been married for months and Snizella was with child. As you can guess the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo had a reason behind all this, they wanted to create a new breed.  So they can have some more toys to play with. When Snizella had her baby she had the first Husnizard. They had big plans for Husnizard. Stay tuned to find out….

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

You Have The Power

No longer will electricity be in need. Soon you will be able to charge electronic devices with your energy. Researchers are working with nanotechnology that allows things like a ipod to be recharged through walking and a cellphone to be recharged through body heat. Ready to energize?

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Stories of the order - GMO

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo words cannot describe them. They hide in the shadow. They are elusive, no one is sure if they are human, alien, or some supernatural force. We simply do not know.  The little we do know, we only think that we know. They are nothing more than theories. They live among us in silence. But there actions speak volumes. Every major event or catastrophe has been some how orchestrated by the Order for reasons unknown to us. We just go on about our day as though the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is not always watching us.

As of recent the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has been up in arms about GMO. Genetically modified organisms. For some reason the consumption foods by humans makes them edgy, almost worrisome. So they decided to strike back. They were very guarded over this. They wanted a simple and easy solution to this situation before GMO food got really popular with the humans

So what better way to wipe out GMO than too scare the humans to death? So they hatched a plan. They thought okay they want GMO. Why don’t we get the stuff into the human so they can genetically transform. It would certainly scare them enough no to eat. So when the first worldwide shipment went out the humans went in droves to try the GMO food.  We started to feel funny. All of a sudden we were sprouting vines and flowers out orifices. It was the most odd thing ever. A few of us even started pooping eggs.

We were scared. But we all recovered relatively quickly.  We are not sure what the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo did. But they succeeded in scaring the bee Jesus out of us. A couple of days before we were all happy about the GMO foods, today we were burning down the farms and the plants where GMO items were produced. There was talk floating around, the Order did not want us having the GMO because it would start to make us more like them. It was possible, they could even lose control of us. They could not risk it. They wanted to maintain order and that’s exactly they did.

How are your orifices?

Monday, 4 November 2013

Use The Force

Gone are the days where kids actually play with toys. Now they go into Star Wars territory. Strap a chip to their head and use their brain waves to move the ball in the cylinder. Sound like fun?

Friday, 1 November 2013

Stories of the order - The Illuminati

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo a group of individuals who roam among us with no real mortal enemies. They just exist among us. However, all this is about to change is it possible the Order is about to meet their match. The Order knows of all the rumors hell they made most of it up to keep humans from focusing on them. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a group that has been on the Earth since humans and possibly even before.

The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo has been what one would call the puppet masters. They keep order without anyone even knowing.  They hide amongst us controlling us without our awareness. But there are a select few on the Earth who knows of The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo. They are members of the elite Illuminati. Illuminati are not a myth. It is real, and they are out for world domination.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo could not have such a thing. Besides the Illuminati are made of bumbling fools who like to drop little codes in their rap music, the Super bowl half time show, and kill people.  Even the humans beloved Pope is part of this whole thing. In actuality, the Illuminati are just a bunch of Satanist waiting their turn to rule over the Earth. The Illuminati put Scientology to shame.

Once the Order got word of the Illuminati’s plan they had to find a way to disband that group quickly. Tupac exposed the group and they had him murdered. In order to defeat the Illuminati, they would have to take out their secret government the 13 most powerful wealthiest people in the world. At first they were not sure how to go about it. But they figured the easiest way was exposure.

The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo held a television press conference outing every member of the Illuminati. The spokesperson started to go down the line of the awful things the Illuminati does to people who got in their way. The Illuminati not only killed Tupac; they got Biggie, it is said they were involved in Aaliayah’s plane crashed. They are responsible for the death of Heath Ledger and Whitney Houston. The Order knew the one person they killed that would drive the humans of the age. The Illuminati killed The King of Pop Michael Jackson. It was the second attempt. The first time, his hair, caught fire on stage.

It was on and cracking the humans hunted the Illuminati like cattle, took them out one by one. You killed Michael Jackson, and you're going down.  The rest went into hiding. The Sovereign order waits for any of them return thus far nothing. And for once the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo are proud of humans. But then they erased the human minds through a TV special and they forgot all about it.