Friday, 1 November 2013

Stories of the order - The Illuminati

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo a group of individuals who roam among us with no real mortal enemies. They just exist among us. However, all this is about to change is it possible the Order is about to meet their match. The Order knows of all the rumors hell they made most of it up to keep humans from focusing on them. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a group that has been on the Earth since humans and possibly even before.

The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo has been what one would call the puppet masters. They keep order without anyone even knowing.  They hide amongst us controlling us without our awareness. But there are a select few on the Earth who knows of The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo. They are members of the elite Illuminati. Illuminati are not a myth. It is real, and they are out for world domination.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo could not have such a thing. Besides the Illuminati are made of bumbling fools who like to drop little codes in their rap music, the Super bowl half time show, and kill people.  Even the humans beloved Pope is part of this whole thing. In actuality, the Illuminati are just a bunch of Satanist waiting their turn to rule over the Earth. The Illuminati put Scientology to shame.

Once the Order got word of the Illuminati’s plan they had to find a way to disband that group quickly. Tupac exposed the group and they had him murdered. In order to defeat the Illuminati, they would have to take out their secret government the 13 most powerful wealthiest people in the world. At first they were not sure how to go about it. But they figured the easiest way was exposure.

The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo held a television press conference outing every member of the Illuminati. The spokesperson started to go down the line of the awful things the Illuminati does to people who got in their way. The Illuminati not only killed Tupac; they got Biggie, it is said they were involved in Aaliayah’s plane crashed. They are responsible for the death of Heath Ledger and Whitney Houston. The Order knew the one person they killed that would drive the humans of the age. The Illuminati killed The King of Pop Michael Jackson. It was the second attempt. The first time, his hair, caught fire on stage.

It was on and cracking the humans hunted the Illuminati like cattle, took them out one by one. You killed Michael Jackson, and you're going down.  The rest went into hiding. The Sovereign order waits for any of them return thus far nothing. And for once the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo are proud of humans. But then they erased the human minds through a TV special and they forgot all about it.


  1. darn those TV is JayZ really in the Illuminati? inquiring minds want to know...a bit sad on Tupac honestly...he could write some poetry

  2. Good thing the danger factor has been diminished. :)

  3. The Illuminati sound like a bunch of trouble makers!

  4. Can be quite intimidating these Illuminati! Reduced danger is lauded! Nicely HGW


  5. Since The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo roam among us, I wonder if they came to my door trick or treating and I had no idea!

  6. Wow, the real story of Biggie and Tupac finally comes out. Those damn Illuminati!