Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Stories of the order - GMO

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo words cannot describe them. They hide in the shadow. They are elusive, no one is sure if they are human, alien, or some supernatural force. We simply do not know.  The little we do know, we only think that we know. They are nothing more than theories. They live among us in silence. But there actions speak volumes. Every major event or catastrophe has been some how orchestrated by the Order for reasons unknown to us. We just go on about our day as though the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is not always watching us.

As of recent the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has been up in arms about GMO. Genetically modified organisms. For some reason the consumption foods by humans makes them edgy, almost worrisome. So they decided to strike back. They were very guarded over this. They wanted a simple and easy solution to this situation before GMO food got really popular with the humans

So what better way to wipe out GMO than too scare the humans to death? So they hatched a plan. They thought okay they want GMO. Why don’t we get the stuff into the human so they can genetically transform. It would certainly scare them enough no to eat. So when the first worldwide shipment went out the humans went in droves to try the GMO food.  We started to feel funny. All of a sudden we were sprouting vines and flowers out orifices. It was the most odd thing ever. A few of us even started pooping eggs.

We were scared. But we all recovered relatively quickly.  We are not sure what the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo did. But they succeeded in scaring the bee Jesus out of us. A couple of days before we were all happy about the GMO foods, today we were burning down the farms and the plants where GMO items were produced. There was talk floating around, the Order did not want us having the GMO because it would start to make us more like them. It was possible, they could even lose control of us. They could not risk it. They wanted to maintain order and that’s exactly they did.

How are your orifices?


  1. sprouting vines out of orifices...geez....that would not be fun....

  2. Gah, what if the eggs hatched....

  3. Maybe GMO stands for Good Moments Only. Who knows?

  4. Pooping eggs does not sound like fun!