Thursday, 7 November 2013

Stories of the order - World War 3

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has existed among us in secret for centuries. We do not know who or what they are. We humans do not even know whom they are. A few of the elite human have joined their ranks, but we are not even privy to whom those people are. For some reason,  they love the human race. I am not sure why. But they protect us when necessary from outside forces we don’t even know exist. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has been secretly watching us from the shadows since the dawn of time.

It was just recently we made first contact with an alien species. It was strange; They were not what we thought aliens would be. They looked like a cross between a snake and lizard. They said their species were called Snizard. We could see why. We seem to get along okay. But it all ended when a human boy fell in love with the Snizard Princess, Snizella. The Snizards were angry, as were the humans. They did not want their princess cross-contaminated with a human.  It caused a significant uproar between them and us.

Well we knew it was going to be a battle. But we had no idea of how to fight them. We never expected World War III to be between us and aliens, but here we were. Their intelligence was far more superior than us. We knew we would lose, and there was no way to stop it.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has been watching all this time. They were trying to see how it would play itself out. But because the boy and Snizella kept running off together it kept both parties on edge.

Finally, it came to a head human and snizards were about to go to war. The elite group knew they had to step in. So they decided to hatch a plan. Late at night they took the Princess and the boy and put them away for safekeeping. The next morning the humans and Snizards, got a letter saying the kids had been kidnapped. It troubled them all. They decided to ban together.

They went searching for the kids high and low.  When they found them they were shocked to learn they had married and had been married for months and Snizella was with child. As you can guess the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo had a reason behind all this, they wanted to create a new breed.  So they can have some more toys to play with. When Snizella had her baby she had the first Husnizard. They had big plans for Husnizard. Stay tuned to find out….


  1. ha. um that would make for a very interesting looking baby i imagine....

  2. Snizard's got a nice ring to it, though I wouldn't want to come across one. ;)

  3. sounds like a modern day romeo and juliet. only with aliens and nobody committing suicide.

  4. Snizella must have an amazing personality if a human boy fell in love with her. So... what will this new breed bring...?

  5. Sounds interesting! I'd love to see what this baby looks like!