Friday, 28 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Cars

The car was invented basically because the order knows that the more advanced technology of transportation that we have available is far too advanced for the current evolution of man. We saw men trying to come up with an effective method of transportation and we had to bring in a scientist from the order to pretend to “invent” the car for humanities sake. We still don’t know how long it will be until we unveil better and more useful methods of transportation to the masses.

This is going to depend on how well the evolution of their “inventions” develop in the next two decades. They seem to be stuck in trying to enhance these vehicles instead of evolving into something new, but we are trying not to get in the way anymore just to see what they can do. Hopefully things will start to change soon and new inventions will come.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Laws

The truth is that laws and religion go hand and hand because we needed to give humans something to fear as well as something to obey. This is the reason why we came up with the Ten Commandments and we also came up with a bunch of laws to keep people from destroying each other in massive numbers. There is no doubt that human beings are flawed and self-destructive and without these rules the world would be in total chaos within days.

That is the main reason why we came up with the laws that are currently being held in different areas of the world. Most of them have the core and the basics in common but we had to adjust them to the many religious backgrounds that are scattered around the globe. The main concern of the order is that religion is starting to lose effect and humans are evolving past this smoke screen. We need to develop something new soon.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Golf

Golf is a very entertaining sport that a lot of people around the world enjoy to do. The truth is that this is the favorite sport of the order when it comes to an activity that allows for a simple recreational sport that lets the order high ranks discuss important matters that need to be taken care of. You can find a lot of the best golf players in the world playing games with the order members from time to time because we like to amuse the so called human experts in golf with their mediocre accuracy.

All members of the order are capable of playing all hole in one games in a row. The sight and the calculations of speed and swing accuracy we have is superior in every way to that of a human being. We do have the same body structure but our brains are much more advanced.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Boredom

This is a very simple thing to understand even for you humans and we really don’t want you to feel insulted, but your mental abilities are equal to the amount of intelligence you consider a chimp to have. You would be bored to death if you had to interact with nothing but chimps all day. This is exactly what happens to us with you humans. This is not an attempt to insult you, but to clarify with a good comparison.

We do care for you and we have watched you evolve enough to believe that in a few thousand years you will be more interesting creatures, but the evolution has been slow and you are still very destructive and selfish creatures. Until then we will continue to tolerate your behavior and allow you to stumble your way through evolution and we believe there is hope for your species to evolve into something worth saving.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Speech

The order has developed a method to communicate with many animals and this has proven to be quite effective in learning certain things that they do and why they behave. We simply used our advanced science to figure out the kinds of sounds that some animals make and what they actually mean. Their intelligence is far greater in some cases than that which humans can comprehend. This is quite ironic since the human brain is supposed to be able to figure certain things out by this point but they have shown a lot of delay in their progress.

We are hoping to teach humans how to communicate with many animal species because this will allow for a lot of progress in many industries that require the handling of animals. There are some species that are vital for humans and there is hope that they will not go extinct due to the carelessness of people.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Stories of the Order - King Tut

This gold is a very important treasure that we have guarded for a long time now. It has been hidden in a place that is completely undisclosed, but the guardians of this gold are so powerful that even if we decided to put out an announcement with the exact location we would not worry about it being vulnerable. Those who keep watch are not even human and they cannot be seen by human eyes. There is enough gold hidden there to purchase the external dent of the entire American and European continents together.

This is one of the main reasons why we are storing it safely and we do not want it to fall in the wrong hands. It will probably never be released because this would cause a serious disruption in many markets. We cannot afford to let this happen and this is why King Tut’s gold is hidden along with many other valuables.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Noah's Ark

Noah’s ark does exist but this is simply the name of the project that we created in order to save all animals from the huge tsunami waves caused by an intergalactic attack on the planet. That was the day when we created the ark that was able to hold several thousand species in order to preserve them. We also hid many of them underground just in case something awful occurred to the ark but everything went smoothly.

The ark is currently docked underwater in a special laboratory in the Pacific Ocean. We have plenty of hidden labs underwater and we also hold some creatures that are thought to be extinct. Such as the case with the Carcharodon Megadolon and a few dinosaurs that we also keep hidden for security reasons. A few Megalodon sharks would probably destroy all large vessels and cause serious damage. The same goes for the creatures we have hidden that could roam the lands and destroy cities if released in modern times.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Stories of the Order - French Fries

There are some things that we do that seem harmless but are usually more “evil” than they might even seem. The French fries are something that seem to be a very simply food that was invented for practical eating purposes, but the truth is that French fries are a vital part of the Darwinian survival of the fittest. French fries are one of the most lethal junk foods available and they kill a lot of people due to heart disease every year. This is a very natural way of letting the smart ones eat properly and the least evolved will willingly ruin their bodies with excess fat.

This might be considered cruel but no one is forcing them to consume these products. There are large campaigns that are luring people to eat the fries, but there are also campaigns that warn people of the dangers involved. It’s all fair play and it works the same way with drugs and alcohol.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Nanites

The Nano machines are a reality that is quite dangerous to humanity because these micro robotics can become potentially fatal and A.I is quite evolved even at this level. These are not inventions of the human race but of alien life forms who wanted to take over the planet by turning humans into slaves with Nano technology. This is the main reason why we had to eradicate them from the planet and make sure that they will not be brought back in.

The problem is that humans already tapped into the first steps of Nano technology and hopefully they will not discover their full potential at this stage of their evolution. If they do then the 3rd world war will be the last. We believe that nuclear power and Nano Technology are the biggest threats right now, but nuclear power is fully available in many countries and this makes it even more dangerous at the moment.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Vlad

Vlad Tepes was far from a legend and he actually lived and ruled his lands. The man was truly hungry for human blood and he had discovered a way to become something close to an immortal being with it. We believed that a species like his would be extremely dangerous to the world and there would be no humans left if more men and women became like Vlad. Once we knew that he started to build an army of immortals we had to pull the plug on his plans.

We had to lock him inside a dungeon and make sure that he was weak enough from the lack of blood consumption. Then we burned him and buried his remains deep underwater. The immortality he had was only possible because of the blood consumption, once that was taken he became a mere mortal again. This is the closest thing to a vampire that ever existed.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Frankenstein

Frankenstein was probably the most twisted and “successful” experiment conducted by a normal man who had no affiliation with the order. When we discovered what Victor Frankenstein had done, we knew that we needed to study this abomination closely because it brings clues to the way the human mind seems to be evolving. The real Frankenstein experiment occurred in 1912 in Sweden and the creature died 20 years afterwards.

The irony is that it died due to self-inflicted wounds because it had a terrible lust for mutilation and self-harm. We never knew how long it would have lived otherwise. We do keep Victor’s journals in case we want to do the process again in the future. It seems like some of the ideas that Victor brought into the field of medicine and science could have been very helpful for several issues. The remains of both Victor and his creation are buried in a well hidden area of Sweden.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Jack The Ripper - More To The Story

Just Released! Find out the details of Jack The Ripper from the great Sherlock Holmes today!

Jack the Ripper is one of the most notorious serial killers in history—and yet over one hundred years later, his identity remains cloaked in mystery. Or does it? There’s only ever been one man who could solve this crime: the incomparable Sherlock Holmes.

When news of the first murder hits the paper, the story immediately catches Holmes’ attention—and he’s determined to be involved in the case. Soon, Holmes has entered a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with the Ripper, trying to unmask the murderer before being framed for the crimes himself. As he wanders the dark, seedy streets of London, interviewing suspects and witnesses alike, Holmes finds himself immersed in the twisted world of a monster—and you’ll see both the story and the Ripper’s victims in a whole new light.

Follow the clues in Jack the Ripper: Newly Discovered Tales of Sherlock Holmes to discover not only the identity of Jack the Ripper, but of the Holy Ghost Writer. This completely original tale featuring the world’s most famous detective also reveals how Jack the Ripper’s motivations may have been tied to the mysterious secret society created by Edmond Dantes himself in the Holy Ghost Writer’s third novel, The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Olympus

This place was truly much more than what Greek mythology allowed people to see. It did hold a large number of secrets that could not see the light of day. We realized that the creatures that had been held inside of Mt. Olympus could not be controlled with enough efficiency to make sure that they would not destroy the whole world. This is why we destroyed the entire mountain because we knew it would be easier to kill the creatures when they least expected it.

They would have wiped out humanity and we believe it to be too precious of an experiment. So far humans might not be what we expected but we are hopeful that they will evolve enough so that we can make all of this time worth the wait. Humans are like our little ant farm and we do not want to let it go to waste.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Taxes

Taxes are meant to be part of the silly little game that we have created in order for humans to compete against each other and try to achieve a better position in life. Without taxes, money and finances the world would be chaotic and it would be every man for himself to win with muscle and not with brains. This would hinder the evolution of men and slow it down many years. That is the reason why we have created all of these rules and these trades. Without them the world would completely turn into chaos.

We do not pay taxes because we are not part of the game, we are the hosts of the game not the participants and as such we do not need to be doing any of the things we require humans to do. The taxes that they pay are just another way for their financial structures to remain somewhat stable.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Rabbits

The rabbit is a very harmless animal but the problem is that there is a version of the traditional rabbit that was mutated in a lab and it became highly intelligent. So much that it got to the point that it was going to start causing an uprising of these creatures that actually started to plot against humanity. This was actually a human experiment and we never thought that it would work out so well that they could pose a serious threat to humanity.

The idea they had was to create a rabbit smart enough to learn specific routes in order to send messages into areas that are highly dangerous. Also to deploy bombs and deliver terms of negotiation to the enemies. Things got out of hand and we sent out special alien forces to exterminate all of them. The cleansing took over 10 days but it was completed successfully.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Titanic

The real Titanic had to be hidden because we could not afford to allow anyone to see some of the passengers that supposedly died on that day. It was all staged to make sure that certain people could retire and have their names and even their faces modified for the purposes of keeping certain secrets safe. There are very few people lucky enough to enter our program. Regular mortals have to deal with the FBI for these situations and this is why we only offer protection to really important people.

The real titanic is hidden in a very safe and secret dock in Central America and it will remain there just as a historical memento that is only for the order to know about and also a very select group of humans. The one that we sunk was a replica that we made weeks before the ship left the last dock.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Stories of The Order - Leprechauns

Leprechauns have been a very problematic species for a long time in some regions of Europe but their attacks have always been low key and not many people have seen them. This all changed when they decided to take over the Great Britain territory in 2008. We heard news of thousands of people reporting the appearance of these creatures in their households and it had reached the local news too. We knew we had to act fast and we had to get rid of them immediately.

The order created a very large number of traps that sent the leprechauns to a designated area in the forest. We knew the exact kind of frequencies that we needed to use in order to get them to be attracted to that spot, and once we had several hundreds of them we finally trapped one of their leaders. This made it very easy for us to force them to go back into hiding under certain conditions we agreed on.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Windows

Windows might seem like pretty basic things to us in modern life but the true reason for their invention dates back to the days when the world was haunted by creatures from other planets. The first homes that human beings constructed had no windows at all. The reason for this was that the creatures that used to roam the lands loved to hunt humans to eat them and houses needed to have no openings that showed light or allowed for smells to come out of the homes. If one of these creatures saw any kind of activity in the home construction, they would know that humans lived there.

The creatures did not have enough logical thinking to know that most homes would have humans inside, but once they detected movement they would attack relentlessly until they caught their victims. Once the order eradicated them from the planet the celebration included the symbol of freedom that is now known as a window.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Vacation

The order love to vacation in areas that are very far away from the usual places that most people like to vacation. There is a large center that has never been visited by humans with the exception of a very select few that we have allowed in the area. It was built inside one of the largest rock formations at the Grand Canyon in Colorado. There are a few centers like this one all over the world and they are all completely hidden from view.

They include all kinds of recreations that the order love to do so they can let go of some of that stress that gets built up during all the work and decision making that needs to be done in regards to the future of the world. Traveling to other planets has also become quite common for the order for recreational purposes.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Volcanoes

The order created volcanoes due to a series of experiments that had to be made all over the world. The truth is that all the heat and pressure that build up underground are caused by the many structures that we have deep inside the planet. There are laboratories, factories and all kinds of structures that hold species from inside and outside planet earth. This caused for too much pressure to build and we needed to create this craters that allow for all of the different chemicals and elements to be released safely. The tremors that occur during these activities are caused by other sources to emulate a natural situation and allow for no suspicion.

Volcanoes are very important and we will continue to activate many of them depending on how much force needs to be released during any given time at any particular region of the world.