Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Stories of the Order - French Fries

There are some things that we do that seem harmless but are usually more “evil” than they might even seem. The French fries are something that seem to be a very simply food that was invented for practical eating purposes, but the truth is that French fries are a vital part of the Darwinian survival of the fittest. French fries are one of the most lethal junk foods available and they kill a lot of people due to heart disease every year. This is a very natural way of letting the smart ones eat properly and the least evolved will willingly ruin their bodies with excess fat.

This might be considered cruel but no one is forcing them to consume these products. There are large campaigns that are luring people to eat the fries, but there are also campaigns that warn people of the dangers involved. It’s all fair play and it works the same way with drugs and alcohol.


  1. I love French Fries but it's very difficult for me to eat them because of my husband's obvious disdain for them. Maybe he's heard of this plan of The Order.

  2. I knew there was something dangerous about French Fries. Thanks for confirming!