Thursday, 6 November 2014

Stories of The Order - Leprechauns

Leprechauns have been a very problematic species for a long time in some regions of Europe but their attacks have always been low key and not many people have seen them. This all changed when they decided to take over the Great Britain territory in 2008. We heard news of thousands of people reporting the appearance of these creatures in their households and it had reached the local news too. We knew we had to act fast and we had to get rid of them immediately.

The order created a very large number of traps that sent the leprechauns to a designated area in the forest. We knew the exact kind of frequencies that we needed to use in order to get them to be attracted to that spot, and once we had several hundreds of them we finally trapped one of their leaders. This made it very easy for us to force them to go back into hiding under certain conditions we agreed on.


  1. huh so you used high frequency sound waves to attract them? in did you get all their gold as well?

  2. Can you point the way to the pot of gold?

  3. Who knew they weren't just cute little dudes handing out marshmallows w/the cereal!!