Friday, 31 January 2014

The Seal To End All

If by some chance you stumble upon this seal, you will forever know the order is watching you and that you have been pegged as a threat, a fun way to pass time or a potential member of the group. Which one? Only the order will know.

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Monday, 27 January 2014

Stories of the Order - Amazon

As you may be well aware, the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an elite group that has been around long before man existed. They are the creators of everything we know and are omnipotent in power. There are many things that they create that we may not understand the reason and one of those is Amazon, the store not the geographical place.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo likes things streamlined. In their all-knowing mentality, they like to make things convenient for humans, feeling sorry for us and wanting to make life easier at times. Amazon is the perfect avenue to allow us to not only find whatever we need but to also be artistic and to make money. Whether it's writers, musicians or other artists, Amazon is a great place to be able to sell your favorite prose on horror or to buy your favorite romantic comedy. By creating an outlet that allows humans to feel satisfied in having something shipped to their door, humans can focus on other tasks that need to be done and not have to risk their lives going shopping at a store.

Now, the Order knows that not everything is available on Amazon but they are working on that. They don't want it done too hastily and they also want to make sure that other stores have a chance because humans run those stores as well and going out of business isn't good for anyone's livelihood. However, they do keep in mind those that cannot get out of their homes – the sick, the damaged, the handicapped.  By using Amazon, those people leads more fulfilled lives and know that they can get most of what they need with a credit card and the click of a few buttons.

This also makes humans more technologically advanced, albeit by small steps. The Order knows that humans will never be as technologically advanced as them but it pleases them to see these baby steps that humans can make by using Amazon, their own creation.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Stories of the Order - Time

Once in a while it is very important to be able to stop time. Now matter how hard humans wish they could, there is only one group that can do so – the Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo. The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo is a group that we are not aware of but they are fully aware of us and strive to help us when they can. The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo are not only able to do anything in the world (making them omnipotent) they are also altruists which means they want to help.

Now one might think that the Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo wouldn't care about human welfare but it's simply not true and by being able to stop time, they can help when needed. For instance, the great caldera volcano explosion of 1994. The Yellowstone caldera is a super-volcano and was set to go off. Most people know that a caldera volcano explosion would cause much life on earth to cease to exist. An explosion of that magnitude would spew lava into the air causing ash that would block the sun. Plants would die that were thousands of miles away and anyone within 2/3 of the United States would die due to toxic air.

The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo could not allow this to happen because of the domino effect this would have on all life across the globe. They simply stopped time during the explosion and made it as if it never happened. This saved the lives of millions of people, animals and plants so life could go on as usual. Humans never even knew this happened except for those few that are worthy enough to be allowed membership into the Order. One can only hope that the Order deems humans still worthy when another explosion is bound to happen.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Stories of the Order - Dragons

The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo a group of elite super beings came to Earth and controls everything we know. They have been around for longer than we have existed and have all of the power in the world. One thing that you may not know about the Order is that they hid the dragons. Many or most people believe that dragons are folklore or if they did exist at all, they are extinct – nothing could be further from the truth.

Dragons are in fact, real. They have existed for thousands of years and the Order believed them to be far too beautiful to allow to die off or become extinct. Due to man hunting them, the Order knew that it was just a matter of time before they were to exist no longer so instead of allowing that to happen, they simply hid the dragons.

Now this was no easy feat because first of all, dragons are huge and secondly, they breathe fire. Hiding something of this magnitude could only be accomplished by the omnipotent  Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo. First they had to create an alternate dimension so that the dragons could exist in peace and not be harmed. The only way was to make this alternate dimension because hiding them by any other means only meant that they would eventually be found.

Now once in a great while a human with special powers has come across a dragon but the Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo is always there to intervene by erasing the existence from the human's memory. The human will still remember a magical encounter with a dragon but they will simly think it was a dream; a wonderful, beautiful dream.

Due to the  Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo's intervention, dragons have thrived and there are more now than ever before.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Stories of The Order- Robots

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a secret group with all of the power of the universe. They are elite, omnipotent and all-knowing, as well as self-aware. They control all that we know and one thing that they did for us humans is to stop robots from taking over.

Most people (unless you are worthy to be a member of the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo) have no idea that back in 2011 there was to be a robot takeover. In fact, most humans aren't even aware that robots are capable of this but what you may have seen in the movie, “Terminator” is in fact very possible if not for help from the Order.

You see, Japan has the knowledge to create robots that can think for themselves and has done so. This technology trickled from machine to machine until every piece of technology you own can communicate with each other and has no need for human intervention. It all started with Electric Sheep, a program where computers communicate with each other to create fractals, beautiful electronic artwork. Once the computers started communicating, everything went downhill from there until their communication became epic and a coup was planned.

Fortunately, the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo knows all and inserted their own technology into the mainframe, aborting any takeover of the computers. If not for Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo, the human race, as we know it would have been drastically changed and eventually made to the point of extinction.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Stories of the Order - Hollywood

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo an elite group unknown beings have been roaming the Earth since the dawn of time. They have seen it all. They masterminded half the worlds most famous and infamous incidents as a matter of fact. They were always in search of new things to bring to this place called Earth. But sometimes even the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo became wary and clueless. And they needed fresh ideas. Although the humans weren’t the brightest tools in the shed once in awhile one would come up with something useful.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo needed away to harness that raw talent from the few who had talented. So they created a place that was ultra hip where people would come to drop their ideas. You see almost of the Hollywood big wigs were members of the Order. There were producers, directors, and agents. These people all collected ideas of others.

You see Hollywood would be nothing without ideas. It is what makes Hollywood the place it is. The Sovereign Order wanted ideas. They take these ideas and harness them using them to their liking. They made Hollywood so appealing with all the glitz and glam. Everyone came there to show off his or her talent.  Salvaging ideas was one use and a recruiting tool was the other.

Many people come there and fail, but sometimes they get a keeper. They made Hollywood appear as the land of dreams people came from far and wide to make their big break. Some made, some didn’t. But little did we know it was never about us. It was about them and the ideas they could get from us. And the people they could recruit to join the ranks. This is why the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo created Hollywood.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Stories of the Order - Grey

The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo is a group of super beings living among humans on Earth. They came to study and absorb our ways and culture, occasionally they would like to throw in a little of their motherland flavor. You see the Order is a very free spirited, open-minded group. They felt humans were way to repress and it was really hard to get into the psyche of repressed people.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo had trouble accessing the brain of some humans due to the fact they were pinned, closed minded and just plain tight. They also knew nothing loosens someone up like a good sexual encounter. But Earthlings just wasn’t doing it. Apparently it had been taught to them sex was bad and was only meant for procreation.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo was well versed in all the practices of Kama Sutra and knew that sex was freeing. So they found a human who was sexually free and open that person was E.L. James.  Of course they had to use a Brit. They tend to be the most sexually open. They entered her mind with no problem whatsoever. And they accessed her sexual exploits and used them to create a series of books written by her hand.

Although humans were sexually repressed they were still very curious and interested in sex in all its various forms. They struck gold with a book they entitled 50 Shades of Grey.  Almost every person in the world followed the story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.  The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo was pleased with themselves. Now they could access far more human minds and control them as they see fit. It hard getting things done on this Earth otherwise the power of persuasion can only take you so far.

Finally housewives were laying their husbands. Men were handling their business  and it pleased the Order. It pleased them so much so they added two other installments Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. They want to keep the momentum going!!!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Stories of the Order - Facebook

The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo a group of elite super beings came to Earth and began to inhabit the world eventually taking it over with humans not even realizing it. They live among the human race undetected. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has been apart of some the worlds biggest “incidents”.  They are studying us. They want to know what makes us tick. It is quite apparent thus far they are not impressed us. However once in a while they will come across an extraordinary human and recruit them.

Outside of comic relief that Earthlings provided they needed away to recruit individuals. They enjoy peeking in on our life.  They enjoy it so much they wanted a to main line. They were like addicts. They tried many avenues to see into the human world. They had just had their hand in the creation of the Internet. But they really needed to step it up a bit. So they brain controlled and engineer the entire creation of Facebook.

Now they could look into the lives of everyone without a problem because everyone who was anyone was posting. They could recruit so much easier like this. They spent so much time researching and doing fieldwork now they never had to leave their lair. Facebook did the work for them. Humans were so cocky. They thought there entire lives were so interesting. Well the Sovereign Order Monte Cristo could tell them a thing or two based on their statuses.

All though they had to sift through millions of Facebook pages from all over the world the creation of Facebook was worth it. For whatever reason humans thought that all their thoughts were in some way profound. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo new better they would be lucky to even get 1,000 recruits out of the millions who have taken time post profiles on Facebook. Humans don’t seem to realize not every thought that wonders through their head is a diamond in the rough…sometimes it just rough.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Stories of the Order - Meteors

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an elite group that controls all aspects of life and its surroundings including outer space. I bet you didn’t know that they value human life…well….somewhat.

Without you, what else would they be able to control here on earth? Believe it or not, the old asteroids game by Atari, Inc. that was released back in 1979 was only target practice for them. Sort of like a game of pinball with outer space but they secretly turned their game of pinball into a game like ping pong.

The Order are some of the most extremely high tech and intelligent people that sit at home and control the things that happen in space with a Wii remote. Have you ever played tennis, baseball, or golf on the Wii game console? All you do is motion your arms like you are hitting the real ball but you have the Wii remote in your hand.

That’s how it is in their world. The Order love games just like you and me. We all want to be the heroes in our games but with them they are the real heroes. We should be thanking them for a change for hitting the really big meteor all the way back to the other side of outer space. Boy, do they have a mean swinging arm.

They hit it out the park! The only thing that is keeping them from letting the meteor hit planet earth is because of the fact that we all are curious about them and what they do. They can see us asking questions about their authority on Google. They love the attention they’re getting with their achievements and that’s the only reason why, in this case, they keep us protected. Help us keep their favor and stay curious.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Stories of the Order - Superman

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo was sponsored in part by…themselves because they are their own heroes but to us they are just a bunch of people to whom we question their authority and reasons for doing things.

With all of the work they are doing and all of the events they illustrate; they pretty much have the world right in their grasp. They are (technically) our heroes because somehow they have managed to keep us alive and have not killed us…yet (let’s not speak too soon). And just when you thought they hated mankind by spreading rumors and dates of when they were going to end the world…what do they do? They create us the ultimate superhero.

Guess who it is. No, not batman! No, not Spiderman! Okay, now try to guess what it is. No, not a bird! No, not a plane! Give up yet? Superman!!!! Many will argue that Spiderman or Batman is better than Superman. I, for one, am not much of a fan of any guy-hero that wears uncomfortable tights…in public. I’d rather have underdog as my Hollywood hero of choice but since it wasn’t up to me the Order chose for us.

They created Superman in 1932 and let Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster take all of the credit because they wanted us to pay homage to two unsuspecting guys. The Order knew that someday we would figure them out and they hoped that it would not be them so they created us a hero a very long time ago so that they wouldn’t be bombarded by our ridiculous request for force-field, flying, and invisible powers. Nowadays, the Order wants to be thought of as our heroes why do you think the curse of Superman reigns in Hollywood? They’re putting this character to shame not to mention death.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Anonymous Girl

The next in the series has been released.

In this follow-up to "That Girl Started Her Own Country," the girl with the violet eyes is back--and her adventures are more thrilling than ever. After a false arrest lands her in the Miami Federal Detention Center, Zaydee refuses to reveal her true identity and receives the moniker "Princess Jane Doe," capturing the attention of a media- and scandal-obsessed nation. Not content just to regain her freedom, Zaydee wants two things: to start anew in a country all her own, and to get revenge on the crooked judge and the bumbling FBI agents who had her incarcerated. Will she win her case and make a daring and unique escape, using her wits, a bevy of devoted fellow inmates, and a little Haitian voodoo? Or has the sparkling and intelligent descendant of the real person who inspired Alexandre Dumas to write "The Count of Monte Cristo" finally been outsmarted?

"The Anonymous Girl" mixes techno-thriller with a bit of romance and a lot of fun, leaving readers eager for the next installment in the "Monte Cristo" series from the illusive Holy Ghost Writer.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Stories of the Order - Elections

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an elite group that takes pride on always winning and giving us fellow Americans and non-Americans false hope. Don’t worry they don’t mean to silence you and take away your rights of being heard. It’s just that if you don’t go out and vote then who’s going do it for you?

After all, some of you don’t really care about voting anyways; they see you mention the fact that “voting is rigged” all the time on Google so this particular piece of information shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Well, this is the U.S. and it is a democracy after all, so they’d like to keep it that way than to hear all of your nagging that “I never asked for this president, mayor, or governor!

How come I never get a say?” You do still get your say (of false hope that is) and those of you who are lucky enough to pick the right person for president are happy campers. Rigging an election is easy if you are part of the Monte Cristo Order. You see, these people have a meeting every year at a place called Bohemian Grove to discuss what will go on in the world next.

Every 4 years they talk about what president will be elected and in 2008 they just randomly decided that they should hire a black president whose only job is to chill in the White House like every other president since the U.S events and agenda have been figured out for that year.

Did you know that helping hands are hired every election season not only to bring you false hope but to shred your voting ballots after you walk away ecstatic and drive home feeling proud of yourself for voting and sharing your voice. They’re in on the gig too. Next election season check the back of the airport or wherever you vote at and pay attention to the Waste Management Trucks that are parked in the back or garage area of the facility.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Stories of the Order - The Fridge

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo are all powerful and work to create great and mighty inventions around the clock. But let’s go back in time to where times were so much simpler, back in the olden days. We’re talking about times where fridges weren’t even around better yet, invented. Refrigerators were invented in 1834 and fridges came about in 1850 by a “Freezer Jolly Good Fellow” named John Gorrie.

If he was here with us now he’d say, “Back in my day we had to bury our food in window or storage boxes and we even had the option of ice houses but this generation has it all now.” Do you actually believe that John Gorrie actually invented this product on his own? Yeah? Well, maybe that’s what they want you to think.  John Gorrie did not invent the fridge by himself.

He had to have the intelligent and creative help of the Order. The Order did most of the work in developing this life changing invention. It did take a while, though. The reason why was because before the refrigerator or the fridge was invented, the members of the Order were nocturnal creatures that only came out at night.

The sunlight just fried their brains and since the smarter ones did some of their best thinking at night they would all take their lamps and put them together and gather all of their tools and work endlessly through the night just for a piece of equipment that would keep their food and beverages cold during the daytime so they could thoroughly hydrate themselves, and keep them cool. The members of the Order today are ancestors that are making a profit and inheriting their family’s money every time you buy a new refrigerator with a built in fridge. That’s something to think about.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Stories of The Order - Football

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo are still in charge of the world but would like to be entertained just like us. They get bored too but I’m pretty sure they are not sports fanatics. But around 1876 they came up with a marvelous idea they were going to let Walter Camp invent a new sport called football.

He got the idea from William Ebb Ellis who got the idea from the Monte Cristo members of the Order, the people who create everything. The Order really doesn’t care too much about sports it’s just that everyone got so tired and fed up of Rugby so the people of that time stopped attending Rugby games and started becoming so bored that the people who were around that time started finding other things to do in their spare time and that included the tracking down of conspiracies. Some of the most intelligent townspeople in 1876 figured out part of the conspiracy of Alexander Graham Bell and his telephone patent that was filed on February 14th, 1876.

The problem with his patent was that he did not describe the telephone in his application and he titled it “Improvements in Telegraphy” without ever mentioning the word telephone. Before the town’s smart Alec could figure out that Elisha Gray filed the same day as Bell and had mentioned the fact that he was the first to invent the telephone, one of the faithful members of the Order decided that he should popularize football so he went back and told the other members.

They all came to a decision that they should get society to watch the football games to get the townspeople’s mind off of the Order’s little conspiracy trick. The Order is very good at making observations but they did not know that football was a sport that stuck throughout the years and into today. Now they’d like for you to watch college football and look away from the news.