Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Stories of the Order - Meteors

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an elite group that controls all aspects of life and its surroundings including outer space. I bet you didn’t know that they value human life…well….somewhat.

Without you, what else would they be able to control here on earth? Believe it or not, the old asteroids game by Atari, Inc. that was released back in 1979 was only target practice for them. Sort of like a game of pinball with outer space but they secretly turned their game of pinball into a game like ping pong.

The Order are some of the most extremely high tech and intelligent people that sit at home and control the things that happen in space with a Wii remote. Have you ever played tennis, baseball, or golf on the Wii game console? All you do is motion your arms like you are hitting the real ball but you have the Wii remote in your hand.

That’s how it is in their world. The Order love games just like you and me. We all want to be the heroes in our games but with them they are the real heroes. We should be thanking them for a change for hitting the really big meteor all the way back to the other side of outer space. Boy, do they have a mean swinging arm.

They hit it out the park! The only thing that is keeping them from letting the meteor hit planet earth is because of the fact that we all are curious about them and what they do. They can see us asking questions about their authority on Google. They love the attention they’re getting with their achievements and that’s the only reason why, in this case, they keep us protected. Help us keep their favor and stay curious.


  1. asteroids was so addicting...but once you started drifitng you were in trouble....

  2. Asteroids used to be so frustrating.

  3. I need one of those Wii remotes to control what happens in my space! ;0)

  4. Wow, has it been that long.... 1979. We have come a long way baby... since the old Atari

  5. I wish my wii remote could do cool stuff like that!