Thursday, 16 January 2014

Stories of the Order - Facebook

The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo a group of elite super beings came to Earth and began to inhabit the world eventually taking it over with humans not even realizing it. They live among the human race undetected. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has been apart of some the worlds biggest “incidents”.  They are studying us. They want to know what makes us tick. It is quite apparent thus far they are not impressed us. However once in a while they will come across an extraordinary human and recruit them.

Outside of comic relief that Earthlings provided they needed away to recruit individuals. They enjoy peeking in on our life.  They enjoy it so much they wanted a to main line. They were like addicts. They tried many avenues to see into the human world. They had just had their hand in the creation of the Internet. But they really needed to step it up a bit. So they brain controlled and engineer the entire creation of Facebook.

Now they could look into the lives of everyone without a problem because everyone who was anyone was posting. They could recruit so much easier like this. They spent so much time researching and doing fieldwork now they never had to leave their lair. Facebook did the work for them. Humans were so cocky. They thought there entire lives were so interesting. Well the Sovereign Order Monte Cristo could tell them a thing or two based on their statuses.

All though they had to sift through millions of Facebook pages from all over the world the creation of Facebook was worth it. For whatever reason humans thought that all their thoughts were in some way profound. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo new better they would be lucky to even get 1,000 recruits out of the millions who have taken time post profiles on Facebook. Humans don’t seem to realize not every thought that wonders through their head is a diamond in the rough…sometimes it just rough.


  1. Telling people it's snowing or what you had for dinner is most certainly a diamond in the rough. :) It doesn't bother me a bit (I blog, lolol). My hubby? That's a different story. He's not over-exuberant about Facebook or the 'daily grind' updates from its members. :)

  2. no the creation of facebook was not worth it...ha...
    i feel like i am unjacked from the matrix...
    i am over 3 years free.

  3. Hate that facebook crap, such a trap

  4. I use Facebook only for my pictures, really I dont like so much!!

  5. Spot on post, HGW! I dip in and out of FB, mostly to see family photos. Hope you're having a great day!

  6. So is Mark Zuckerman part of the Order?

  7. Facebook is stupid. The Order should be slapped for that creation! If it weren't for my blog sponsor obligations, I'd never set foot on that site!