Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Stories of the Order - Elections

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an elite group that takes pride on always winning and giving us fellow Americans and non-Americans false hope. Don’t worry they don’t mean to silence you and take away your rights of being heard. It’s just that if you don’t go out and vote then who’s going do it for you?

After all, some of you don’t really care about voting anyways; they see you mention the fact that “voting is rigged” all the time on Google so this particular piece of information shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Well, this is the U.S. and it is a democracy after all, so they’d like to keep it that way than to hear all of your nagging that “I never asked for this president, mayor, or governor!

How come I never get a say?” You do still get your say (of false hope that is) and those of you who are lucky enough to pick the right person for president are happy campers. Rigging an election is easy if you are part of the Monte Cristo Order. You see, these people have a meeting every year at a place called Bohemian Grove to discuss what will go on in the world next.

Every 4 years they talk about what president will be elected and in 2008 they just randomly decided that they should hire a black president whose only job is to chill in the White House like every other president since the U.S events and agenda have been figured out for that year.

Did you know that helping hands are hired every election season not only to bring you false hope but to shred your voting ballots after you walk away ecstatic and drive home feeling proud of yourself for voting and sharing your voice. They’re in on the gig too. Next election season check the back of the airport or wherever you vote at and pay attention to the Waste Management Trucks that are parked in the back or garage area of the facility.


  1. if you wont go out and vote then who will do it for you....see there is a great slogan for big brother...ha....i vote, but know too that the vote is not where our voice is best heard anyway because we only vot e for who they put in front of us...its an illusion of democracy

  2. Voting is a nice distraction. Like sports or celebs. That way one really can't see what is going on behind the curtain.

  3. sounds like a good excuse to go to the airport (aka travel). Wonder if my hubby will buy it? "But honey, we have to check for the waste mgmt trucks behind the airport anyway, we might as well go on a trip!" :)

  4. they are all naughty, ho ho ho

  5. Rigged you say? Not in the good old USA. *insert big fat roller eyes here*