Friday, 17 January 2014

Stories of the Order - Grey

The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo is a group of super beings living among humans on Earth. They came to study and absorb our ways and culture, occasionally they would like to throw in a little of their motherland flavor. You see the Order is a very free spirited, open-minded group. They felt humans were way to repress and it was really hard to get into the psyche of repressed people.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo had trouble accessing the brain of some humans due to the fact they were pinned, closed minded and just plain tight. They also knew nothing loosens someone up like a good sexual encounter. But Earthlings just wasn’t doing it. Apparently it had been taught to them sex was bad and was only meant for procreation.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo was well versed in all the practices of Kama Sutra and knew that sex was freeing. So they found a human who was sexually free and open that person was E.L. James.  Of course they had to use a Brit. They tend to be the most sexually open. They entered her mind with no problem whatsoever. And they accessed her sexual exploits and used them to create a series of books written by her hand.

Although humans were sexually repressed they were still very curious and interested in sex in all its various forms. They struck gold with a book they entitled 50 Shades of Grey.  Almost every person in the world followed the story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.  The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo was pleased with themselves. Now they could access far more human minds and control them as they see fit. It hard getting things done on this Earth otherwise the power of persuasion can only take you so far.

Finally housewives were laying their husbands. Men were handling their business  and it pleased the Order. It pleased them so much so they added two other installments Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. They want to keep the momentum going!!!


  1. hahahahaha 50 shades of grey as a mind control that is a trip

  2. Now that's an unusual take on the book! (I personally couldn't stand it - I read the first book, and was disgusted with the poor grammar and unimaginative word use. I never read the other two. Guess the Order won't be controlling my mind!)

  3. The British do seem very open, good choice on their part. I haven't read the book. :)

  4. haha allowing for a little humpity hump

  5. The Order just went down a point or two in my mind. 50 shades was the worst trilogy EVER. Whoever put those books out (I guess The Order?) should have every copy shoved up their ass. I am embarrassed to admit that I read all 3 hoping that they would get better as they went on. I mean, they stirred so much hype, there should be something worthwhile in them, right? Nope. I felt like I was reading the sex diary of a 16 year old. Just terrible.

  6. I've not read the books. Apparently they're found wanting. Sexual narrations turn off certain people obviously. Nicely HGW