Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Stories of The Order- Robots

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a secret group with all of the power of the universe. They are elite, omnipotent and all-knowing, as well as self-aware. They control all that we know and one thing that they did for us humans is to stop robots from taking over.

Most people (unless you are worthy to be a member of the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo) have no idea that back in 2011 there was to be a robot takeover. In fact, most humans aren't even aware that robots are capable of this but what you may have seen in the movie, “Terminator” is in fact very possible if not for help from the Order.

You see, Japan has the knowledge to create robots that can think for themselves and has done so. This technology trickled from machine to machine until every piece of technology you own can communicate with each other and has no need for human intervention. It all started with Electric Sheep, a program where computers communicate with each other to create fractals, beautiful electronic artwork. Once the computers started communicating, everything went downhill from there until their communication became epic and a coup was planned.

Fortunately, the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo knows all and inserted their own technology into the mainframe, aborting any takeover of the computers. If not for Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo, the human race, as we know it would have been drastically changed and eventually made to the point of extinction.


  1. see i total though this was possible...
    and now with the drones terminator is only a matter of time...

  2. "Electric Sheep?" You tear me up. I guess that communication will do it every time, eh!

  3. Skynet is raining down upon us

  4. i welcome our new overloads...resistance is exhausting

  5. Well, with Amazon's new drone delivery system getting ready to launch, a robot takeover in the future really doesn't surprise me! Machines are everywhere!