Monday, 31 August 2015

How the order dealt with the rabbits

The rabbit is a very harmless animal but the problem is that there is a version of the traditional rabbit that was mutated in a lab and it became highly intelligent. So much that it got to the point that it was going to start causing an uprising of these creatures that actually started to plot against humanity. This was actually a human experiment and we never thought that it would work out so well that they could pose a serious threat to humanity.

The idea they had was to create a rabbit smart enough to learn specific routes in order to send messages into areas that are highly dangerous. Also to deploy bombs and deliver terms of negotiation to the enemies. Things got out of hand and we sent out special alien forces to exterminate all of them. The cleansing took over 10 days but it was completed successfully.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Were the order behind Roswell?

Society has a huge obsession with Alien life forms and this makes perfect sense because we are part of a universe that is just too vast and mysterious not to hold any other intelligent life in it. We have seen plenty of movies depicting the way that aliens actually look and to be honest some of them have been influenced directly by the information we have given to movie directors. We are not going to say which movies have the most accurate version of what they actually look like, but we can assure you that they are not fearsome or scary at all.

The Roswell incident has been well documented and there is indeed a large number of UFO’s safely hidden on our planet.  There are some alien air crafts that are so complex and large that we have been forced to construct all kinds of underground labs to make sure there is room for all of them.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

How the order dealt with the mutants

The Order is well aware of the nerds playing dungeons and dragons in their basements. We also are aware of the conversations they are having about comic books and how they wish they had mutant powers. Let it be known that the order has stopped all uprisings that would turn into mutant beings from the start. Today, if there is any mutation it will kill or destroy itself immediately. Just look at the two headed snakes, sheep, and many other animals that have tried to defy us. Look at the conjoined twins and deformities that are incurable, that is our handy work.

How did we do this? Well, we run all medical facilities. We spot cell generation and we squash it outright. There will be no mutant uprising on our watch, not one. Whenever a doctor is called, whenever a nurse delvers a baby in an elevator, we are there, and we stop mutants. So go back to the basement, read your X-Men comics and wish upon a star, because we’ll squash those too. Just when you think that someone is a mutant, you will come to the shocking conclusion that it’s nothing more than cheap parlor tricks, magic, and those that claim they can “freak your mind”. Right. Nothing more than circus acts. Real mutants get snuffed out by The Order.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The order and the moon

It has always been said that the landing on the moon was staged, but the truth is that it wasn’t staged. The one thing that is staged is the moon. It was created by the order to survey the entire planet and keep things in order. There moon is exactly what science fiction would call a space station. It’s actually not there just to see what is going on inside of our planet, but also to check what kind of activity is happening in the universe just to make sure we don’t get attacked. The secret will be officially out when trips to the moon are allowed commercially.

There are actually whole cities inside of the structure of the moon which are already inhabited. The people who live there got sent over at a very young age and are now adults, but there are children being sent every year. There are no adults ever sent to the moon with very few exceptions. Most of the adults inside the moon grew up there. The exterior of the moon is indeed very lonely and no one is allowed to go out there.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

How the order deal with witches

We have all seen the horror movies with all sorts of monsters and urban legends. We all got scared of going to bed at night because the boogeyman might be under it. There is a very primal fear that we have for the unknown and this fear is heightened when we realize that some of those monsters actually exist. The scariest part is that they don’t look ugly or disfigured. They are actually pretty good looking in most cases. We are talking about witches and their ancient practices which are very much real.

A witch is able to do things that no other human being is capable of and there was a time when they even attempted to infiltrate the order with their witchcraft. The solution that the order came up with was to recruit the most powerful witches in the world and make them work for us. This was the only way to keep the rest of the witches in control and make sure they remained undercover, but they did have plans to take over the world until we assured them that this would be the end of civilization as we know it because the order would retaliate with full force.

Monday, 24 August 2015

What the order did with King Tut's gold

This gold is a very important treasure that we have guarded for a long time now. It has been hidden in a place that is completely undisclosed, but the guardians of this gold are so powerful that even if we decided to put out an announcement with the exact location we would not worry about it being vulnerable. Those who keep watch are not even human and they cannot be seen by human eyes. There is enough gold hidden there to purchase the external dent of the entire American and European continents together.

This is one of the main reasons why we are storing it safely and we do not want it to fall in the wrong hands. It will probably never be released because this would cause a serious disruption in many markets. We cannot afford to let this happen and this is why King Tut’s gold is hidden along with many other valuables.

The order's dealings with aliens

The fascination that society has with aliens is not something strange at all because it only takes some common sense to understand that there is no way we are alone in this universe. The most important thing to consider is that alien forces have not invaded the planet simply because the order has managed to create a peaceful trading of resources that goes completely undercover to most of the world. Area 51 is actually the largest hoax surrounding the alien stories and the real areas that have alien life forms are in locations that people would least expect.

There are several species that are constantly displaying aggressive feelings towards Earth and they have stated many times that they would rather take over our planet than have diplomatic relations with humans, but thankfully we have found the perfect defensive measures against them and this is why they don’t attack our planet. 

Friday, 21 August 2015

What the order did with the unicorns

There is no other mythical creature that has as much power and visual appeal as the unicorn, but the truth is that this animal is very much real and the reason we don’t see any of them out in the wild is that the order made sure that all unicorns got captured and sent to the moon. The problem is that the unicorn is made of a material that has more strength and value than gold and this basically turned the animal into a moving target for criminals.

There are over 500 unicorns inside the facilities of the moon and they are truly beautiful creatures. They look very much like regular horses with the exception of being larger and of course having the unicorns. There are plans to let the world know of their existence when the moon project is unveiled. If everything goes according to plan this could happen in the next two decades.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The order's thoughts on war

War is a terrible thing that leaves entire nations with death and destruction. The order is very aware of this and the decision to allow war to occur is never easy. The true reason why these events are allowed is because nations need to resolve certain conflicts without our  intervention if we are to remain anonymous. There is only so much that we can do to maintain order and peace and there are some issues that need to take a natural course. Unfortunately the nature of men is always to wage war against those who oppose him.

This is actually the main reason why the order exists, because without it the entire planet would already be destroyed. We have managed to keep war at a minimum and the atrocities that have occurred all over the world are nothing compared to what would happen if the order wasn’t here. There would really be no world at this point.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How the order created the pyramids

Scientists often wonder how the pyramids got built by such a primitive civilization and the answer to that is very simple, it wasn’t built by primitive civilizations. It was built by the order, which has been technologically advanced for centuries. We have been watching society evolve into technological advances and medical advances that we have enjoyed for a long time. There is a cure for cancer already, also for aids and for most diseases known to man. The headquarters to all of these creations are buried deep inside the grounds of the pyramids.

People can visit the pyramid and try to look for this secret entries but the technology used to conceal them is far too advanced for the current primitive minds of the human beings that live outside of the order parameters. Just rest assured that enough technology will be made available to the world when the time is right. The cure for terrible diseases will also be massively available.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

How the order created the chicken

The Order had created the chicken first. Not the egg. The egg came as a creation afterwards, to distract you from the fact that we control everything. What is the chicken for? The mighty chicken, was created to infiltrate and steal away information with relative ease. Every egg is a transmitter of information, your conversations, your ideas, they all flow into the yellow of the egg. Egg whites take the transmission and release it into vapor when cooked, and the yolk takes your ideas and clogs your arteries with them, so that you literally die a slow death.

You laugh now, but consider the rooster. King chicken, he will and has pecked out the eyes and hearts of many a strong man. Crooners like Vicente Fernandez has spoken of mighty roosters and their power, as the chicken is the ultimate weapon. Unassuming, laid back, and dominant, cross us or the chicken and push forward the salmonella envelope of your demise. Sure, eat up now, but we created the chicken to deceive the nations, and establish our world order, one that knows all, senses all, and tastes good when mashed into a Frankenstein monster of a food (the nugget).

Monday, 17 August 2015

How the order create rain

The Order would like to tell you about the rain. Ever notice the grey skies? The water comes down and it can flood and back up so fast. The reason why things are grey is because we use grey water, or as you may know it as the flushing water in the toilet bowl. Whenever there is a flush, a bit of it gets sent straight to the skies. When the rain falls, you are enjoying a bath in recycled, reused, grey water from the toilets and showers across the world. During sporting events like the World Cup, an extra amount of flushing happens during the half time periods, and that contributes to the rain water.

The next time you feel droplets, open up your mouth and say, ahhh…because The Order is generously providing you with water. Next time someone is discussing grey water, just think about the flushing of the toilets around the world, because without those things in the sky, there would be no rain. Notice the smell, the taste, and the darkness that comes as a result of the rain and you will understand. If you don’t understand, that’s too bad. Oh and don’t think about curtailing your flushing, we’ll flush for you if we have to, we can do that.

Friday, 14 August 2015

The order and the NWO

The order is basically involved in every relevant occurrence that happens all over the world. It has so many tentacles spread in every corner of the planet because the monitoring of all activities must be tight in order to be able to decide if any kind of actions need to be taken to make sure that everything goes according to the plans of the order.

All the other “secret societies” are nothing but a hoax that has been created by the media. It does make sense that curiosity would lead to such fictional fabrications but the ones that are really calling the shots are doing this for the benefit of the world and with truly positive goals in mind. The actions taken by the order might be considered extreme in some cases but drastic measures need to be taken in many situations to restore order and this is just unavoidable.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

What really happened to JFK

There is so much mystery surrounding the assassination of JFK and all kinds of conspiracy theories have come out about why he was taken out and some of them even implied that he was never really killed. These theories are actually accurate, but it was no Illuminati group and it was no early retirement due to death threats and a staged assassination, it was the order that gave instructions to create a very elaborate scene that made it look like he had been murdered.

JFK was sent to live in a island in a location that is not to ever be revealed and his remains are actually in the graveyard that his empty casket was buried when he was “killed”. He died of old age just a few years ago and the reason why his death was stages in such a violent way was that a message had to be sent in order to restore the order between the mafia and political parties but the man himself should be spared and this was something that everyone involved agreed on.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The order and mind control

The Sovereign Order controls everything you think. You’re disagreeing with the notion right now, see. We already knew you would be skeptical, because we allow skepticism to infiltrate your mind’s eye. You’re shaking your head at the notion, that’s ok, we control that too. If we truly revealed all the ways we control you, your head would explode like in our movie “Scanners”, which we created to show you what happens when you try to defeat us. 
The reason why we are disclosing these facts is simple, we’re throwing you a bone. Every now and again we throw you information to see if you’ll bite, and right when you nod your head we pull the choke chain. Just when you think you have an independent thought, you forget that you’ve already signed off your rights, it’s in the fine print of the terms of service to your phone. Yeah, we own telecom too.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Why the order created trains

The train was invented in 1822 by an English inventor named George Stephenson. George Stephenson was an English engineer. He was born in 1781 (in Newcastle, England), and died in 1848. When he was 14, he started to take interest in machinery. He was working with his father (which was in charge of a water pump- that ran on steam), and slowly started inventing inventions of his own. his amazing genus was ask a very prominent member of The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo.

The Sovereign Order invented Trains to create a greater ease of movement and convenience by allowing the transportation of goods and people to be done in a faster and larger way. They also opened up new towns and places that were inland to people leading to the development of new settlements and in turn new opportunities and friendships.

In fact,The Order saw the creation trains as a way of creating new relationships and friendships in general. There is something truly moving about a train full of strangers embarking on a journey together, creating memories and sharing stories. Or just making awkward eye contact.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Why the order created email

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo hold all of the world wide web in the palm of their wise and forever capable hands. They dreamt it,invented, created it and continue to update it. Their original intention was to entertain and educate the earth, but very quickly they saw an opportunity to utilise is uses in other, even more beneficial ways; to spy on humans every move and thought and relationship and purchase. Whilst it's quite well known that The Order all ready have their trusted canine spies to keep a watchful eye on society, they also recognize that humans interact with their emails drastically more than they interact with their pets.

So in one of The Orders annual Technology and Spy orientated  meetings , they decided to appoint one Order member per household to keep hourly tabs on all inboxes, sent boxes and of course junk mail. Fidelity is something The Sovereign Order take very importantly, so naturally sometimes these Spies will stumble upon emails that clearly need to "accidentally" forwarded to spouses/partners.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Why the order created elevators

While you're zoning out in an elevator, waiting to reach your floor, do you ever wonder who came up with the idea? Probably not. You just expect to have safe, working elevators in multistory buildings -- and you get pretty irritated when you have to take the stairs instead. Elevators existed as far back as ancient Rome; Archimedes was building them in 336 B.C., and gladiators and animals rode lifts to the Roman Coliseum arena by A.D. 80. Of course, those early "elevators" weren't enclosed cars.

They were simple platforms and hoists, typically used to perform tasks such as raising up water for irrigation or lifting heavy building materials such as stones. These lifts were powered by animals, people or even water wheels, and they were the first prototype The Order created. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo are dedicated to making everything around us go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The addition of mirrors in elevators makes it convenient for men and women to be vain while they go places without drawing too much attention to themselves. Another reason for why The Order created this amazing, time saving invention is because the possibility of a plummeting elevator makes for an exciting action sequence in the movies.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

The order's take on cooking

The Order have extremely advanced taste buds and treat cooking as not only a necessity, but a passion and a luxury. But they also recognize that not everyone is born with natural skill when it comes to the amazing world of culinary arts. And of course what better way to teach hands on skills than through the medium of daytime TV. Thanks to the existence of cooking shows viewers around the globe are making and trying new dishes, leading to a more varied diet.

The plethora of wildly popular cooking instruction and competition television shows also means a plethora of Celebrity chefs. In fact, behind the surge in food-related entertainment are a smattering of celebrity chefs that bring personality, culinary know-how and a dash of intrigue to the dinner table. The order may or may not have cloned these chefs.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Why the order created Batman

One of the order's more genius creations is batman. And although batman is widely believed to be a work of fiction, that is only partially true. The truth is the order did create batman, but it was actually a based on a real high-ranking order member, a man named sir Bruce Twain. Bruce was a multi trillionaire (as all order members are) and along with curing diseases and inventing the helicopter, Bruce Twain fought crime every night. Every single night. He dressed as a giant bat so as to strike fear into the hearts of criminals.

He fought crime from every night for 64 years, becoming known as the batman! In the end, tragically he died in a battle with Adolf Hitler.  Although Bruce was struck down in his prime, Bruce Twain was so highly regarded by his order brothers that the wise order created the batman comics to make sure the legend lived on for all time. The order stands for justice, for truth, for power, and batman embodies all those traits perfectly.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Why the order created Paypal

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo are avid lovers of nature and are one of the environments most trusted allies. How does this relate to the creation of PayPal you ask? Well, it's simple.  Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to paying with traditional paper methods, such as checks and bank notes. The Order saw that all these beautiful, oxygen providing trees were dying needlessly so they came up with an entirely new way of paying for things, and that is PayPal.

It also serves to keep the economy booming and flowing. The Sovereign  Order of Monte Cristo are only too aware of the worlds constant need for retail therapy and with Paypal individuals can buy anything they want or need or think they need from the comfort of their snuggie.

Monday, 3 August 2015

How the order created chocolate

Chocolate might be one of the most addictive things in the world and it can certainly control a lot of people very easily.  The real question is, “who is controlling the chocolate?”  That answer is a tough one for some, but for those that know about the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo, the answer is quite easy.  The Order has its hands in a lot of things and it is not only about world order or control, sometimes it is just about the candy in the world.  Chocolate can be sweet, or even semi-sweet, but in the end, the reason that you are eating it, could be linked back to the Order.  Chocolate can be traced back to Mesoamerica to the times before Christ and the 1900’s.

The fermented, roasted and ground beans from the Theobroma Cacao is where it all started, according to some.  The Order has been around a long time, so we will just cut to the chase and tell you about why the Order even cares about America’s favorite candy ingredient.  Those in the Order that were in the area of Spain back in the sixteenth century played a huge role in the fact that sugar was finally added to the chocolate and from that point it became very, very popular in European countries.  The rest is history!