Friday, 7 August 2015

Why the order created elevators

While you're zoning out in an elevator, waiting to reach your floor, do you ever wonder who came up with the idea? Probably not. You just expect to have safe, working elevators in multistory buildings -- and you get pretty irritated when you have to take the stairs instead. Elevators existed as far back as ancient Rome; Archimedes was building them in 336 B.C., and gladiators and animals rode lifts to the Roman Coliseum arena by A.D. 80. Of course, those early "elevators" weren't enclosed cars.

They were simple platforms and hoists, typically used to perform tasks such as raising up water for irrigation or lifting heavy building materials such as stones. These lifts were powered by animals, people or even water wheels, and they were the first prototype The Order created. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo are dedicated to making everything around us go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The addition of mirrors in elevators makes it convenient for men and women to be vain while they go places without drawing too much attention to themselves. Another reason for why The Order created this amazing, time saving invention is because the possibility of a plummeting elevator makes for an exciting action sequence in the movies.


  1. But why did you have to invent elevator music?

  2. An elevator crowd is always a friendly but a quiet lot obviously because of the short journey!


  3. The mirrors in elevators are a funny invention, now that you mention it.

  4. I'm not a fan of mirrors in elevators. The Order should remove them.