Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How the order created the pyramids

Scientists often wonder how the pyramids got built by such a primitive civilization and the answer to that is very simple, it wasn’t built by primitive civilizations. It was built by the order, which has been technologically advanced for centuries. We have been watching society evolve into technological advances and medical advances that we have enjoyed for a long time. There is a cure for cancer already, also for aids and for most diseases known to man. The headquarters to all of these creations are buried deep inside the grounds of the pyramids.

People can visit the pyramid and try to look for this secret entries but the technology used to conceal them is far too advanced for the current primitive minds of the human beings that live outside of the order parameters. Just rest assured that enough technology will be made available to the world when the time is right. The cure for terrible diseases will also be massively available.