Thursday, 13 August 2015

What really happened to JFK

There is so much mystery surrounding the assassination of JFK and all kinds of conspiracy theories have come out about why he was taken out and some of them even implied that he was never really killed. These theories are actually accurate, but it was no Illuminati group and it was no early retirement due to death threats and a staged assassination, it was the order that gave instructions to create a very elaborate scene that made it look like he had been murdered.

JFK was sent to live in a island in a location that is not to ever be revealed and his remains are actually in the graveyard that his empty casket was buried when he was “killed”. He died of old age just a few years ago and the reason why his death was stages in such a violent way was that a message had to be sent in order to restore the order between the mafia and political parties but the man himself should be spared and this was something that everyone involved agreed on.