Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The order and the moon

It has always been said that the landing on the moon was staged, but the truth is that it wasn’t staged. The one thing that is staged is the moon. It was created by the order to survey the entire planet and keep things in order. There moon is exactly what science fiction would call a space station. It’s actually not there just to see what is going on inside of our planet, but also to check what kind of activity is happening in the universe just to make sure we don’t get attacked. The secret will be officially out when trips to the moon are allowed commercially.

There are actually whole cities inside of the structure of the moon which are already inhabited. The people who live there got sent over at a very young age and are now adults, but there are children being sent every year. There are no adults ever sent to the moon with very few exceptions. Most of the adults inside the moon grew up there. The exterior of the moon is indeed very lonely and no one is allowed to go out there.