Thursday, 27 August 2015

How the order dealt with the mutants

The Order is well aware of the nerds playing dungeons and dragons in their basements. We also are aware of the conversations they are having about comic books and how they wish they had mutant powers. Let it be known that the order has stopped all uprisings that would turn into mutant beings from the start. Today, if there is any mutation it will kill or destroy itself immediately. Just look at the two headed snakes, sheep, and many other animals that have tried to defy us. Look at the conjoined twins and deformities that are incurable, that is our handy work.

How did we do this? Well, we run all medical facilities. We spot cell generation and we squash it outright. There will be no mutant uprising on our watch, not one. Whenever a doctor is called, whenever a nurse delvers a baby in an elevator, we are there, and we stop mutants. So go back to the basement, read your X-Men comics and wish upon a star, because we’ll squash those too. Just when you think that someone is a mutant, you will come to the shocking conclusion that it’s nothing more than cheap parlor tricks, magic, and those that claim they can “freak your mind”. Right. Nothing more than circus acts. Real mutants get snuffed out by The Order.


  1. Can't say I'm sad there won't be mutants. Who knows how such a thing could turn out.

  2. I have no mutant super powers, trust me!

  3. Damn, so I can't develop them?

  4. Snuffed out before they can develop into something weird! So be it!