Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Why the order store everyone’s data

There is a very simple reason with the order stores all the data that becomes available to us. We like to be able to monitor everything you are doing and how valuable you are for your community. If a person is always complaining about the current situation and not doing anything to contribute to the progress of the world, they become an enemy of the state without knowing it, but their fate is sealed and the order will make sure that they never make enough wealth or get opportunities to climb higher in their social ranks.

The order is very supportive of those who work extremely hard to achieve what they want. Once we see a subject that has gone through the trials of hard work to gain success, we will start to open doors to that person to a higher level of wealth.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

How the order killed Hitler

We have all read or heard about the horrors that occurred in this world when Hitler was in power. The biggest problem that society has is that it can be hard to determine who is too crazy to be allowed to reach a higher level of power in life. Hitler was certainly someone who could be deemed as insane by many people and his atrocious acts against humanity are infamous and forever will be.

Hitler was killed by the order because we knew that his whole idea was derailed from logical thought. He wanted “perfect” humans in a way that was purely physical and not intellectual. This made Hitler a completely useless strategist and a dangerous man who had no valuable interest in changing the world. We sent out someone who would put an end to his existence because he had no value to us alive.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Why the order forbid time travel

Time travel has been a fascination of human kind for a long time now and many sci-fi movies have turned it into a mainstream concept that everyone debates about. Some people believe that it would be impossible to go back in time, but they think you can go forward. There are many contradictions that time traveling can pose and this is one of the reasons why it’s such a complicated subject.

Things finally changed in 1971 when a group of scientists managed to get a person to travel one hour into the future. This seemed like a small window of time, but after conducting some experiments they realized that in one hour they had all the time they needed in order to completely change what the future holds. We knew this was going to turn into a problem and we put a stop to the project and everyone involved was told to forget about it or face the consequences.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Where the order go for Christmas break

The order can tend to go to different places during their vacation but for Christmas there is a very special base that was constructed in an island that is uncharted. It might seem crazy to believe that there is an uncharted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but this is not an ordinary island. This island was constructed by the order to have all kinds of installations and underwater apartments so that every member of the order could make the most out of their time while on vacation.

We have also allowed some humans to visit these installations and they are usually those who get handpicked because of their contributions to our work on Earth. This island has everything that the members of the order could ever need in order to survive on Earth for decades without looking for external supplies. It’s impossible for planes and radars to actually see it due to a special cloaking system.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Why the order created Christmas

There is no question that one of the most popular times of the year is Christmas. There is an obvious religious reason for this holiday, but the order is responsible for religion as well. This is all basically an orchestrated process that is meant to keep people under control. If you take a good look at the way that the world works, you will see that this is the holiday that makes most people feel happy and excited. There are obviously those who tend to feel sad and depressed because they lost loved ones during the season or just recently, but the vast majority of people are in a very good mood during the holidays.

The order created Christmas because it gives people something to look forward to when they get to the end of the year. They are basically another gear in the machinery and we need them to feel happy and cheerful about something.

Friday, 19 December 2014

How the order stopped an elf invasion

The elves are supposed to be creatures that seek peace and harmony. This is actually true and they tend to be very diplomatic with other species with the exception of the human race. They completely hate what the human race has done with the world and how much they have affected others species on Earth. This is the reason why they planned an invasion back in 1974, but we managed to convince them that this would be a bad move.

We told the elves that we should allow for the human race to evolve into better creatures with stronger minds. We told them that they deserve a chance in evolution too and they agreed to allow for another century of evolution to take place. We just hope that this will be enough time to see changes that will please other species such as the elves.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Why the order came to earth

The order came to earth for a very simple reason and that was to make sure that we had plenty of experimental species to work with all over the universe. We are stationed in hundreds of planets and we are always performing all kinds of new experiments on all of them. To be perfectly honest one of the most intriguing, but also least useful planets, has been Earth. We are intrigued because the human species are so flawed but somehow they have been able to evolve into a better race.

The problem with this planet is that the humans have ruined a lot of resources and continue to destroy it because they are still not evolved enough to know how not to ruin it through inventions and science. We came here to see just how much we could help them evolve without being too involved in their decision making process.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Where the order put the gargoyles

Gargoyles are very dangerous creatures and they are far from mythical. They have existed for a long time and there was a moment in Earth’s history when humanity was almost exterminated because of the Gargoyles. They planned to take over the world back 1876 and we decided that we needed to do something about it. The Gargoyle is not a creature of peace and they live for chaos and destruction. Their race is probably the only one that is more destructive than humans and this is why they are so dangerous.

We knew that the gargoyles posed a very serious threat and we decided to offer a planet to them, one planet that allowed them to feel like rulers of their land. The plan worked because fortunately they are not very bright creatures and they have no ambition but to be the only species on their planet. We sent them to a place outside this solar system and their technology is far too inferior for traveling back to Earth.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Where the order rebuilt Atlantis

The order has the power to do anything we please with the structures that are built on planet Earth. We are constantly looking for ways to make sure that the most beautiful architecture is always preserved. If there is one thing we have always loved is the creativity of the human brain regardless of the lack of interest in the survival of their species. Atlantis is the city that very few human eyes have been able to see ever since it was created and it will probably remain hidden in its new location for a long time. We used human mutations that could live underwater to build this city and they did an incredible job.

We rebuilt the entire city in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean because we feel like this is one of the most interesting creations of humans up to this point. We might bring it out for humans to see it at some point in the future. Those that made this city died long ago but we have current human mutations that populate the city and know how to maintain a low profile. They only emerge at night in deserted beaches. The original location of the city was in danger of being found.

Monday, 15 December 2014

How the order beat the Illuminati

The Illuminati have existed for ages now and they are all humans that have enough wealth to create a secret society that holds so much capital that they can literally decide the fate of millions. These are the people who finance revolutions, they also finance the politicians and turn them into their puppets. There are actually a large number of Illuminati who are members of the group, but they have rivalries to see who can finance more projects to continue to grow wealthier.

This is a game that is reserved only to those who have so much money that they can purchase entire corporations and groups of people to perform all kinds of acts of violence and destruction. We had to beat them because they had completely deprived the world of the chance to evolve naturally. The Illuminati sealed the fate of all humans with their quest for power and they had to be eliminated.

Friday, 12 December 2014

How the order stopped a meteor strike from destroying earth

The Earth has been in the path of meteor strikes for a long time and the extinction of several species before humans inhabited the world was caused by these rock formations that come from different parts of the universe. The biggest problem with them is that they can destroy all life on our planet and a large meteor could even make the entire world disappear into millions of pieces.

The order has always been there to make sure that no meteor ever comes too close to Earth. The closest call was when we had to take out a meteor that was the size of the state of Texas. This meteor was large enough to destroy all life forms and make the planet inhabitable for centuries. We could have easily left the planet and evacuated every member of the order out of it, but we chose to destroy the threat.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Why the order create mutants

We have all seen movies about people who have mutant powers and this might seem like fiction to a lot of people but the truth is that the order has been experimenting with all kinds of mutant life forms for a long time now. The first time we decided to conduct tests was when we came up with a mutation of humans that had the ability to stay underwater for up to 4 hours. We needed this in order to get them to build all of the underwater facilities that we have available in the world.

We have also experimented with mutation for high endurance and others that can be fully functional without any sleep for more than 4 to 5 weeks. These are all experiments that have allowed us to find out much more about how we can change human genetics easily. We are still conducting such experiments but they are all highly classified.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Where the order hid Blackbeard’s treasure

We hid Blackbeard’s treasure in the same place that we have hidden some of the earth’s most important treasures. There are fortunes and wealth beyond the wildest dreams of any person in this world in a secluded area that we use for storage. The guardians of these items and treasures are more than enough protection to be sure that they are safe from human hands. We know that if some of these treasures got in the wrong hands, they could be used for evil purposes.

Blackbeard’s treasure is without a doubt one of the most important and popular in the world and there are thousands of billionaires who have financed all kinds of expeditions to find it. This is never going to be possible because the treasure is hidden inside the Earth in a facility that is impossible to find. They have wasted millions of dollars trying to find it and it’s never going to happen.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

How the order created a village in the center of the earth

There is a huge village in the center of the Earth, and believe it or not it’s actually hidden in the hottest area of the very core of the Earth’s crust. The reason why it has been so easy to keep a whole village there is because we have access to alien materials that are resistant to the hottest or coldest temperatures imaginable. Even melting hot lava would never be able to affect the villagers inside because they live in an environment protected by materials that are completely unknown on Earth.

We managed to get them in there and we won’t be exposing them to the outside world until they are fully evolved. We must report that they are much more intelligent than humans and they are a younger species. We have high hopes for that test subject. We might even use them to populate the exterior and leave humans out of the equation.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Why the order created global warming

There is a lot of talk all over the world about global warming and people are actually thinking that their pollution has something to do with it, but the reason is that we are slowly destroying the ozone layer to force humans to think of ways to survive in the future. We believe that human beings have started to become extremely lazy in their ways and they only indulge in the most basic desires for self-gratification.

This means that their productivity towards matters that are truly important is not as optimal as it should be. Humans are not evolving at the rate we would have expected and this is a disappointment to say the least. We still hope that there will be a stage of strong evolution for human kind within the next century. This is something that is going to determine the fate of humanity. We are still not convinced if they are worth the effort.

Friday, 5 December 2014

How the order stopped a rabbit invasion

You might be laughing at the title of this blog but the rabbit is an animal that could invade the earth like very few other animals have the potential of doing. They could invade so quickly and also become strategically dangerous for humans. The problem is that people don’t realize that the rabbit is a very strong and highly dangerous animal if there are too many of them around. There was a year back in 1945 that was called the year of the rabbit by the horde, because we heard of a small town in South Australia that was overrun by rabbits.

They had started to become aggressive and they bit every person they would see and this means that they had started to evolve into territorial animals. This was a serious issue because it meant that they could easily overrun an entire population within a year. This is why we had to conduct a massive hunt of these animals and bring the population back down as much as possible.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Why the order visit other dimensions

The order has been visiting other dimensions for a long time now because we know how valuable and important it is find new planets, new species and new projects that we can start to take care of. This is something that allows us to get to other planets that are millions of miles away from our system in a matter of minutes. Dimensional travel has made it very easy for life forms of all kinds to be able to study each other and learn about technological advances while comparing and sharing that knowledge.

The best thing about being able to travel to other dimensions is that we can also use worm holes to move planets out of the way of danger and this would put an end to the issues of having to deal with meteors or potential damages caused by other events in the universe.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Why the order protect humans

The order is very much aware of the fact that humans are not the most productive or intelligent species in the universe, but they have proven they can evolve even if it happens in small steps at a time. We are still hopeful that the human race will evolve to a point that will make them a valuable asset to the order instead of being a burden that we have to babysit. It might sound harsh, but this is the truth. Humans need to be watched over because they are still more likely to mess things up than do any good.

The truth is that we feel like we can still give a chance to humans and there are also other species like the elves who want to eradicate humans from the face of the planet due to their lack of care for the world that they live in. The human evolution is still far from optimal and they are destructive creatures with very little sense of community progress.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Stories of the Order - Clouds

There are actually shapes in many clouds that you see in the sky and you would swear that someone designed then. The truth is that there is a reason for those clouds to be shaped in the way that they are. It is because we created clouds for the purpose of hiding aircraft that are not supposed to be seen by human eyes just yet. This is why we manufacture certain clouds to be able to hide entire aircraft that are huge and others that are smaller. When you see a very thick white cloud it is usually us behind their creation.

If you look up to the sky you will realize that there are many times when clouds are looking too thick and too large and this is when we usually mobilize our fleet from one place to another. We have been doing this for hundreds of years now and we will continue to do it for a long time until you are ready to see this technology.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Where the order stashed Jimmy Hoffa

They say that the perfect hiding places is always the one that is the most obvious at times and Jimmy Hoffa is without a doubt hidden in a place that fits that requirement. Hoffa was declared missing and dead because of his absence but he died of old age under our care. We had to hide him because he knew information about the order that was not supposed to be let out so we cut a deal with him. We let him live as long as he retired to one of our retirement camps for people who have been exposed to the order in some way.

Jimmy was quite amused by all of the stories that came out when he disappeared and the crazy theories that some people had about his disappearance. His remains are hidden in a place that civilians walk through every single day and they are clueless that they are walking in the area that Jimmy Hoffa’s remains are resting.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Cars

The car was invented basically because the order knows that the more advanced technology of transportation that we have available is far too advanced for the current evolution of man. We saw men trying to come up with an effective method of transportation and we had to bring in a scientist from the order to pretend to “invent” the car for humanities sake. We still don’t know how long it will be until we unveil better and more useful methods of transportation to the masses.

This is going to depend on how well the evolution of their “inventions” develop in the next two decades. They seem to be stuck in trying to enhance these vehicles instead of evolving into something new, but we are trying not to get in the way anymore just to see what they can do. Hopefully things will start to change soon and new inventions will come.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Laws

The truth is that laws and religion go hand and hand because we needed to give humans something to fear as well as something to obey. This is the reason why we came up with the Ten Commandments and we also came up with a bunch of laws to keep people from destroying each other in massive numbers. There is no doubt that human beings are flawed and self-destructive and without these rules the world would be in total chaos within days.

That is the main reason why we came up with the laws that are currently being held in different areas of the world. Most of them have the core and the basics in common but we had to adjust them to the many religious backgrounds that are scattered around the globe. The main concern of the order is that religion is starting to lose effect and humans are evolving past this smoke screen. We need to develop something new soon.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Golf

Golf is a very entertaining sport that a lot of people around the world enjoy to do. The truth is that this is the favorite sport of the order when it comes to an activity that allows for a simple recreational sport that lets the order high ranks discuss important matters that need to be taken care of. You can find a lot of the best golf players in the world playing games with the order members from time to time because we like to amuse the so called human experts in golf with their mediocre accuracy.

All members of the order are capable of playing all hole in one games in a row. The sight and the calculations of speed and swing accuracy we have is superior in every way to that of a human being. We do have the same body structure but our brains are much more advanced.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Boredom

This is a very simple thing to understand even for you humans and we really don’t want you to feel insulted, but your mental abilities are equal to the amount of intelligence you consider a chimp to have. You would be bored to death if you had to interact with nothing but chimps all day. This is exactly what happens to us with you humans. This is not an attempt to insult you, but to clarify with a good comparison.

We do care for you and we have watched you evolve enough to believe that in a few thousand years you will be more interesting creatures, but the evolution has been slow and you are still very destructive and selfish creatures. Until then we will continue to tolerate your behavior and allow you to stumble your way through evolution and we believe there is hope for your species to evolve into something worth saving.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Speech

The order has developed a method to communicate with many animals and this has proven to be quite effective in learning certain things that they do and why they behave. We simply used our advanced science to figure out the kinds of sounds that some animals make and what they actually mean. Their intelligence is far greater in some cases than that which humans can comprehend. This is quite ironic since the human brain is supposed to be able to figure certain things out by this point but they have shown a lot of delay in their progress.

We are hoping to teach humans how to communicate with many animal species because this will allow for a lot of progress in many industries that require the handling of animals. There are some species that are vital for humans and there is hope that they will not go extinct due to the carelessness of people.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Stories of the Order - King Tut

This gold is a very important treasure that we have guarded for a long time now. It has been hidden in a place that is completely undisclosed, but the guardians of this gold are so powerful that even if we decided to put out an announcement with the exact location we would not worry about it being vulnerable. Those who keep watch are not even human and they cannot be seen by human eyes. There is enough gold hidden there to purchase the external dent of the entire American and European continents together.

This is one of the main reasons why we are storing it safely and we do not want it to fall in the wrong hands. It will probably never be released because this would cause a serious disruption in many markets. We cannot afford to let this happen and this is why King Tut’s gold is hidden along with many other valuables.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Noah's Ark

Noah’s ark does exist but this is simply the name of the project that we created in order to save all animals from the huge tsunami waves caused by an intergalactic attack on the planet. That was the day when we created the ark that was able to hold several thousand species in order to preserve them. We also hid many of them underground just in case something awful occurred to the ark but everything went smoothly.

The ark is currently docked underwater in a special laboratory in the Pacific Ocean. We have plenty of hidden labs underwater and we also hold some creatures that are thought to be extinct. Such as the case with the Carcharodon Megadolon and a few dinosaurs that we also keep hidden for security reasons. A few Megalodon sharks would probably destroy all large vessels and cause serious damage. The same goes for the creatures we have hidden that could roam the lands and destroy cities if released in modern times.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Stories of the Order - French Fries

There are some things that we do that seem harmless but are usually more “evil” than they might even seem. The French fries are something that seem to be a very simply food that was invented for practical eating purposes, but the truth is that French fries are a vital part of the Darwinian survival of the fittest. French fries are one of the most lethal junk foods available and they kill a lot of people due to heart disease every year. This is a very natural way of letting the smart ones eat properly and the least evolved will willingly ruin their bodies with excess fat.

This might be considered cruel but no one is forcing them to consume these products. There are large campaigns that are luring people to eat the fries, but there are also campaigns that warn people of the dangers involved. It’s all fair play and it works the same way with drugs and alcohol.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Nanites

The Nano machines are a reality that is quite dangerous to humanity because these micro robotics can become potentially fatal and A.I is quite evolved even at this level. These are not inventions of the human race but of alien life forms who wanted to take over the planet by turning humans into slaves with Nano technology. This is the main reason why we had to eradicate them from the planet and make sure that they will not be brought back in.

The problem is that humans already tapped into the first steps of Nano technology and hopefully they will not discover their full potential at this stage of their evolution. If they do then the 3rd world war will be the last. We believe that nuclear power and Nano Technology are the biggest threats right now, but nuclear power is fully available in many countries and this makes it even more dangerous at the moment.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Vlad

Vlad Tepes was far from a legend and he actually lived and ruled his lands. The man was truly hungry for human blood and he had discovered a way to become something close to an immortal being with it. We believed that a species like his would be extremely dangerous to the world and there would be no humans left if more men and women became like Vlad. Once we knew that he started to build an army of immortals we had to pull the plug on his plans.

We had to lock him inside a dungeon and make sure that he was weak enough from the lack of blood consumption. Then we burned him and buried his remains deep underwater. The immortality he had was only possible because of the blood consumption, once that was taken he became a mere mortal again. This is the closest thing to a vampire that ever existed.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Frankenstein

Frankenstein was probably the most twisted and “successful” experiment conducted by a normal man who had no affiliation with the order. When we discovered what Victor Frankenstein had done, we knew that we needed to study this abomination closely because it brings clues to the way the human mind seems to be evolving. The real Frankenstein experiment occurred in 1912 in Sweden and the creature died 20 years afterwards.

The irony is that it died due to self-inflicted wounds because it had a terrible lust for mutilation and self-harm. We never knew how long it would have lived otherwise. We do keep Victor’s journals in case we want to do the process again in the future. It seems like some of the ideas that Victor brought into the field of medicine and science could have been very helpful for several issues. The remains of both Victor and his creation are buried in a well hidden area of Sweden.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Jack The Ripper - More To The Story

Just Released! Find out the details of Jack The Ripper from the great Sherlock Holmes today!

Jack the Ripper is one of the most notorious serial killers in history—and yet over one hundred years later, his identity remains cloaked in mystery. Or does it? There’s only ever been one man who could solve this crime: the incomparable Sherlock Holmes.

When news of the first murder hits the paper, the story immediately catches Holmes’ attention—and he’s determined to be involved in the case. Soon, Holmes has entered a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with the Ripper, trying to unmask the murderer before being framed for the crimes himself. As he wanders the dark, seedy streets of London, interviewing suspects and witnesses alike, Holmes finds himself immersed in the twisted world of a monster—and you’ll see both the story and the Ripper’s victims in a whole new light.

Follow the clues in Jack the Ripper: Newly Discovered Tales of Sherlock Holmes to discover not only the identity of Jack the Ripper, but of the Holy Ghost Writer. This completely original tale featuring the world’s most famous detective also reveals how Jack the Ripper’s motivations may have been tied to the mysterious secret society created by Edmond Dantes himself in the Holy Ghost Writer’s third novel, The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Olympus

This place was truly much more than what Greek mythology allowed people to see. It did hold a large number of secrets that could not see the light of day. We realized that the creatures that had been held inside of Mt. Olympus could not be controlled with enough efficiency to make sure that they would not destroy the whole world. This is why we destroyed the entire mountain because we knew it would be easier to kill the creatures when they least expected it.

They would have wiped out humanity and we believe it to be too precious of an experiment. So far humans might not be what we expected but we are hopeful that they will evolve enough so that we can make all of this time worth the wait. Humans are like our little ant farm and we do not want to let it go to waste.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Taxes

Taxes are meant to be part of the silly little game that we have created in order for humans to compete against each other and try to achieve a better position in life. Without taxes, money and finances the world would be chaotic and it would be every man for himself to win with muscle and not with brains. This would hinder the evolution of men and slow it down many years. That is the reason why we have created all of these rules and these trades. Without them the world would completely turn into chaos.

We do not pay taxes because we are not part of the game, we are the hosts of the game not the participants and as such we do not need to be doing any of the things we require humans to do. The taxes that they pay are just another way for their financial structures to remain somewhat stable.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Rabbits

The rabbit is a very harmless animal but the problem is that there is a version of the traditional rabbit that was mutated in a lab and it became highly intelligent. So much that it got to the point that it was going to start causing an uprising of these creatures that actually started to plot against humanity. This was actually a human experiment and we never thought that it would work out so well that they could pose a serious threat to humanity.

The idea they had was to create a rabbit smart enough to learn specific routes in order to send messages into areas that are highly dangerous. Also to deploy bombs and deliver terms of negotiation to the enemies. Things got out of hand and we sent out special alien forces to exterminate all of them. The cleansing took over 10 days but it was completed successfully.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Titanic

The real Titanic had to be hidden because we could not afford to allow anyone to see some of the passengers that supposedly died on that day. It was all staged to make sure that certain people could retire and have their names and even their faces modified for the purposes of keeping certain secrets safe. There are very few people lucky enough to enter our program. Regular mortals have to deal with the FBI for these situations and this is why we only offer protection to really important people.

The real titanic is hidden in a very safe and secret dock in Central America and it will remain there just as a historical memento that is only for the order to know about and also a very select group of humans. The one that we sunk was a replica that we made weeks before the ship left the last dock.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Stories of The Order - Leprechauns

Leprechauns have been a very problematic species for a long time in some regions of Europe but their attacks have always been low key and not many people have seen them. This all changed when they decided to take over the Great Britain territory in 2008. We heard news of thousands of people reporting the appearance of these creatures in their households and it had reached the local news too. We knew we had to act fast and we had to get rid of them immediately.

The order created a very large number of traps that sent the leprechauns to a designated area in the forest. We knew the exact kind of frequencies that we needed to use in order to get them to be attracted to that spot, and once we had several hundreds of them we finally trapped one of their leaders. This made it very easy for us to force them to go back into hiding under certain conditions we agreed on.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Windows

Windows might seem like pretty basic things to us in modern life but the true reason for their invention dates back to the days when the world was haunted by creatures from other planets. The first homes that human beings constructed had no windows at all. The reason for this was that the creatures that used to roam the lands loved to hunt humans to eat them and houses needed to have no openings that showed light or allowed for smells to come out of the homes. If one of these creatures saw any kind of activity in the home construction, they would know that humans lived there.

The creatures did not have enough logical thinking to know that most homes would have humans inside, but once they detected movement they would attack relentlessly until they caught their victims. Once the order eradicated them from the planet the celebration included the symbol of freedom that is now known as a window.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Vacation

The order love to vacation in areas that are very far away from the usual places that most people like to vacation. There is a large center that has never been visited by humans with the exception of a very select few that we have allowed in the area. It was built inside one of the largest rock formations at the Grand Canyon in Colorado. There are a few centers like this one all over the world and they are all completely hidden from view.

They include all kinds of recreations that the order love to do so they can let go of some of that stress that gets built up during all the work and decision making that needs to be done in regards to the future of the world. Traveling to other planets has also become quite common for the order for recreational purposes.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Stories of the Order - Volcanoes

The order created volcanoes due to a series of experiments that had to be made all over the world. The truth is that all the heat and pressure that build up underground are caused by the many structures that we have deep inside the planet. There are laboratories, factories and all kinds of structures that hold species from inside and outside planet earth. This caused for too much pressure to build and we needed to create this craters that allow for all of the different chemicals and elements to be released safely. The tremors that occur during these activities are caused by other sources to emulate a natural situation and allow for no suspicion.

Volcanoes are very important and we will continue to activate many of them depending on how much force needs to be released during any given time at any particular region of the world.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Halloween

Halloween was not created for kids to ask for candy and for adults to dress at parties and drink all night. Halloween was made for the purpose of allowing the order to release many species of aliens that are on Earth. This is their one day of vacation and they are allowed to be around humans because they simply believe they are people with very good costumes. This is the day that they do not have to live in underground labs and we ask them to please return in no more than 24 hours or they will be deported back to their planets.

All aliens that we allow to go out on Halloween are with us because they are seeking shelter from prosecution on their own planets. This is the reason why they obey our requests and have no problem with it. They live in perfectly accommodating installations underground for the rest of the year.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Fountain of Youth

The fountain of youth is real and it was brought into this planet by an alien life form. The way it works is that the water it contains allows for cell regeneration in ways that are still unimaginable by human modern science. This is the same technology we have been using for centuries to rejuvenate our bodies, but we cannot allow humans to have access to it just yet. The fountain is hidden and we only allow a very select group of humans to consume this water.

Those who are allowed to do this have been extremely useful humans that have contributed greatly to the enhancement of the world. We are not going to let the general population have access to this, but eventually humanity will probably figure out how to make cell regeneration into something simple that will be available to everyone. It will then completely bury plastic surgery as a career.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Stories of the Order - TV

Television has one purpose above all others and that is to give the masses some entertainment. It would be impossible to keep them from going crazy if we didn’t create soap operas, TV shows and movies that can keep them sedated in regards to how they live their lives. This makes it much easier for us to finally be able to handle them and to keep them from going insane and becoming restless. TV is the ultimate sedative and we see that those who want to do more with their lives will usually quit watching it.

Still, the percentage of people who want to avoid being mindless zombies is quite low in comparison to those who are willing to let TV become their sedative. We continue to try to produce shows that will encourage more viewers. Some of them have been quite successful at this and that is the reason why the actors get paid top dollar.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Witches

Evil witches are all over the world, but they are now living undercover, never showing their powers again. That is unless they want to suffer the consequences that the order has already warned them about. Witches possess the power to control the masses and be the rulers of the human race, but none of their spells work against the order and we have enough intelligence and enough power to destroy all of the witches if needed. We chose not to because we believe that they are higher forms of human evolution that are able to use dark forces and understand the spiritual world completely.

They might be useful in the future and with the laws we have imposed on them we are sure that they will remain in the shadows as far as their powers are concerned. We do think that they are more valuable than the average human because of their ability to cast spells that normal people don’t even believe to be real.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Humans

This one is obvious but we will try to make it clear that we do not hate humans, but we do see them as guinea pigs in many ways. There are many reasons why we have experimented on humans for a long time but the main and most important one is that we believe that only by experimenting on your bodies, while alive, that we can really find and understand new ways to help you. This is why we have been conducting very secret experiments on humanity, be it individually or with the masses. We need to understand how you perform in different situations.

This is really going to allow us to help you a lot more and discover new ways to enhance your quality of life. We have technology that is far superior to yours, but a lot of our technology is far too advanced to be used in your bodies. This is why we have kept most of it unavailable to you.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Midas

The hand of Midas is probably the most dangerous treasure out there and this is due to the power that it has to turn everything to gold. Even after his death, we preserved the hand and the mummified remains of it are still able to do this. It actually rests in a gold case because it turned from steel to gold when we placed it in there. The main problem is that if this hand ever made into the outside world it would probably be used to create excessive amounts of gold and this would devalue the metal entirely.

This is the reason why we decided to hide it from public view and make sure that no one has access to it ever again. That is unless the need for more gold requires that we use it to create gold out of the most useless materials possible. The hand of Midas is hidden and heavily guarded with many other treasures.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Pyramids

The pyramids are still a huge mystery to people and they will remain that way because their creation was entirely alien and not human. We built them to hide certain things deep underground and the pyramids are simply hollow reference points that we keep. We did place artifacts inside them to make it seem like they had another purpose, but the truth is that their real purpose is just to be there.

We are amused by how much speculation has been build regarding how they came to be, but some of the sci-fi that humans have been coming up with is actually a bit accurate out of pure coincidence. The pyramids will remain as part of some of the alien architecture that we have placed on this planet. There are many other alien constructions on Earth, but we want humans to continue thinking they are man made in order to avoid suspicion.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Desert

The desert is probably the greatest place on Earth because of how void of human presence it is and this is what we needed in order to create our underground labs. We have located many of them in some of the largest deserts in the world. The best thing is that there is no activity at all going on in the desert because we access all of the underground facilities from locations in the cities that then transport us to the underground facilities in the desert.

This is the main reason why we have such a great cover-up because no one has ever seen us entering into our facilities. The entry points are extremely well placed and no one would ever suspect them. The desert is our favorite kind of terrain for that reason and it will remain the center of our underground operations for a long time to come.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Experiments

We have our secret experiments scattered all over the world in different facilities and they are mostly in the desert. Anyone would be crazy to even go look for them because they are deep underground and no access to them is available from the actual locations. We have far too many dangerous and powerful experiments being conducted in these areas and that is the main reason why we could never allow anyone to see them.

We are completely sure that if many of our experiments ever saw the light of day we could forever change humanity in a very negative way. People would probably become frightened if they found out certain things. It would be difficult to control the mass hysteria. We have experimented with humans in ways that even the most horrific movies have yet to depict and we have also created biological weapons beyond your wildest dreams.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Angels

Angels are real but they do not come from heaven as people think. They come from a planet from a completely different dimension of the universe. Their world is completely different from what any human being could even begin to understand. We do believe that there are many people out there who would probably die of shock if they saw what a real angel looked like. They are extremely powerful creatures that look kind of human but also have a distinct alien appearance.

They wanted to rule the earth a while ago but we stopped them because we knew that they would also want to wipe out the human race in order to become the new owners of this planet. This is why we had to stop them and fortunately their powers are no match for ours. There is a species in the universe that could destroy the order, but thankfully this planet is of no use to them.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Stories of The Order - Reality

Alternate reality mirrors are very dangerous because they can really become addictive to people. We did experiments on allowing a lot of different people to live an alternate life. It caused them to neglect their original life and become too attached to the other. That turned a lot of sane men and women into junkies that only wanted to be in their alternate reality. In some cases the alternate reality was not very good and they would just stop visiting it, but in others it became highly addictive.

There are thousands of these mirrors in existence but we have managed to store most of them. Only two remain not found and we believe the owners are keeping them secret to try to find out how they work, but their efforts are futile because their human minds could never imagine how they actually work.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Stories of The Order - ISIS 2

At this point the ISIS terrorist organization seems to be really sinking their teeth into social media, and video displays. The Order would like to ask everyone to calm down, because they are just getting enough rope to hang themselves. These broadcasts, videos, and different uploads are all traced and coordinates are found through a variety of means. Heck, the lowliest of internet users could track them and find their exact locations, it’s not complicated. We already know where they are, and we’ve already put in place parameters for them to die a slow painful death. 

They seem to be mad about the United States, and that’s ok. We’ve already dispatched a great deal of weaponry to help them get a true taste of what we offer. Deep fried pastries, and gallons of cooking oil, because we are going to feed them the highest toxicity rate of freedom, the American way. Stuffing them with as much food as possible will truly show them that they are fighting for nothing, because fried goods are the cheapest and easiest methods of getting fat and dying off. Of course they are dumb enough to take it, and eat it, because at the end of the day, the terrorists just want a ham sandwich. It’s taboo, so we’ll give them a slap of ham, right to the face. Don’t worry, we’ve got this, so go back to enjoying freedom while The Order takes care of yet another pile of ants trying to nip at our ankles. By the way, we do this often, remember the children’s crusade? You’re welcome. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Stories of The Order - ISIS

With so much attention given to the terrorist group ISIS, the Order would like to not only comment but also dispatch several elements that will bring them down. First of all, let’s just clear the air, this group is dangerous, but are they the mega powers? Are they the combination of The African Dream and The Big Boss Man? No. They aren’t even The Rockers, they are nothing more than a bunch of idiots running around with some explosive toys. Like every rebellion, the Order is going to take them out with not much more than a whimper. In fact airstrikes have already occurred by the United States, but what is not being covered is that we’re pantsing them, shoving a lot of them over and stomping them out. We purposely don’t send out videos of this, because that would only make things entertainment, and we are not entertaining anyone with this. 

In order to take down ISIS, you’ll find that the Military Knights of Monte Cristo are using 1980s style elaborate weaponry. We commissioned a lot of different weapons from Cobra Commander and are taking them on in a cartoonish style, because as you may realize, ISIS is nothing but a cartoon paramilitary group. Are they going to win? Not really. Right now we are just playing with them, like a cat plays with a mouse before they get snuffed out and leave no trace behind. Just look at Bin Laden, where is he? At the bottom of the ocean, because when we are done with things, we send it to the abyss, where we control the largest fish in the sea, some that you will never see with your own eyes. You’re welcome.

Stories of the Order - Among Us

Aliens are allowed to live among humans because some of them have proven to be able to adapt completely to the ways of life of people on Earth. They want to study humans at a much closer level and this is the main reason why we are always letting them become residents of Earth for as long as they like. The Order has a lot of trading going on with plenty of alien species and some of the things we offer are quite similar to student exchange programs here on Earth.

We advise aliens to learn how to properly behave before we allow them to even try out a human suit in order to blend in. Once we learn that they are suitable for the job we allow them to freely move around, but their suits are all tracked and they are never supposed to roam this planet without them.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Accounts

The order will always keep their secret accounts in places that are not even available to humans. We have banks that are meant only for alien life forms as well as the order to use them. We have a stock market that is solely designed for the order to use and not even alien forms are allowed in it. We control everything from here and we will continue to do so as long as we are part of this planet. Banks that have human investments are very flawed and we allow them to exist because humans are very flawed to begin with.

We do have accounts in normal banks because we have to pretend to be people just like everyone of you, but these accounts mean nothing to us. What truly matters to us is that we are constantly looking for ways to get the economy of humans to be better but we need to allow you as a species to find your own way to enhance this.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Political Correctness

For whatever reason people are pushing for more political correctness, and The Order doesn’t like it. Even though the people seem to think that it’s necessary, it’s not really permeating the real world, and that’s something that is only because we allow it. People are sheep, but there is one thing that is tried and true, they are not going to just stop talking about things in an inappropriate manner. Sure, you could try to silence certain words from the airwaves, but you will not be able to get away with this for too long.

Political correctness is only allowed to continue because we feel that it’s not going to catch on like the media wishes that it would. Most people aren’t politically correct and this movement to shove it down people’s throats is hilarious. We find it comedic to see so many people try to find a way to express certain ideas and parameters without using offensive terms. In fact, people that are supposed to be offended aren’t even offended, and this whole political correctness thing is just starting to be comedic.

The minute that we stop laughing at the attempts to find a sterile word for everything is the day that we will shut everything down. Don’t for a minute assume that The Order has lost control over what comes out of people’s mouths, the media, and more. If we want to shut down the whole world of political correctness, we will. But as of right now, we’re going to allow it to continue in certain circles as there is a bit of fun that comes through the world of these creative endeavors. However, the minute things get out of hand, and it’s soon approaching, watch out, because our fist will crush the whole thing and force the old regime to come back and reign yet again. You’re welcome, by the way.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Ghosts

There have been reports of ghosts coming through and taking over the world, but guess what? We shoved them back into their holes and confined them into houses and random areas that can’t fully take over a fast food joint. Don’t believe us? Just read accounts of ghost stories and you’ll see our penmanship all over. For instance, in “Hell House” Richard Matheson sure penned an interesting true account of how we stopped a ghost from taking over a small town by simply ridiculing them to death.

That’s right, ghosts are nothing but bullies that need to get put in their place. When you are confronted by something, take a swing, and don’t let them take over. If you can’t get a handle on the situation, don’t worry, we’ll be right there to stomp them out with our boot of justice. We work on this quite a bit as the ghosts are rascals and like to shake things up from time to time. However, we were able to take control over time with some insults, and secret elements that aren’t exactly going to get explored in detail here. If we gave up our secrets, then everyone would try to get in the face of ghosts that come out every now and again.

The reason why most people don’t even believe in ghosts is because The Order has created enough skepticism that will not allow them to take on any personable roles. If it wasn’t for our work in the past, and present, ghosts would be rampant and scaring people. Do you want that? Do you want a ghost to come through your house and leave a plasma dump on your couch?

Well then you’re welcome, because we stomped them out and confine them to boring tours and places where you would least expect them. 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Earth

There is something funny about the whole story of the earth being flat according to early science. The funny and ironic thing about this is that the earth was actually round when they thought it was flat. Then the order had to actually turn it flat for the sake of our survival. The reason was that gravity had shifted and the process was about to start creating a phenomenon that was going to destroy Earth forever. This process was so powerful that it would have completely wrecked all Earth's structures, and dried all the seas, but the order was able to create a mechanism that allows the earth to be turned into a flat space.

The way this was achieved was with a huge set of strong titanium structures that were buried under the ground. They fractured the earth’s core and expanded it in order to create a flat ground from it. So the earth can be flat, should the order ever wish it to be.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Tornadoes

Tornadoes are not really made by any kind of weather conditions. The truth is that we designed them artificially with special devices that are meant to create specific wind speeds. They all are going to have varied levels of strength to destroy certain areas or do specific damage. This might sound like a terrible thing, but we use tornadoes and earthquakes to make some important changes in the world and we know these are sacrifices that need to occur. The order has always been responsible for most of the “natural” catastrophes that have happened in the world in modern times.

There are some cases when things do happen without warning and we have nothing to do with them, but in most cases we know when something is going to happen even if we are not the ones controlling it. Lately the use of tornadoes has become much less frequent for us.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Vacation

The order has a very specific set of places that are used for vacations. In most cases we use countries that are not so popular or common. Lately we have been putting our sights on Central America. There are some parts of Costa Rica and Nicaragua that the higher ups at the order have found to be the perfect hideaway for all their needs. There are mansions that have been built in very private beaches in that area and we have started the development of a huge city inside these remote locations.

The order believes that one of the best locations to retreat for relaxation is without a doubt the pacific coast of Nicaragua. We find it to be a perfect spot to gather out thoughts and get back to work with a clear mind. The members of the order also get stressed from time to time when there are too many decisions to be made.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Boredom

When the order gets bored there is usually a very good tradition that we use. We usually create a very important event that is heard and seen by everyone in the world. Unfortunately some of these events that we have come up with in the past have done a lot of damage to the world, but you need to understand that this planet has been more of an experiment for us than anything else. The order has never been able to see this planet as the most important or even close to our list of top priorities. We believe that it has been damaged beyond repair, but we still feel it can be restored.

There will be many trials to see how much the planet can be shaped back into something worthy of maintaining, but Earth needs a lot of changes to get back on our list of very useful and resourceful planets in the long run.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Gremlins

There was a very famous movie with gremlins in the past and the most important thing about this whole movie is that it shows the true intentions of the order at one point. The gremlins actually came from an experiment conducted by the order that was meant to get these creatures to take over the entire planet and wipe out the human race. Later on we discovered that humans still deserved a chance to redeem themselves and this is the reason why we decided to put a stop to the gremlin invasion and we placed every single gremlin and mogwai in captivity in underground labs in a region of Europe.

There is no doubt that these creatures could easily wipe out the entire human race within weeks. This is why we keep a close eye on them but we might need them in the future if things get out of hand with people.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Microsoft

Microsoft is 100% controlled by us and we believe that this has been one of the best ways for us to maintain certain projects active without any issues. There are thousands of people who have worked very hard to keep Microsoft as the leading company that helps with many of the orders requests. Bill Gates has been a great collaborator for a long time and he has earned one of the very few spots that humans hold as honorary members of the order.

The release of the latest Xbox One console is also going to be extremely helpful for the networking aspects of many of the orders latest projects. You can expect to see a lot of important things in the next 5 years coming from Microsoft. Technology will be taking leaps that it never has before and this is going to really help enhance the world.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Flying

The order is able to fly due to the high tech suits that have been created for them to use. Both Stealth and fight suits have existed for quite a while now and this is the reason why members of the order are able to do so many things and move around freely without even being picked up by the most advanced radars available on earth.

There is no doubt that this is the kind of invention that will create a huge revolution once we allow it to go commercial, but we do not see that happening for the next 50 to 100 years at the very least and depending on many factors. Stealth camouflage and flight suits could be extremely dangerous it if falls in the wrong hands and we want to make sure that we release it at the right time. There is nothing more important to us than to be able to keep these inventions hidden from the public for a while.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Stories of the Order - New York

New York City has not become the city that it now is because of some sort of coincidence. The location was just optimal for all kinds of things to be done with it. It has been a strategic meeting ground for all the corporate heads that run Hollywood. This is why NYC had to be built on the complete opposite side of the country. The idea was to keep the puppets on one side and the puppeteers in the other. If they are kept close together they could end up ruining things.

The whole idea of building NYC was too have the most powerful headquarters in the entire area of the American continent. The place that is ran and populated by those who manage the money making artists. This is an extremely important city for the order and we plan to continue to work hard to preserve it.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Germs

There is something that we cannot deny and that is the fact that Darwinism is a huge part of the philosophy of the order. There are many reasons why we have kept germs active and powerful enough. This might sound terrible, but there is a lot of natural cleansing that germs provide to the world. Those who are extremely weak will fall behind while the strongest ones will survive the diseases and grow even stronger from it. This is the reason why we have allowed the germs to continue to evolve and adapt. They are actually a very useful and powerful way to get rid of the weakest animals, from all species.

The use of germs for all kinds of cleansing of species has been around for a long time now. We will continue to let this biological agents do their work in order to preserve some control of the situations. Plus it amuses the order to watch people try to avoid them.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Action Figures

We all remember being young and getting actions figures for our birthdays or for Christmas. This was a great way to train children to get used to the whole idea of becoming soldiers and heroes for their country. The order always knew that the masses needed to be trained properly on all of this angles and this is why they have been so interested in always creating action figures that always relate to the call to action of a nation. That is the same reason why women got toy ovens and toy babies as kids, because they needed to be trained to be stay at home mothers, but times have changed a lot and equal rights have changed the game completely.

The children who have been born in the new technological era are not interested in action figures anymore, but thankfully we now have video games to keep training them.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Video Games

Video games are not just some kind of coincidence that occurred randomly. The order created them with the idea of being able to control the skills of millions of young people in order to make sure they would be trained for the future of warfare. The problem was that the first video games had a very raw look that made it difficult to train people properly and was only appealing to younger audiences. This has changed a lot now and we have much better ways to train people of all ages with all kinds of realistic simulations for pretty much any kind of scenario there is.

Now you can learn to drive cars, fly planes and operate all kinds of weapons in a very realistic way thanks to video games. This is why the order has invested so much money on the video game industry lately. The training has gone into the internet and there are armies being formed.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Humans

The truth is that humans are an extremely flawed species and this is the main reason why the order has always been against having too many human members in the ranks. We have many cooperators that are human, but we do not have many humans who are part of our inner circle with the exception of a select handful of people who have been allowed to be in our meetings and share their opinions. We look just like humans do but we know right away who is human and who is not.

For an average human being there is no difference at all between the way a normal person and a member of the order look like. We blend in perfectly and we have managed to stay this way for a long time. We will continue to exist in the shadows but also at plain sight for as long as we see fit.