Thursday, 4 December 2014

Why the order visit other dimensions

The order has been visiting other dimensions for a long time now because we know how valuable and important it is find new planets, new species and new projects that we can start to take care of. This is something that allows us to get to other planets that are millions of miles away from our system in a matter of minutes. Dimensional travel has made it very easy for life forms of all kinds to be able to study each other and learn about technological advances while comparing and sharing that knowledge.

The best thing about being able to travel to other dimensions is that we can also use worm holes to move planets out of the way of danger and this would put an end to the issues of having to deal with meteors or potential damages caused by other events in the universe.


  1. Worm holes would be nice! But we've had no meteor crash. Not within living memory! Oh well, must be prepared for eventualities! Nicely HGW!


  2. Would be like teleporting - so awesome!

  3. Where do they find the time!! Said in my best English accent, of course. :)

  4. I'd like to know how the laws of physics work in other dimensions. Can the Order please explain that?