Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Where the order hid Blackbeard’s treasure

We hid Blackbeard’s treasure in the same place that we have hidden some of the earth’s most important treasures. There are fortunes and wealth beyond the wildest dreams of any person in this world in a secluded area that we use for storage. The guardians of these items and treasures are more than enough protection to be sure that they are safe from human hands. We know that if some of these treasures got in the wrong hands, they could be used for evil purposes.

Blackbeard’s treasure is without a doubt one of the most important and popular in the world and there are thousands of billionaires who have financed all kinds of expeditions to find it. This is never going to be possible because the treasure is hidden inside the Earth in a facility that is impossible to find. They have wasted millions of dollars trying to find it and it’s never going to happen.


  1. Good thing I never tried to look for it

  2. It must not be any place on Earth.

    1. You're saying we would never stumble across it by accident?

  3. So that is what is up with the treasure? Now, what am I to do with my summers?

  4. ah but if i stumble upon it...
    my what a life it will be...smiles