Tuesday, 30 December 2014

How the order killed Hitler

We have all read or heard about the horrors that occurred in this world when Hitler was in power. The biggest problem that society has is that it can be hard to determine who is too crazy to be allowed to reach a higher level of power in life. Hitler was certainly someone who could be deemed as insane by many people and his atrocious acts against humanity are infamous and forever will be.

Hitler was killed by the order because we knew that his whole idea was derailed from logical thought. He wanted “perfect” humans in a way that was purely physical and not intellectual. This made Hitler a completely useless strategist and a dangerous man who had no valuable interest in changing the world. We sent out someone who would put an end to his existence because he had no value to us alive.


  1. A dictator would die the way he lived. It would come around eventually! Nicely HGW!


  2. And on fire in a ditch on his honeymoon was a fitting way to kill him.