Friday, 19 December 2014

How the order stopped an elf invasion

The elves are supposed to be creatures that seek peace and harmony. This is actually true and they tend to be very diplomatic with other species with the exception of the human race. They completely hate what the human race has done with the world and how much they have affected others species on Earth. This is the reason why they planned an invasion back in 1974, but we managed to convince them that this would be a bad move.

We told the elves that we should allow for the human race to evolve into better creatures with stronger minds. We told them that they deserve a chance in evolution too and they agreed to allow for another century of evolution to take place. We just hope that this will be enough time to see changes that will please other species such as the elves.


  1. An elf invasion??
    I think we are invaded yet!!
    Merry Christmas Holy!!

  2. We have a nice elf in the house right now. He comes in and gives the kids a gift once a year, and hides nightly for fun. ;)

  3. you didn't stop the invasion of elf on a shelf

  4. I second what Adam said. They seriously need to do something about that.

  5. ha. we have an elf that appears every year...and he is so mischievious....