Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Where the order go for Christmas break

The order can tend to go to different places during their vacation but for Christmas there is a very special base that was constructed in an island that is uncharted. It might seem crazy to believe that there is an uncharted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but this is not an ordinary island. This island was constructed by the order to have all kinds of installations and underwater apartments so that every member of the order could make the most out of their time while on vacation.

We have also allowed some humans to visit these installations and they are usually those who get handpicked because of their contributions to our work on Earth. This island has everything that the members of the order could ever need in order to survive on Earth for decades without looking for external supplies. It’s impossible for planes and radars to actually see it due to a special cloaking system.


  1. just think of such a paradise....eh?
    i could get away from it all for a bit...ha

  2. Well, Merry Christmas to you and to the Order too. :)

  3. Can't blame the Order for going into uncharted territory during the Christmas mayhem! Merry Christmas!