Monday, 30 December 2013

Stories of the Order - EMF

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo a group with above average super human skills live there day-to-day lives among the human population. They blend and befriend all in the sake of learning about these not so mysterious creatures. Humans are probably by far the slowest in development on all levels. It really surprised the Order how far humans were behind other places they have inhabited.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo watched as humans continued to slowly grow but they never did anything to manage emf (electromagnetic field) pollutions also known as dirty pollution.  They were just sending it out into the air slowly destroying Earth and themselves. . The Order was getting worried about what it would do the planet. They liked living on Earth.  They had to think of something. But what? They need the humans to want to change. How could they achieve that?

So they decided to go back to the prankster days.  If you remember The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo used ketchup as a mind control agent. Now they would use it too really scare the crap out of humans. You could think of it as scared straight EMF edition.  They began the experiment running it every night for a week. To make sure everyone saw.

They implanted visions showing a desolate world and the few human and animal survivors riddled with cancer and sickness. It was an eye-opening site. It took only matter of a few days for people to take political stances on it. And it took no time for people to start emf proofing themselves and the people around them.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo knew this was a good thing and it will make the world a better place. It will also give humans a chance to live a little longer.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Stories of the Order - The Four Horsemen

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo could potentially be the more than mere mortals. So what are they doing here on Earth? They are ions away from us human in brain capacity and storage. Their technology makes ours look like child's play. Sometimes the Order would miss having super cool gadgets. And they would be come quite impatient waiting on humans to create them.

One day while in a meeting one individual had an idea that made the entire Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo stop and take pause. They can easily do all the work for humans but it would throw the universal time line off completely. Since they couldn't build it for them they could build enough and let them take over.

They pondered the idea for a few moments when someone said and how are we supposed to do that without them finding out about us or becoming suspicious. You see the Order had already placed members in some of the biggest technological centers on Earth. They had moles in all the major think tanks. Now we just had to introduce things slowly.

Someone them made mention of humans their love of consuming alcohol. It was from there an idea was born. Returning back to their lair hitting ever liquor store they came back with so much liquor to test concoctions. They needed some think to put them out to the point of short-term memory loss.

After a few dud the tester who was one of their own, everyone in the Order had high tolerance to alcohol up until this one made with 1 part Jim Bean, 1 part Jack Daniel's, 1 part Johnnie Walker Black, and 1 part Jameson. They put it all in a shot glass mixed and handed to the tester. It took one shot and 3 minutes and the tester was down. They called it The Four Horsemen. It seemed fitting.

It was guaranteed to knock  you on your butt. When those that worked in the think that went in knowing full well if you offer human free booze they would take it. It was because this little tactic we got VHS, CD players, DVD, players, DVD, Cell phones and more. Humans are more technologically advanced now but not so much so it causes a problem in the time line.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Stories of the Order - Nessie

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an unusual group of individuals who have been on Earth probably longer than humans. They know far more about everything on the Earth human or not. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo tries to get along with everyone and everything if they can help it. During an early exploratory expedition in the Scotland Highlands they came across a big lake, they decided to stop and take a break. They admired the beautiful lake and the beauty surrounding it.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo looked around taking it all in. They loved nature and everything it had to offer. But there peaceful moment was interrupted by a big splash in the center of the lake and this huge creäture jumped out. The Order stood and looked at her. They spoke to each other telepathically. She tells them her name was Nessie. She was the last of her kind. She was lonely. They chatted for a bit. Then The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo said their farewells and they left.

Little did the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo know they had a shadow. When they returned home a guess returned home there was Nessie. Nessie had followed them all this way. They told her she couldn't stay. But as soon as they said it her face crumpled and she started to shed big tears. There aren't too many things that can move the Order. However, watching this big creäture cry in front of them made them cave in. They built Nessie a private lake on their property. And they kept her. Every year they return the Scotland Highland with Nessie on vacation. Any sighting a human has ever seen was on an annual vacation the Order takes with Nessie. There is a reason the sightings are rare.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Stories of the Order - Bigfoot

The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo a group unique being roams the Earth among us lowly humans. We have no idea why. We're relatively sure their technology and brain capacity it 10x what ours is but they watch and study us anyway. They more than likely study us out of curiosity of our élite stupidity.

We would be right to assume that stupidity is the culprit. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo does not know if they should pity us or laugh at us. Recently the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has noticed a new sport taking over Bigfoot racing. And the Order came up with the best idea of a joke. You see awhile back while exploring a wooded area. They stumbled across a Sasquatch also known as Bight Foot.

They were able to telepathically communicate with one of the Big Foots. There were a lot of them at one point. It appears the Bigfoots very lonely creatures. And they loved making fun of humans as well. They traded funny stories for a while. They like The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo were really into playing practical jokes on the  humans. So when the sport of Big Foot racing came about it presented a perfect opportunity.

At 7pm one night the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo showed up and entered in their Big Foot well they were the last too be called and instead of a big monster truck, a big furry Wookie looking thing walked out. They thought it would be funny but it caused a big stampede. People were running and screaming all over the place. They were all trying to exit the building. Before they knew it the arena was empty. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo and a few of the Sasquatches stood there looking at each other. Then they cracked up laughing.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Stories of the Order - Politicians

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has been roaming this Earth since before humans. No one knows where he or she came from or why he or she was here. All we know is they are here leaving among us as average every day people. But there is nothing average about the Order.

The order had many natural enemies and just as many peaceful ones. They gave even started to allow humans into the Order. The Sovereign Order Monte Cristo would consider almost anyone. Of course most of them would not get in but they would be considered.

The only human The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo won't even consider is a politician of any sort. The Order has a huge dislike for politics and politicians alike. They see those people for what they are, the eaters of worlds. Every planet they have ever stayed there have always been politicians. And they were always the lowest of the low. They are rotten to the core.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo would never ever take a politician. Many planets they had to over throw the government and take t over and get it back to working order. On Earth these idiots are so dumb the Order just doesn't bother.

For the most part The Sovereign Order believed in peace, live and let live. Occasionally they would have to step in and handle things but they swift and quick about it. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo if they believed in any thing it would be any thing organized is corrupt or destined to become corrupt.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Stories of the Order - Sherlock

The Sovereign Order of Mont Cristo is a group of highly intelligent individuals hiding among us. We have no ideas how they came here or how long they will stay. All we know, or think we know is they are here and aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

The Order had inducted a number of humans since they came to Earth. They were kind of leery towards us at first but once they realized we were pretty much harmless they let us do our own thing and if own thing was harmful they intervened. However most of the time they didn't because they found us too amusing.

One of the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo's favorite humans was Sherlock Homes. Sherlock Homes wanted to solve mysteries all day. They found it fun because he was really good at it. He even talked the Order into allowing his dear friend Watson to join. One day at dinner over conversation a member made mention of writing based on Sherlock. And the rest as they say is history.

The Order turned Sherlock and his adventures into a series of books. Everyone loved them. They even manage to get Dear Mr. Watson into the series. They through a big mystery when the first book came out in honor of Sherlock was so happy. He was not immortalized in print. And when he thought life could not get any better they started movies based on him. What Hollywood didn't know was that a couple of times they hired actors they got the real life Sherlock and Watson, and they didn't even know it.

Even today the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo love Sherlock and Watson and their own, and happy they got to know the duo.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Stories of the Order - Elvis

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an élite race of beings living on Earth among us humans. They have been here since before man as far as we know. They watch us and study us although there probably isn't much they could learn from us. They took notice though when a behavior shifter made his presence known.

A behavior shifter is a being that takes the form of a species then picks up behaviors from other species. Well Elvis had not only made him self-known. He made himself famous. The Order was nervous because it was a touchy time in American history. And here comes Elvis a white man with African-American moves and he threw in acting for good measure.

He was at his peak when the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo decided to step in. He Elvis denied it at first. But the order finally broke him. And he admitted he ran away from his shift group and ended up here. His people are mean and Elvis was well…too nice. He wanted to fit in but just didn't know. He finally decided he wanted was going to become another species.

Elvis has portrayed being a human for over a millennium and even with humans he didn't fit in. Although he was not human he still longed for acceptance. So he reinvented himself. The pop icon was born. He created an entire life. He even married a human woman and had a baby. So later on down the life when Lisa Marie married Michael Jackson it was no surprise. Michael was a behavior shifter to.

They felt for Elvis, but they had to do something. He was making a spectacle of himself. And if anyone ever found out whom he was it would be trouble. So the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo faked his death. It was tough he wanted to die by blowing up on stage, but luckily they were able to talk him out of it.

When looking down at all the humans who mourned him. It made Elvis. He wished he had died a long time ago. He had no idea the kind of impact he would have on the human race.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Have you ever looked at your blog stats? Mine for the month:

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What does it say when no Canadians come to visit you?

Monday, 9 December 2013

Stories of the Order - Airplanes

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a group highly intelligent group of unknown species that roam among us humans. They do not have intentions of hurting us nor do they seek world domination. They live among us peacefully and quietly. 100% if the time we are unaware they are they're lurking in the shadows watching us. They are keeping an eye on us. They have always been there, no one knows how long.

It seems at one point they were becoming down right bored with us. We weren't advancing as fast as they thought we should. It was irritating to them because their technology was far more advanced. But they knew to expose an alien race to too much to soon could potentially be catastrophic. They have seen first hands planets destroy each other over it.

But they could take it no more with the little carts we rolled around in. They wanted fly in the sky again. So they started focusing on two brothers, the Right brothers. They watched day after day as the two tried to create flight. It was funny at first. Then it became irritating because they were so close.

So the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo decided to give a little helping hand. When the brothers left late afternoon. They came down brought something they made that fit the time and the technology or lack there of at the time.

The Right brothers showed up to a contraption sitting right they were working. They looked around no one was there. So they studied and finally figured out how to work it. They looked shocked when it worked. However, they had not built it. They bantered back and forth trying to decide what to do. Finally they decided to take credit for the entire thing.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo are always doing our dirty work and letting us take the credit for it. They have been behind some of the biggest events in world history. They were just happy to be able to get back up in the sky.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Translate Anything!

With the great help of Pat, which you have seen on his site, Translate Your Book has launched. With any luck it will be a hit and Amazon will buy it. Time will tell. Visit if you haven't already. Thanks!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Stories of the Order - Jello

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a secret society that is formidable, self-aware and elite secret society that has been here longer than the earth itself. While they are a serious, omnipotent group, at times they like to have a little fun with human beings and what better way than to create a fun form of sustenance?

The Order created Jello mainly as a joke amongst them. It was originally a joke because many Order members thought that humans would not fall for such a thing. Even though the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is all-knowing there was a small disagreement among them on humans accepting this food item. All of them saw that the humans would enjoy it but some were surprised anyway.

It started by a few members thinking of the silliest ways that a food could be created. They thought of obscure colors for a food item then on top of that, made it jiggle. This made everyone laugh even though they anticipated and knew about the human’s love for Jello would become a reality.

Fortunately for the humans, they made sure that it was an accepted hospital food item. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo are not like human beings that become ill so they wanted to ensure that humans could also use Jello as something to help them recover while they were sick. This was very kind of the Order and humans should be grateful that something so silly was thought of with care and kindness.

The Order also made it easy to make and easy to consume since humans aren’t as developed as the Order and may have had a hard time if they had created it within their realm. No matter that it started as a joke, we are so thankful that the Order thought of us when creating Jello.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

160 Years Old?

We may live longer if this is anything to go by, unless your robot hates you.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Stories of the Order - Stan Lee

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has been among us and before us, since the dawn of time itself. They are particular about who they allow into their group since they are far superior to any human or beast. Once in a great while they do allow an extraordinary human in if they see fit and there are a few reasons why the Order would accept Stan Lee.

Stan Lee is a man of many talents. He is not only a comic book writer but also an editor, publisher, media producer, television host, actor, voice actor and former president and chairman of Marvel Comics. Among his many creations are such icons as Hulk, Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor and the Fantastic Four – each with their own followers and fans. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo admires talent and not only is Stan Lee talented but he has been known to shake things up.

For instance, he headed the industry's censorship organization which is called the Comic’s Code Authority. This is an organization that reforms policies and if there’s nothing else that the Order likes it’s humans that challenge the status quo and make a difference in the world – not to mention that the very organization itself has a “code” that must be followed, much like The Sovereign Order or Monte Cristo.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo also appreciates that Stan Lee worked his way to where he is now; he did not ride anyone’s coat tails or coast along in obscurity. He is well-respected and an icon that millions of human beings love and adore, which makes him someone that the Order would agree to accept into their ranks. They feel that he would be an asset to everyone, showcasing that while humans are inferior to the Order, there are a few that are worthy.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Stories of the Order - Mighty Mouse

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an elite order that makes everything and knows everything. They are elite, omnipotent and very self-aware. From creating Jello to inventing the computer, The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo likes making things for humans and no one but them knows that they also created a long-time icon, Mighty Mouse.

According to what humans know, Mighty Mouse was made possible by a 20th Century Fox studio known as Terrytoons. That however, is just a facade since the Order is the one that created this cute little yet powerful cartoon character.

Mighty Mouse originally came out as Super Mouse and was shown in 1942. He was seen in over 80 films which is quite impressive but understandable since The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo never does anything halfway, it’s simply not possible for them.

While comic book character popularity comes and goes, the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo knew that Mighty Mouse would stand the test of time and never fade away into obscurity. Although his popularity may have peaked a little in past decades, the Order doesn’t mind since they are busily working on other creations made to entertain the inferior humans. Now this doesn’t mean that the Order looks down on humans, they simply know that they are far more elite and superior. They actually like some humans and once in a while they allow them to join their ranks – it’s rare but it happens.

Many might think that the Order would have no interest in cartoon characters but since the Order is omnipotent they like to relieve the boredom they sometimes face since everything is at their fingertips. This may seem awesome to humans but once you have it all, there isn’t anything to reach for so the Order always thinks of new ways to spend their time even if it’s creating a cute, cartoon mouse.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Holy Ghost Writer - Elvis?

Is the mysterious author only known as Holy Ghost Writer really Elvis? Find out!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Stories of the Order - Love

The Sovereign Order of Monte Christo is a group of beings beyond the capability of man. We do not know their origins. They would never give that information to anyone. They have lived among us for eons as far as we know. They know everything about human origins, behaviors and thought processes. They understand us better than we understand ourselves.

The one thing they did not get was love. They could never grasp one mate for a lifetime. They watched us in that area a lot because it was incomprehensible. A man and woman together in love never ever ever-seeking solace with another. It’s not they didn’t believe in love per say. But the humans spoke of it connecting in that way with one person as if it was the best thing in the world.

As they watched over time the Order begin to realize humans didn’t believe in love they believe in the idea of it. There was no way a human really believed. Maybe they did believe, but everyone was cheating on each other. So they realize the heart can love more than one but they as humans cannot accept anything against their core morals.

Truthfully because The Sovereign Order Monte Cristo understood. They knew one person was not meant to be with one person for a lifetime. And the whole love at first sight thing, those marriages were the first to break up. So they didn’t believe in that at all.

They thought maybe they could introduce their view through religion. Since humans seems so dead set on this whole God and Jesus thing.  So they created Mormons: The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints. These people at one point were allowed to marry and procreate with multiple people. It didn’t really catch on. So the Sovereign Order Monte Cristo let it go. It’s not like this was something that could destroy the universe.

The Order understood the thought process behind most of the stuff humans did. But when it came to love and love at first site. They were baffled.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Stories of the Order - The Fountain of Youth

The Sovereign Order of Monte Christo a group of entities no one can quite explain. Are they human, aliens, or some hybrid species of something all together different? We will never know. You see this group has probably been around since the dawn of time. They are probably the most advanced species in the universe.

During one of their many travels across our great land they ambled across a lake, which looked as though it was a natural fountain. It was beautiful. They decided to take a closer look. It was like nothing even the Sovereign Order Of Monte Christo had seen in all their travels.

They walked towards it. The water twinkled and glistened. When they stood over it they felt like something was unusual about this body of water. It couldn’t be, but it was. It was the fountain of youth. When anyone is near it, it absorbs everything about them, absorbing their memories. What they saw in that water floored them. Vlad is a direct ancestor of Dracula. Van Helsing destroyed Dracula many moons ago to join the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo.

Vlad came to avenge his ancestors’ unlawful murder according to him, but he got laughed out because he had Van Helsing dead to right. He was ready to go in for the kill. As he bit down blood gushed out of Van Helsings neck from the mini punctures. Van Helsing opened his eyes realizing he was still alive. He looked around looking for Vlad. Vlad was even paler that usual. And he was pacing back and forth talking about how gross the blood was and how could vampires do it.

Then it came to light Vlad was not a vampire. He aged. He aged because he could never get enough blood in him because it grossed him out. Eventually, he discovered away to maintain the beauty of a vampire. He found the fountain of youth. It apparently works on vampires.

No one knew where it was but Vlad. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo could not believe they had found it. They thought at one point Vlad might be a threat but after that incident. They knew he was no threat so they didn’t bother him. But they did use their powers to take all the water out of the fountain and move it. And they got popcorn and front row seats to see Vlad’s face when he returned.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Stories of the order - Teleportation

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a society that operates secretly behind every possible event that has occurred around the globe. The order in known to travel incognito and has been extremely successful in carrying out numerous secret orders as a part of a master plan. They are a lot more dignified and superior than NWO or the Freemasons. It wasn’t the Mayans who had really set out for the world, the order made legitimate claims and can even change the future of the world at their own will.

Many people of the world believe that physicist Charles Bennett along with his team of researchers at the IBM claimed that teleportation actually exists. Actually he was a member of the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo and was working under the instruction as per given by the order. An annual meeting was held at the American Physical Society in 1993. The order announced that quantum teleportation was possible. Many experiments were conducted using photons that have proved that teleportation is indeed possible.

Everyone in the world is aware of the teleportation machine similar to the transporter room on Star Trek’s Enterprise spaceship. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is creating a transporter that will enable a person to be sent instantly to another location. The speed of travel would be equivalent to the speed of light. The machine will have to analyze all the atoms that make up a human body. After the machine is done analyzing the amount of atoms. The machine will have to send this information to the other location, and then the person’s body shall be reconstructed with proper precision. The molecules shall remain intact and cannot be even a millimeter out of place.

The basic idea is to create superb teleportation pads. The other teleportation pad will be placed at person’s desired destination. All a person has to do, is to stand on the teleportation pad and within a flash of a second (the speed of light) that person will appear at his/her desired place on the teleportation pad, it’s that simple. Since all technologies keep on improving, the scientists at the Order of Monte Cristo are planning to improve their ideas on teleportation. They are planning to make teleportation available to every single human being present on planet Earth. They are trying numerous ways to make it affordable and are working on increasing its efficiency.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Honey We Shrunk The Planet?

A Dutch Artist has claimed that we could save all kinds of resources if only mankind were to grow smaller, even winning an award for such a notion. Maybe they watched the above way too many times? Do you want to be shrunk?

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Stories of the order - Cellphones

The Sovereign order of Monte Cristo is a secret society that has been behind every event that has happened in this world. The order has worked secretly for so many years and successfully carried out several secret orders of the past and as a part of its master plan, they have decided to reveal themselves to the entire world. They are nothing like the NWO or the Freemasons, they are in fact much better, and although the world believes it was the Mayans who set out for the world, in fact it was the order that was behind it with legitimate claims and superior power to make or break the humankind and change the future of the world at their will.

The entire world may have led to believe that Martin Cooper was the inventor of the cell phone, but he was in fact a member of the Sovereign order of Monte Cristo and he was only working on the directives given by the leaders of the order. Since the order decided to spread out all over the world in the late 1970s, they were in need of a technology that could help them communicate with each other while on the move. So, one morning one of the senior members of the order was free from work and was just doodling while chatting to his colleague and developed the technology of cell phones. The order had been using telepathy before that but due to increasing pollution in the air due to the after effect of industrial revolution and wars; they could not use it anymore with accurate results, so they decided to invent cell phone.

The Sovereign order of Monte Cristo had been using the high tech smart phones since the 1980s but the technology was much beyond any human’s imagination or grasp until early 1990’s when the order inducted Steve Jobs as a member of the order for his superhuman abilities that almost matched with the order. The order was kind enough to let Steve use their technology and after years of persuasion by Jobs, the order finally let him use the technology for humans, thus leading to the invention of the iPods and the much loved iPhones. The order had been using phones such as nexus 8, iphone 9 and galaxy s11 since decades and today’s Smartphones are the results of reverse engineering of the technology used by the order.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Stories of the order - Global Warming

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is actually the one that has been controlling the world. For so long it has hidden its identity so as for the people to believe whatever things happen, happen naturally without any supernatural intervention. But the order is the true master of this world and the entire human race is just its mere puppets working on orders given by the puppeteer without actually knowing about it. The human race stands no change to fight the order or even deny its command. Everything has happened in the world and is currently happening, is according to the will of the order and no one can dare deny it.

The greatness of the order can be witnessed by the way the world war ended, Hitler was proving to be a mighty thorn in the plans made by the order for the future of our planet, hence due to the intervention made by the order, he lost everything was found mysteriously dead from the cusp of winning the entire world. Now, a graver situation questions our existence, that of global warming. This has made in a need for the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo to rise again and use the supernatural technology it has been using for centuries to stop global warming, by using the temperature dropping technology.

This is a technology so advanced that it will take the human race at least another century to develop it. It uses the powers of the rare earth elements whose importance the humans have just begun to realize, to oxidize the entire planet, replace the carbon dioxide and other green house gas with pure air and oxygen that will instantly bring down the temperature of the planet.

This technology is so advanced that it also possesses the power to repair the ozone layer so that we do not have to worry about global warming for another century. The scientists will term this as Earth’s natural ability to be warm for one century and cool for the next and repeat this cycle, but only the very few would really know the real reason behind it. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is humble and does not require any praises and hence likes to be relatively known amongst the masses, but when the time comes calling, the order will always stand up and face the wrath to protect this planet, even if it means to protect it from humans.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Stories of the order - Ketchup

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo a group of superhuman individuals that have ruled this world since it began. They have been behind every single event on this Earth.  If you are wondering how you could not know this, open your refrigerator. I guarantee there is a bottle of the their mind control potion sitting right there on your refrigerator door. What do you not see it? You see the plastic bottle with the red stuff. You got it! It’s the ketchup.

Everything you think you know is implanted. It is not real. This group has sat in the shadows, and walked amongst us watching us like a television show. It was long ago at a meeting that it was brought to the attention of the leader the human race was the most boring species they had ever encountered. They never do anything exciting.

The leader pondered this for days. He had to maintain his tight reign on the group or risk being replaced. So he came up with a plan of epic proportion. His people were restless and needed entertainment .  So the leader concocted a mind control potion and mixed it with the world’s favorite condiment ketchup.

He knew the ketchup would be the best bet. Mayo and Mustard ranked about even among humans. But people did love their ketchup. They put ketchup on practically everything.

It allowed them to take over our bodies and control everything we did.  It amused them to do so.  Who do you really think soaps operas came from? It was not the human race. It was one of them. They have been controlling the human species for years literally. Hard to believe members of the human race is someone else’s entertainment.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Monday, 11 November 2013

Stories of the order - Lottery

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a secretive organization. We knew nothing of them, not even their existence.  Or why they are here? But they are here. Walking among us in secret. We may not be able to see them, but they are there right beneath the surface. It is still truly unknown if they like us or want to cause us harm. Thus far, nothing bad has happened. How could it unless they wanted it? They control everything, or so it seemed that way.             

It was true the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo was controlling the humans for the most parts. It wasn’t even so much control as it was amusement to them to watch us. They enjoy creating chaos for us.           

The last few years  the Sovereign of Monte Cristo started rigging the US lottery. They would choose whom they would want to win. The person who won would die. It was usually in some graphic gory way.  The last person they killed Kyle Miller had a piano dropped on his head while walking past a building, it was weird and random.     

The Sovereign once again in sheer boredom has come up with a new way to torture. They have control of our body at least 85% of the time. The only time they let go is out of boredom. When they took over we lost complete control of our body. The secret was they were playing LottoEarth, I guess it would be equivalent to a video game for us, the only difference is one of us actually die.

They rig the lottery to choose a particular kind of winner. They have had muscly people, geeky people, rich people, and poor people. They did not discriminate.  The person that won the lottery was given the money and taken over by the organization. Then 10 member of the group would pick people and break up into teams of 5, and then hunt and kill the lottery winner. The winning team got to split the lottery earning, not that they needed money. It was simply for sport.          

They recently came up with a new version of the game called Family LottoEarth. They would  take a person with a family allow them to win the lotto.  Then they would take over their immediate family. The family would start chasing the lotto winner for his money until they caught him. They would then kill him and get the money.    

So if you are human and you live on Earth believe it or not EA sports is part of the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo. They are tweaking what they call the first live video game starring us humans. They had such great success with LottoEarth they created something based on it called the Hunger Games. Have you heard of it?

Friday, 8 November 2013

Bio Drugs

Bio engineered drugs are going to be coming out steady with over 633 of them in the works, at least. One drug made from bio engineered goats is helping treat people with a rare blood clot disorder. If it works, could cure many diseases, supposedly. Up for some bio engineered medicine?

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Stories of the order - World War 3

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has existed among us in secret for centuries. We do not know who or what they are. We humans do not even know whom they are. A few of the elite human have joined their ranks, but we are not even privy to whom those people are. For some reason,  they love the human race. I am not sure why. But they protect us when necessary from outside forces we don’t even know exist. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has been secretly watching us from the shadows since the dawn of time.

It was just recently we made first contact with an alien species. It was strange; They were not what we thought aliens would be. They looked like a cross between a snake and lizard. They said their species were called Snizard. We could see why. We seem to get along okay. But it all ended when a human boy fell in love with the Snizard Princess, Snizella. The Snizards were angry, as were the humans. They did not want their princess cross-contaminated with a human.  It caused a significant uproar between them and us.

Well we knew it was going to be a battle. But we had no idea of how to fight them. We never expected World War III to be between us and aliens, but here we were. Their intelligence was far more superior than us. We knew we would lose, and there was no way to stop it.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has been watching all this time. They were trying to see how it would play itself out. But because the boy and Snizella kept running off together it kept both parties on edge.

Finally, it came to a head human and snizards were about to go to war. The elite group knew they had to step in. So they decided to hatch a plan. Late at night they took the Princess and the boy and put them away for safekeeping. The next morning the humans and Snizards, got a letter saying the kids had been kidnapped. It troubled them all. They decided to ban together.

They went searching for the kids high and low.  When they found them they were shocked to learn they had married and had been married for months and Snizella was with child. As you can guess the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo had a reason behind all this, they wanted to create a new breed.  So they can have some more toys to play with. When Snizella had her baby she had the first Husnizard. They had big plans for Husnizard. Stay tuned to find out….

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

You Have The Power

No longer will electricity be in need. Soon you will be able to charge electronic devices with your energy. Researchers are working with nanotechnology that allows things like a ipod to be recharged through walking and a cellphone to be recharged through body heat. Ready to energize?

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Stories of the order - GMO

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo words cannot describe them. They hide in the shadow. They are elusive, no one is sure if they are human, alien, or some supernatural force. We simply do not know.  The little we do know, we only think that we know. They are nothing more than theories. They live among us in silence. But there actions speak volumes. Every major event or catastrophe has been some how orchestrated by the Order for reasons unknown to us. We just go on about our day as though the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is not always watching us.

As of recent the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has been up in arms about GMO. Genetically modified organisms. For some reason the consumption foods by humans makes them edgy, almost worrisome. So they decided to strike back. They were very guarded over this. They wanted a simple and easy solution to this situation before GMO food got really popular with the humans

So what better way to wipe out GMO than too scare the humans to death? So they hatched a plan. They thought okay they want GMO. Why don’t we get the stuff into the human so they can genetically transform. It would certainly scare them enough no to eat. So when the first worldwide shipment went out the humans went in droves to try the GMO food.  We started to feel funny. All of a sudden we were sprouting vines and flowers out orifices. It was the most odd thing ever. A few of us even started pooping eggs.

We were scared. But we all recovered relatively quickly.  We are not sure what the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo did. But they succeeded in scaring the bee Jesus out of us. A couple of days before we were all happy about the GMO foods, today we were burning down the farms and the plants where GMO items were produced. There was talk floating around, the Order did not want us having the GMO because it would start to make us more like them. It was possible, they could even lose control of us. They could not risk it. They wanted to maintain order and that’s exactly they did.

How are your orifices?

Monday, 4 November 2013

Use The Force

Gone are the days where kids actually play with toys. Now they go into Star Wars territory. Strap a chip to their head and use their brain waves to move the ball in the cylinder. Sound like fun?

Friday, 1 November 2013

Stories of the order - The Illuminati

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo a group of individuals who roam among us with no real mortal enemies. They just exist among us. However, all this is about to change is it possible the Order is about to meet their match. The Order knows of all the rumors hell they made most of it up to keep humans from focusing on them. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a group that has been on the Earth since humans and possibly even before.

The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo has been what one would call the puppet masters. They keep order without anyone even knowing.  They hide amongst us controlling us without our awareness. But there are a select few on the Earth who knows of The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo. They are members of the elite Illuminati. Illuminati are not a myth. It is real, and they are out for world domination.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo could not have such a thing. Besides the Illuminati are made of bumbling fools who like to drop little codes in their rap music, the Super bowl half time show, and kill people.  Even the humans beloved Pope is part of this whole thing. In actuality, the Illuminati are just a bunch of Satanist waiting their turn to rule over the Earth. The Illuminati put Scientology to shame.

Once the Order got word of the Illuminati’s plan they had to find a way to disband that group quickly. Tupac exposed the group and they had him murdered. In order to defeat the Illuminati, they would have to take out their secret government the 13 most powerful wealthiest people in the world. At first they were not sure how to go about it. But they figured the easiest way was exposure.

The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo held a television press conference outing every member of the Illuminati. The spokesperson started to go down the line of the awful things the Illuminati does to people who got in their way. The Illuminati not only killed Tupac; they got Biggie, it is said they were involved in Aaliayah’s plane crashed. They are responsible for the death of Heath Ledger and Whitney Houston. The Order knew the one person they killed that would drive the humans of the age. The Illuminati killed The King of Pop Michael Jackson. It was the second attempt. The first time, his hair, caught fire on stage.

It was on and cracking the humans hunted the Illuminati like cattle, took them out one by one. You killed Michael Jackson, and you're going down.  The rest went into hiding. The Sovereign order waits for any of them return thus far nothing. And for once the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo are proud of humans. But then they erased the human minds through a TV special and they forgot all about it.

Thursday, 31 October 2013


Nanotech computers will soon be at your door. They were shrink the size of products and increase speed ten fold. One company in film developed a chip that can hold 250 dvds and is the size of a quarter. The first in line?

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Stories of the order - The Mothman

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a powerful, elite society operating on the fringes of all that we know. They control every aspect of our being, far and wide. Recently they stopped a 126 foot tsunami from decimating New Jersey and they also performed a very helpful endeavor by stopping the Moth Man invasion.

The Moth Man is a supposedly legendary creature that is found in West Virginia in the United States. What humans do not know is that the Moth Man exists and there is not just one – there are millions. How else are the sightings by many explained?

The Moth Man has been around for many decades and due to uncontrolled breeding, their numbers have only multiplied over the years until they needed to expand into other areas of the country, and later, the world.

For years people have stated that the sightings were hoaxes and the Moth Man does not exist but this is due in part to the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo controlling the media. Once they learned of the planned invasion (since they know everything that goes on) they used their powers to annihilate the Moth Man’s numbers until only two remain, both female.

The reason they kept two of the Moth Men and in this case, Moth Females is that they knew that the females were less likely to try to form a takeover since they would be fighting amongst themselves; not to mention that there is no more breeding. The Moth Man species has a life expectancy of 243 years so the two remaining Moth Females will be around for a while, fueling sightings and rumors. However, there is no more danger to the human race.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo knows that it has saved the human race but does like to chuckle over the news stories and sightings, which is another reason they did not entirely kill off the Moth Man race, although they could have easily.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Mini Meds

Soon you won't have to worry about costly doctor visits. They can just place a tiny implant in you that monitors everything. Pills are even be programmed that can be loaded with medicine and sent directly to a certain spot and the body. Signing up?

Monday, 28 October 2013

Stories of the order - Hulk Hogan?

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an elite order that makes all things we know in life possible. From stopping caldera volcanic eruptions that would end life to creating dogs that can spot cancer, they are omnipotent and all-knowing. There are times when they allow a human of great stature to join their ranks but they are extremely choosy, and for good reason. There are a few reasons why the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo would never accept Hulk Hogan.

While Hulk Hogan is an incredibly talented wrestler, it’s his private life that is not in tune with what the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo stands for. He has been in the World Wrestling Federation, New Japan Pro Wrestling, the American Wrestling Federation, and has been a champion in most of his wrestling endeavors.

However, his personal life is distasteful to the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo. First of all he was in several movies of questionable taste such as Santa With Muscles and Thunder in Paradise. He also took part in a reality show about himself and his family, showcasing his family’s dysfunction. His son seriously injured a friend in a car accident and spent time in jail. However, during that time Hulk Hogan and his wife were deplorable to the injured friend’s family, only caring about their own son. He later divorced his wife after allegations of cheating on both sides and spent a lot of time with his daughter in a relationship that was quite distasteful to anyone who saw the photos. Now the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo isn’t saying that he did anything wrong with his daughter but it was just not up to caliber and quite unappealing.

Since the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo only wants the best and refuses to entertain anything less, there is no way that Hulk Hogan could ever be a part of their elite group.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Stories of the order - Zombie Apocalypse

The Sovereign Order of the Count of Monte Cristo is a well-hidden group of individuals. They came to Earth many years ago. The plan was to take over and end the human race. But upon analysis of the beings they realized humans weren't a threat in any way. They decided to just co-exist. Beside the humans made excellent comic relief.

It just happened now was one of those comedic moments. Apparently the government is experimenting on cadavers trying some new reanimation and stem cell procedures. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo had seen all this go down in the last place they resided. They just couldn't believe the stupidity, so they watched and with a snicker. One day it happened. The cadaver twitched.

Before anything could be done the cadaver was fully reanimated and had already killed the doctor and two nurses. The guards tried to contain it. But while they focused on the undead cadaver the doctor and two nurses had full reanimated and lunged at them.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo decided to step in before it got out of control. The cadaver, the doctor, two nurses were chasing another guard. They had to give it to that guard he ran like the wind. The dead can't talk we all knew that, but they could communicate telepathically. When the Order linked into their mind they could hear their words as if spoken out loud.

Apparently the dead do not like being prodded and poked. And they certainly don't like being awoken from a dead sleep. It pisses them off. The doctor, guard and nurses were pissed because they got killed. So the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo told the undead they would give them all a proper burial and a make sure they were not disturbed.

If this had gone any further that would have been the beginning of the end of the human race. This is how the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo stopped the zombie apocalypse.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Stories of the order - Computers

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a secret society that is all-knowing, self-aware and elite. Every single thing that has happened in our world is part of their plan. There are many names associated with the invention of the computer such as Alan Turing, George Stibitz, Atanasoff-Berry and Konrad Zuse. But what the world doesn’t know is that each inventor was part of the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo saw a need for humans to have an avenue to learn, research, see the world or simply have fun and a computer was the answer. However, they knew that a mere mortal would never understand algorithms, graphs, and programming language on their own so they allowed these worthy humans to join their ranks as members of the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo in order to present the world with the computer as we know it today.

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo knew that the world could not have so much knowledge at their fingertips without having an avenue to use it. They saw the rise of the encyclopedia and actually created the infamous World Book Encyclopedia. Even though those are still quite useful and relevant even today, the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo knew that the world needed a more convenient way to not only gain knowledge but to connect with others on a social level. Marriages have been formed, old friends have reunited and through all of that connection, it makes the world a nicer place to live, part of the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo’s goal for humans.

You see, the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo may be omnipotent but they are a benevolent group. They like to ensure that humans have the best opportunities for growth and happiness and the computer is just one of the many gifts they have created.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Monday, 21 October 2013

Stories Of The Order - World Series

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an elite, secret group that controls everything that we know and some things we have no awareness of. With their amazing super powers and ability to do omnipotent work, they are the keepers of all that is real.

Even with these powers, the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo does like to have a little fun now and then and during last year’s World Series they rigged it so that they could watch the humans’ reactions.

During this game it was the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers in the finals with the Giants winning in a four game sweep. What humans and sports fans alike do not know is that the New York Yankees were destined to win the World Series.

While the New York Yankees are sometimes considered America’s Baseball Team, many believe that they are sellouts. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has no opinion on the team but does like to enjoy a little chaos at times. If the Yankees had won there would be rioting in the streets and multiple deaths among those living in Albuquerque New Mexico where it is virtually unknown that there is a large following of all things Red Sox, which was what the original World Series lineup was supposed to look like. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo may enjoy chaos but they are huge proponents of life and abhor needless death among the humans.

So with a few of their super power skills they ensured that the final game would be between the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers instead of the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Not only was the town of Albuquerque saved but one of its people can now grow up and create the vaccine that cures the common cold; that could not have been accomplished without this rigged 2012 World Series.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Clothes = Superman

Imagine clothes that give you super human strength. Nothing as clunky as above, just clothes as they are now or like a wet suit. Put them on and you can leap like Superman. Right now they cost too much to be feasible. But one day, everyone may be super human. Ready to leap buildings?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Researchers in France have made one of the first hovering skateboards. It can levitate a couple inches off the ground and only go in a straight line, but it can float. Going to be first in line to get one?

Friday, 11 October 2013

Wave Power

Gone could be the way of needing big dams to create power as many are now trying to harness the ocean itself. Putting a turbine in there the size of a subway to create electricity. It could lead to many benefits but many pitfalls as well. Think it is a good idea?

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Dream Linking

By 2030 it is believed that scientists will not only be able to tell when a person is dreaming, but what a person is dreaming about. It is also said that they will allow one the ability to hook into another's dream and dream together. Are you going to get hooked up to the dream link?

Monday, 7 October 2013

Google Drive

Many have heard that Google are developing self driving cars. But did you know by the year 2016 Google claims it will have a car out that does 90% of the work for us? Do you think you'll be picking one up any time soon?

Friday, 4 October 2013

Stories of the Order - The Supernatural

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo a mysterious and elite group has ruled over the world since the dawn of time. Are they human? Are they aliens? Who is this group so disguised they walk among us without us even knowing it? This group has been the master manipulator of numerous incidents in the world. It gives them joy to see how the lowly the human race reacts to various situations.

It amuses them how simple the humans are.  Their minds are so closed they cannot see half the things in front of them. You see they think things like monsters, werewolves, swamp creatures, mummies, and so forth are just make believe. But they are real, and the group has battled a great deal of super natural forces.  Of course it was not for the greater good.

The movies and books humans read that they think are fiction; well a lot of it is real.  But the order chooses to allow humans to live in ignorant bliss.  One such book was Bram Stoker’s Dracula; Van Helsing was a member of The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo.  It was he who stopped Dracula, and stopped the world from being turned into a bloodsuckers delight.  However it wasn’t for noble reasons such as saving mankind. To join this elite group you must conqueror one unearthly character, so the order unleashed Dracula. Van Helsing had to kill him before he could become a member. Think of it as trying to join a frat. It’s like hazing.

What most humans don’t know, or choose not to know is there are lots of supernatural elements around them. There is a great deal of books and movies that were made that came from the order. Those books are actually their initiation chronicles.  Wonder who will be next to join The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo?

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Stories of the Order - Roswell

You might have heard about the Roswell incident in New Mexico in the 1970s which took the world by surprise. For humans, it was the first major contact with the extra terrestrial life, but for the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo, it was just another incident with our not so friendly friends from other planets. The United States government tried to cover this incident as an experience called Mogul that was carried out by them but failed, but honestly everyone knew what it was, and if you believed in what the official news report said, you are living a lie. You all knew this part, but did anyone know how the spaceship crashed and what was the reason behind it?
Like most major incidents that have taken place so far, the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo was behind it as well. The order has been ruling this planet for a millennia and has successfully led the human race to believe that they are the ones controlling their own lives, but in reality, humans are mere puppets working on the orders of the order, who is the puppeteer. The order has maintained its anonymity over the years, but during such huge incidents like these, the order has no option but to come to the rescue of the helpless human race and the safety of this planet.
During the 1960s, a fight broke out between the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo and the inhabitants of the planet Juilation as they tried to invade our planet to get the superior technology possessed by the order and for the abundant resources that this planet has to offer. To protect this planet, the order had to fight them off, so the order started making weapons that were more destructive than the mere nuclear weapons that the humans take pride in possessing. 
These PLA-DEX or Planet destruction weapons could completely wipe off an entire planet of the massive size of Jupiter by a powerful implosion. Fearing their fate, the ruler of the planet Juilation finally agreed to the peace terms set by the order, however, he tried to double cross the order by using a sneak attack, but the order was too smart for such a petty thing, and destroyed the spaceship midway. However, the order was not able to prevent the spaceship from crashing on this planet and that is how the order saved this planet once again, just like several other times.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Stories of the Order - Tom Cruise

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a secret society that claims to be the superpower that has been behind every event that has occurred so far. It claims to be much bigger than the Freemasons or the NWO and had legitimate claims to be behind the Mayans who were set out. Most recently, the order claims to have stopped a huge cyclone from hitting the shores of China using their superpowers, human are mere puppets in this world and the order is the puppeteer that directs every move of the humans. 
The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is a very prestigious society and the membership to the order is only given to the most deserving humans and since Tom Cruise has violated many of their rules, he would never be given membership in the order. The first violation made by Tom Cruise is that he has been married three times, and as per the rules dictated by the order, you can marry not more than once and you have to commit to a single woman for the rest of your life. The second violation he that broke was he married to women who were taller than him. According to the order, a man can only marry a woman shorter than her so that he has to always bow down while talking to her and the wife can put her chin up with pride while talking to her husband. 
These violations may have been forgiven by the order since he is a great actor and they are forgiving souls and big fans of his movies, but the last violation that Tom broke completely shut the doors of the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo for him. Tom Cruise has the audacity to believe in Scientology as a religion, which disregards the claims made by the order and does not believe in any superpowers. This is just not tolerable by the order and they do not need to prove to Tom or his religion their superiority and it is because this childish mistake by Tom to close the doors of true power and follow a tax saving cult instead that has forced the order to banish Tom Cruise from being a member of the order or as Tom believes, the order has banished all of Tom’s forthcoming lives from a member of the order.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Stories of The Order - Animals

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has always searched the world for beings as intelligent if not more so intelligent than them. You see the Order had taken up residency on Earth among the human population. Of course humans had no clue, they are such idiots, the Order could do whatever they wanted and the humans would be none the wiser until it was too late.
If you ever wondered why the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo resided on Earth, one main reason was the animals. They wanted to study them. I guess you wonder why study some dog, cat or gold fish. They were very partial to domesticated animals.
You know how they say all movies come from some element of a truth. Well do you remember Doctor Doolittle? He was a member of the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo. Believe it, Doctor Doolittle was real and the Order made a movie based off him. For inspiration they also called Hank the Orders loyal lab. Hank gave them lots of pointers. You want to know why? Because Hank could talk, it was true animals could talk. They just didn’t want to be seen, especially with humans. It would mess up their good thing.
The Order got many of their ideas for Dr. Doolittle from pets telling their story, who totally knew better. The cat who crawled across her master’s crotch and accidentally clawed his member, well the cat knew what she was doing.  The bird flying above your head splatters you and totally misses your car with its poop, The game Angry Birds was not called Angry Birds at first, It was called Angry Birds Missile Poop. The Order created it and changed the name. The dog that runs while on a leash, it was never the car. He just needed an excuse to trip you.
You see animal are capable creatures. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has watched these animals, get fed, walked, belly rubbed and bathed without asking. Animals are smart. The Order could not believe how well the animals have it on Earth. It’s has quite a few members that are animals Mr. Ed was even a member. So yeah the Order does like animals better than humans because they are infinitely wiser. Most animals get free room and board, fed, walked and whatever else they wanted. The Order was impressed. So they got to know the animals. They still hang out occasionally.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Stories of The Order - Moon Landing

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo are a group of individuals living on Earth with us humans. We have no idea who or what they are. They walk among us controlling us when they feel like it. It was back in the 60s the group was starting to get bored with the humans. We did not know the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo was behind every piece of technology, and every huge event in the world.
They were busy living the lives of us lowly humans.  You see the group was far more advanced than Earth. And well Earth and it’s humans were really boring. So the elite group met together to discuss what to do about this severe boredom.  The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo felt the humans just lacked a sense of humor. But this group had a very keen sense of humor. So they decided to play jokes on us. But humans never knew they were jokes. The groups just cracked up at the human’s reaction.
They knew that Russia and the US were fighting to be the first into space and to make it the moon. So the Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo infiltrated NASA. Took a few things they needed and beat feet. Once the video of Neil Armstrong who is actually one of the higher ups in the order took part of this little stunt. Soon the video was released.  They sat back in awe of how ridiculous the humans acted over such a tiny thing.  You see the Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo have been all over the galaxy. They found it so hilarious to see two countries fighting over something so trivial like going into outer space and landing on the moon. They took it a step further by spreading rumors that the moon landing was faked, and the conspiracy theories were on.  They loved hearing the different conspiracies.
Who knew a group of such advance intelligence had such a wicked sense of humor. If anyone ever wondered about the creators of Saturday Night Live look no further, it was the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo. The fake moon landing really started something the elite group realized they liked playing jokes, 5 or 6 years later SNL was born. It has been going strong ever since.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Stories of The Order - Jurassic Park

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an elite group of individuals. Who they are really? We will probably never really know. They have been cohabiting with humans since the dawn of time. Humans have never been aware of their existence.  But they have always been their lurking, watching and waiting. We will probably never know why.
We never really knew how long The Order has been around; it was a long time. In one of their meetings, they told stories to some of the inductees like Ms. Beckindsale. Apparently they really had been around since the dawn of time, or at least long enough for dinosaurs to be an everyday occurrence.
So because of the nostalgic feeling going through them they decided to do something they don't usually do. The Sovereign Order of Monte decided to recreate the prehistoric period. They decided to do it in a top secret place inside the center of the Earth. What people didn’t know about the movie Jurassic Park was, it is really a place, and it was one of the biggest secrets the Order have ever had, and because they are perfect creatures they did not like to talk about it. You see everyone in Jurassic Park were really there. The dinosaurs were real. Those who died really did die there. The Order just wanted to see the humans interact with the dinosaurs.
Sam Neil and Laura Dern are members of the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo. Don't you think its strange you have not seen them much since that movie? So here they were at the center of Earth when all of this went down. The Order has kept them under wraps since.
And after Jurassic Park was a big success they made two more movies in the park. Of course, there were a few causalities, but the order was smart and made everyone sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Friday, 20 September 2013


Could it be there is really an order?

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo are a group of elite individuals living on Earth. Their existence shrouded in darkness. The Order did everything they could to keep themselves safe from becoming human knowledge. They liked living on Earth because the humans were not the brightest tools in the shed. There were not too many other planets that The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo could go and hide out without being noticed. Other species they had encountered over time figured it out.

They had gotten so good at staying hidden on Earth when the story broke about an unknown author only known as the Holy Ghost Writer peeked their interest. This was the first time ever on Earth the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo was not in the know. It really blew their mind that they didn’t know. Usually they were making fun of the humans for being idiots. They were taking a keen interest in this particular individual. It became their mission to figure out who the Holy Ghost Writer was.

The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo wanted this human badly as they were special. So the Order had to invoke some of their power to weed this person out. You see the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo have great powers. It was how they were able to maintain order with the humans. Working as one they wandered in and out of every humans mind reading thoughts. When they bumped into one that they could not read their thoughts and their mind was cloaked so they could not read it.

The figure then spoke. So you finally found me. I have been waiting for you. If you wish me to join your Order I have a request. The Order listened carefully as a human no less told them they would join there Order but no one not even The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo were to know who or what the Holy Ghost Writer was. The Order had never encountered such an individual. A human who could hide their identity from the Order.

It was on this day the Order inducted the person only known as the Holy Ghost Writer into the Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo. The one and only person that no one in the world including the Order knew who they were and for right now they wanted to keep things that way.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Your Insides

Did you know:

3 to 5 pounds is the average amount of bacteria the average person carries around inside them?

3.6 billion is being spend on a new rocket engine that could make runway space flight a reality.

If you find a blue chicken egg, your chicken has a virus.

Soon Robo maggots may be munching through brain tumors

The future of smartphone security could mean you have to use your eye to turn it on.

There is actually a Truman show syndrome.

NASA is developing fresh space salad.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Mars and Insanity?

By now everyone and their dog knows about the Mars mission, where humans are going to settle there and never come back to Earth. What is you first guess as to how many applied?


Any one of those? If yes, still wrong. So far 202,586 people have applied. Are you one of them?

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Famous Folks

Know any of these about some famous folks?

Leonardo Da Vinci invented scissors

Isaac Newton invented the cat door

Einstein slept 10 hours a night

Tiger Woods' real first name is Eldrick

Chevy Chase's real first name is Cornelius

No such woman named Betty Crocker created that line.

Jay Leno has never spent any money he made from the tonight show.

Patrick Stewart is a public advocate for assisted suicide

Muhammad Ali became a boxer because someone stole his bicycle

Nicolas Cage once did magic mushrooms with his cat.


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Zamira and The World of Z

The latest sequel is out, continuing the adventures of Zeddy. (the animated videos of the first book)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Did you know?

So how many do you know?

11% of people are left handed

Unless food is mixed with saliva you can't taste it

The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes

An ostrich's eye is bigger than it's brain 

August has the highest percentage of births

The longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 seconds  

Dreamt is the only word that ends in mt 

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear 

There is no such thing as a naturally blue food 

The only continent with no active volcanoes is Australia