Friday, 27 December 2013

Stories of the Order - The Four Horsemen

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo could potentially be the more than mere mortals. So what are they doing here on Earth? They are ions away from us human in brain capacity and storage. Their technology makes ours look like child's play. Sometimes the Order would miss having super cool gadgets. And they would be come quite impatient waiting on humans to create them.

One day while in a meeting one individual had an idea that made the entire Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo stop and take pause. They can easily do all the work for humans but it would throw the universal time line off completely. Since they couldn't build it for them they could build enough and let them take over.

They pondered the idea for a few moments when someone said and how are we supposed to do that without them finding out about us or becoming suspicious. You see the Order had already placed members in some of the biggest technological centers on Earth. They had moles in all the major think tanks. Now we just had to introduce things slowly.

Someone them made mention of humans their love of consuming alcohol. It was from there an idea was born. Returning back to their lair hitting ever liquor store they came back with so much liquor to test concoctions. They needed some think to put them out to the point of short-term memory loss.

After a few dud the tester who was one of their own, everyone in the Order had high tolerance to alcohol up until this one made with 1 part Jim Bean, 1 part Jack Daniel's, 1 part Johnnie Walker Black, and 1 part Jameson. They put it all in a shot glass mixed and handed to the tester. It took one shot and 3 minutes and the tester was down. They called it The Four Horsemen. It seemed fitting.

It was guaranteed to knock  you on your butt. When those that worked in the think that went in knowing full well if you offer human free booze they would take it. It was because this little tactic we got VHS, CD players, DVD, players, DVD, Cell phones and more. Humans are more technologically advanced now but not so much so it causes a problem in the time line.


  1. ha. enough alcohol and def the memory gets fuzzy...did i do that...smiles.

  2. Don't think I'd be getting back up

  3. This makes me kind of glad I don't drink!

  4. I instantly had an upset stomach reading the ingredients, oy!

  5. Makes me sick just thinking about it!