Thursday, 19 December 2013

Stories of the Order - Bigfoot

The Sovereign Order Of Monte Cristo a group unique being roams the Earth among us lowly humans. We have no idea why. We're relatively sure their technology and brain capacity it 10x what ours is but they watch and study us anyway. They more than likely study us out of curiosity of our élite stupidity.

We would be right to assume that stupidity is the culprit. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo does not know if they should pity us or laugh at us. Recently the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has noticed a new sport taking over Bigfoot racing. And the Order came up with the best idea of a joke. You see awhile back while exploring a wooded area. They stumbled across a Sasquatch also known as Bight Foot.

They were able to telepathically communicate with one of the Big Foots. There were a lot of them at one point. It appears the Bigfoots very lonely creatures. And they loved making fun of humans as well. They traded funny stories for a while. They like The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo were really into playing practical jokes on the  humans. So when the sport of Big Foot racing came about it presented a perfect opportunity.

At 7pm one night the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo showed up and entered in their Big Foot well they were the last too be called and instead of a big monster truck, a big furry Wookie looking thing walked out. They thought it would be funny but it caused a big stampede. People were running and screaming all over the place. They were all trying to exit the building. Before they knew it the arena was empty. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo and a few of the Sasquatches stood there looking at each other. Then they cracked up laughing.


  1. big foot racing...hahaha..yeah, just having a little fun with the humans...

  2. That's probably exactly what would happen, too!

  3. What a joke to play on us dumb humans!

  4. A stampeded is always a good way to tell a story.

  5. Sounds like they have a good sense of humor. :)