Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Stories of the Order - Elvis

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an élite race of beings living on Earth among us humans. They have been here since before man as far as we know. They watch us and study us although there probably isn't much they could learn from us. They took notice though when a behavior shifter made his presence known.

A behavior shifter is a being that takes the form of a species then picks up behaviors from other species. Well Elvis had not only made him self-known. He made himself famous. The Order was nervous because it was a touchy time in American history. And here comes Elvis a white man with African-American moves and he threw in acting for good measure.

He was at his peak when the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo decided to step in. He Elvis denied it at first. But the order finally broke him. And he admitted he ran away from his shift group and ended up here. His people are mean and Elvis was well…too nice. He wanted to fit in but just didn't know. He finally decided he wanted was going to become another species.

Elvis has portrayed being a human for over a millennium and even with humans he didn't fit in. Although he was not human he still longed for acceptance. So he reinvented himself. The pop icon was born. He created an entire life. He even married a human woman and had a baby. So later on down the life when Lisa Marie married Michael Jackson it was no surprise. Michael was a behavior shifter to.

They felt for Elvis, but they had to do something. He was making a spectacle of himself. And if anyone ever found out whom he was it would be trouble. So the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo faked his death. It was tough he wanted to die by blowing up on stage, but luckily they were able to talk him out of it.

When looking down at all the humans who mourned him. It made Elvis. He wished he had died a long time ago. He had no idea the kind of impact he would have on the human race.


  1. So Elvis had been spotted! There's some truth in the contention he's still alive. Afterall it seemed it was a fake death! Whew! Nice one HGW!


  2. Elvis, Elvis mercy me, Keep that pelvis far from me!

  3. ha. so that is why he was so alluring...and now this being is memorialized in velvet paintings on roadsides everywhere....

  4. The order sure knows there stuff

  5. Have mercy! What craziness the Order is!

  6. The order has a hand in every pot

  7. Micheal and Elvis--it makes perfect sense. Maybe they can re-invent and become more music geniuses.