Monday, 21 October 2013

Stories Of The Order - World Series

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo is an elite, secret group that controls everything that we know and some things we have no awareness of. With their amazing super powers and ability to do omnipotent work, they are the keepers of all that is real.

Even with these powers, the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo does like to have a little fun now and then and during last year’s World Series they rigged it so that they could watch the humans’ reactions.

During this game it was the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers in the finals with the Giants winning in a four game sweep. What humans and sports fans alike do not know is that the New York Yankees were destined to win the World Series.

While the New York Yankees are sometimes considered America’s Baseball Team, many believe that they are sellouts. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo has no opinion on the team but does like to enjoy a little chaos at times. If the Yankees had won there would be rioting in the streets and multiple deaths among those living in Albuquerque New Mexico where it is virtually unknown that there is a large following of all things Red Sox, which was what the original World Series lineup was supposed to look like. The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo may enjoy chaos but they are huge proponents of life and abhor needless death among the humans.

So with a few of their super power skills they ensured that the final game would be between the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers instead of the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Not only was the town of Albuquerque saved but one of its people can now grow up and create the vaccine that cures the common cold; that could not have been accomplished without this rigged 2012 World Series.


  1. keeping the world safe, one rigged game at a time.
    now if you can tell me the next winner....

  2. I'm still not over the fact that my Cincinnati Red's had the Giants down 2 games to 0 last year and couldn't close it out.

  3. If the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo really wants to have some fun they should make the Colorado Rockies win the world series. Then we all can have a good laugh.

  4. Well lets hope the cold cure vaccine comes soon.

  5. 2-5 Worst headline ever for a Tigers fan.

    Maybe next year the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo could give the Tigers a little push. There's a fella in my house who would go nuts with a World Series win. :)

  6. Well, I think the Yankees suck. I'm glad they aren't in the World Series!