Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Stories of the Order - Love

The Sovereign Order of Monte Christo is a group of beings beyond the capability of man. We do not know their origins. They would never give that information to anyone. They have lived among us for eons as far as we know. They know everything about human origins, behaviors and thought processes. They understand us better than we understand ourselves.

The one thing they did not get was love. They could never grasp one mate for a lifetime. They watched us in that area a lot because it was incomprehensible. A man and woman together in love never ever ever-seeking solace with another. It’s not they didn’t believe in love per say. But the humans spoke of it connecting in that way with one person as if it was the best thing in the world.

As they watched over time the Order begin to realize humans didn’t believe in love they believe in the idea of it. There was no way a human really believed. Maybe they did believe, but everyone was cheating on each other. So they realize the heart can love more than one but they as humans cannot accept anything against their core morals.

Truthfully because The Sovereign Order Monte Cristo understood. They knew one person was not meant to be with one person for a lifetime. And the whole love at first sight thing, those marriages were the first to break up. So they didn’t believe in that at all.

They thought maybe they could introduce their view through religion. Since humans seems so dead set on this whole God and Jesus thing.  So they created Mormons: The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints. These people at one point were allowed to marry and procreate with multiple people. It didn’t really catch on. So the Sovereign Order Monte Cristo let it go. It’s not like this was something that could destroy the universe.

The Order understood the thought process behind most of the stuff humans did. But when it came to love and love at first site. They were baffled.


  1. i think they wouldn't be alone with that, i for one don't undertsand love either...seriously where can I sign up to join ;)

  2. sadly, quite true....we in many ways like the idea of love but are unwilling to fight for the reality of it....

  3. Finally, something that baffles the Order!

  4. I don't blame them, emotions are silly.

  5. I married my one and only love. 17 years together and still going strong...