Thursday, 25 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Video Games

Video games are not just some kind of coincidence that occurred randomly. The order created them with the idea of being able to control the skills of millions of young people in order to make sure they would be trained for the future of warfare. The problem was that the first video games had a very raw look that made it difficult to train people properly and was only appealing to younger audiences. This has changed a lot now and we have much better ways to train people of all ages with all kinds of realistic simulations for pretty much any kind of scenario there is.

Now you can learn to drive cars, fly planes and operate all kinds of weapons in a very realistic way thanks to video games. This is why the order has invested so much money on the video game industry lately. The training has gone into the internet and there are armies being formed.


  1. Danger of over indulgence by youngsters can well create social problems in future!
    Nicely HGW!


  2. ha. i totally figured it for mind control....

  3. They can be good for much learning indeed

  4. I didn't have to take the test for driving, I just told them I got 1st place in the race tracks in Mario Kart 64.

  5. They did a good job, lots of kids are brainwashed.

  6. if you think half of the games out there are anything more than entertainment you're mistaken
    there are a few useful trainers out there, flying and driving I can agree with
    but sadly there aren't many proper shooting trainers and it shows
    though I doubt that'll ever change anyone's mind from trying to make games a scapegoat

  7. Super idea by the order. Don't forget to put the little chips in the brain and the mind control is conplete.