Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Stories of the Order - Humans

The truth is that humans are an extremely flawed species and this is the main reason why the order has always been against having too many human members in the ranks. We have many cooperators that are human, but we do not have many humans who are part of our inner circle with the exception of a select handful of people who have been allowed to be in our meetings and share their opinions. We look just like humans do but we know right away who is human and who is not.

For an average human being there is no difference at all between the way a normal person and a member of the order look like. We blend in perfectly and we have managed to stay this way for a long time. We will continue to exist in the shadows but also at plain sight for as long as we see fit.


  1. Blending in is a great way to be, can hide in plain sight

  2. So that was you that passed me the other day?

  3. I'll be looking around now, wondering who is in The Order... and who is not. :D

  4. the question then is if we're so similar
    how does one know if they're not human? is it obvious or instinctual? Could you be of the order and not know it? could a member mistake you for a human?

    side note, I have one hell of a hide in plain sight skill even though I'm exceptionally large in all 3 dimensions

  5. Hiding in plain sight is always the way to go.