Friday, 10 October 2014

Stories of the Order - Ghosts

There have been reports of ghosts coming through and taking over the world, but guess what? We shoved them back into their holes and confined them into houses and random areas that can’t fully take over a fast food joint. Don’t believe us? Just read accounts of ghost stories and you’ll see our penmanship all over. For instance, in “Hell House” Richard Matheson sure penned an interesting true account of how we stopped a ghost from taking over a small town by simply ridiculing them to death.

That’s right, ghosts are nothing but bullies that need to get put in their place. When you are confronted by something, take a swing, and don’t let them take over. If you can’t get a handle on the situation, don’t worry, we’ll be right there to stomp them out with our boot of justice. We work on this quite a bit as the ghosts are rascals and like to shake things up from time to time. However, we were able to take control over time with some insults, and secret elements that aren’t exactly going to get explored in detail here. If we gave up our secrets, then everyone would try to get in the face of ghosts that come out every now and again.

The reason why most people don’t even believe in ghosts is because The Order has created enough skepticism that will not allow them to take on any personable roles. If it wasn’t for our work in the past, and present, ghosts would be rampant and scaring people. Do you want that? Do you want a ghost to come through your house and leave a plasma dump on your couch?

Well then you’re welcome, because we stomped them out and confine them to boring tours and places where you would least expect them. 


  1. Yeah, best to keep the ghosts in order, especially if they have no regard for couches.

  2. I ain't afraid of no ghosts

  3. Some ghosts are absolutely nice:))

    1. Did you know that some ghosts... are blue? CLICK!

  4. I tell them to go away, and they do. Thanks to the Order, I guess.

  5. You’ll be right there to stomp them out with your boot of justice? You mean like Batman? Well, do you have a special signal I can install on my roof? You do?

  6. My husband wakes up screaming every now and again about some green man flying above his head. I guess I need to tell him to just take a swing at him so he goes away.

  7. oh i have seen a few in my day...and had a few brushes with ghosts so i am not so skeptical...

  8. I'd like to meet a nice ghost! Not afraid!