Friday, 10 January 2014

Stories of the Order - Superman

The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo was sponsored in part by…themselves because they are their own heroes but to us they are just a bunch of people to whom we question their authority and reasons for doing things.

With all of the work they are doing and all of the events they illustrate; they pretty much have the world right in their grasp. They are (technically) our heroes because somehow they have managed to keep us alive and have not killed us…yet (let’s not speak too soon). And just when you thought they hated mankind by spreading rumors and dates of when they were going to end the world…what do they do? They create us the ultimate superhero.

Guess who it is. No, not batman! No, not Spiderman! Okay, now try to guess what it is. No, not a bird! No, not a plane! Give up yet? Superman!!!! Many will argue that Spiderman or Batman is better than Superman. I, for one, am not much of a fan of any guy-hero that wears uncomfortable tights…in public. I’d rather have underdog as my Hollywood hero of choice but since it wasn’t up to me the Order chose for us.

They created Superman in 1932 and let Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster take all of the credit because they wanted us to pay homage to two unsuspecting guys. The Order knew that someday we would figure them out and they hoped that it would not be them so they created us a hero a very long time ago so that they wouldn’t be bombarded by our ridiculous request for force-field, flying, and invisible powers. Nowadays, the Order wants to be thought of as our heroes why do you think the curse of Superman reigns in Hollywood? They’re putting this character to shame not to mention death.


  1. batman is better....just saying
    but not a bad thought on the misdirection....

  2. I like all of the superheroes mentioned. :)

  3. I never could figure out why superhero guys were clad in tights. How uncomfortable...and totally messed up!

  4. I don't care what the Order says. Wonder Woman is the ultimate superhero!

  5. I might once have argued that Batman was better than Superman, but that was before Ben Affleck stepped in. Because Ben Affleck can ruin anything.