Monday, 29 June 2015

Why the order hid Peter Pan

It’s funny how the word has always considered most of the characters that are created by Disney and other similar entertainment companies to be fictional. It would make sense to the average human to think that a character like Peter Pan would not be real. The truth is that Peter Pan is real, but that is not the real name of the human that has the ability to fly and is highly skilled with a sword. The real Peter Pan is actually sent out on special missions from time to time, but he has been hidden from plain sight.

Peter pan is never going to be allowed to go out in public because the order fears that he might be kidnapped and forced to do things as some sort of weapon of warfare. He does have some powerful skills and if properly armed, he could be a formidable asset for any army.


  1. If he's wearing those tights he would probably get his ass beat.

  2. "It's Peter Pan! Run before he kills us all!" - something I never thought I would say

  3. I guess I'll avoid neverland then

  4. No Sir
    Keep that baby under wraps!!!!!!!

  5. The contention is that he is a sissy! It does not seem right!