Friday, 5 June 2015

Why the order created English

There are many languages in all regions of the world, but it seems like many of them are not able to communicate with the same level of detail that is practical and easy to learn. That is the reason why the order decided to create English. It is without a doubt the most comprehensive and easy to learn of all the languages and this makes it ideal for anyone who wants to communicate with others efficiently.

English has become the language that is spoken by most people in the western world, but even in Asia, it has become a second language for all corporations and business men to learn. The creation of the English language was one of the best gifts that the order ever gave to the world. It continues to be one of the most popular languages on the planet.


  1. It is indeed popular. But its always good to learn at least one other language. Thanks for sharing!

  2. English is popular but not easy to learn for those who don't know it

  3. English is a composite language and contains so much history. Good to have a language that is involved in each culture.
    Have you ever tried to learn Japanese or Chinese?

  4. No complains! It is easy as it is everywhere!